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Avis Rent A Car System, LLC.  Call 1-800-230-4898
The company having locations in almost all important countries of the world and thus offering car hire services for every important place you visit. Book your car online before your journey stars. Visit site for more information.
Online support   (1602)

Budget Car and Van Rental  Call 0844 444 0002
Global company whose network now includes more than 3,400 locations worldwide, operating a wide range of cars, trucks and vans in 128 countries for rent or hire with online booking. All vehicles being safety checked and cleaned before every rental. Visit site for online shopping.
Park Road, Bracknell, Berks, RG12 2BW   (1600)  Call 359 885 06 54 45
Offer online reservation system for booking of rental cars in Bulgaria in different cities like Sofia, Varna, Bourgas, Sunny Beach, Golden Sands, Borovets and Bansko etc. Unlimited mileage and lowest rental prices in Bulgaria for rent a car, starting from only 17 Euro per day.
Sofia, Bulgaria   (1603)

Dollar Rent A Car, Inc.  Call 1-800-800-5252
Make your family travel or business trip easy by reserving your next rental car in advance through this company's convenient and secure online car rental reservation center. Special low everyday rates assist you in keeping your travel plans within your budget.
P.O. Box 33167, Tulsa, OK 74153-1167   (1601)

Economy Car Hire Limited  Call 0845 450 0877
UK based company providing cheap, low cost car rentals in different countries like Portugal, Spain, Croatia, USA, Cyprus, Madeira, Malta, Balearic Islands, Serbia, Canary Islands, Greece, the Greek Islands, Slovenia, Montenegro and Turkey with online ordering. Visit site for more details.
Breckland Business Centre, Dereham, Norfolk, NR19 1FD, United Kingdom   (1599)

Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To Car Rental Services Business

While walking around almost on every other street we see car rental businesses operating throughout the day to make good deal out of their business. If you are looking to get into a potential business which offers good returns then no doubt one of the ultimate available choices is the car rental business. But not everyone running this business is successful. You need to keep few things while starting and carrying forward your car rental business to ensure that it is heading toward the success which you desired for.

The first and the foremost thing is that you have to setup the business where other businesses are already operating. This will ensure regular flow of retail customers as customers of car rental businesses generally evaluate all the options available by means of visiting all the businesses nearby and then decide upon. So you have to be challenging and strong to fight the well established competition.

You have to catch the nerve of the majority of retail shopping customers visiting to your business. You should have cars ready for all purposes to serve variety of customers that step into your car rental business for a car. You should have all vehicles including a/c cars, non a/c cars, cars that can be used as cabs, Sudan models that can inculcate more persons, a few luxury cars as well to serve high end customers or foreigners who can use up the vehicle for a tourist trip.

Make wise investment of your capital. Spend more on regular vehicles which are more into demand such as Tata Indica, Tata sumo, Maruti Van, Toyota Quails and less on occasionally demanded cars such as Skoda Octavia or Honda CRV as they are costly too. To make the customer happy you need to provide quality service. Quality service is achieved by means good conditioned cars, appropriate staff and other miscellaneous things. Proper and timely maintenance of cars should be done. Staff such as receptionist, drivers etc should be decent and humble. Take feedback on the vehicle and driver and other related issues once the retail shopping customer had used up the services of your car rental business, if any steps needs to be taken towards improving the quality of the service you should bring them to practice quickly to make the customer happy.

Generally your business may be at one place and the garage where cars are kept may be at some other place. Better try to visualize what type of cars you have for rent at your car rental business by means of photos. You can get details of price plans printed on good, attractive brochures and also you can put a display or chart of the same. This will help customer to spot immediately what they are looking for.

Try to highlight yourself in what terms you are better than your competition. If you have to survive the competition then you need to inculcate and incorporate various creative means of promoting yourselves to be in the race among other car rental businesses. Try to introduce some schemes and discounts at early stages of business that will help you making quick revenue as well as that can help you gaining some regular potential retail customers. If there are any industries and offices nearby then you can approach them to get into some business commitment. You can dedicate some cars and drivers to such a business. It will really help you to make revenue regularly throughout the year.

One key factor apart from quality of service to customers is punctuality. You must keep back up for any deal that has been finalized regarding the car rental at your car rental business. You should have the car as well as driver ready as backup if the scheduled driver or vehicle needs to be halted for any reasons. Overall a very good business to take up to make respectable earnings but you should practice and provide quality service to attract more and more shopping customers to make your car rental business a successful one.

With such a busy routine and fast moving life, people don’t even have to time to breathe literally. In such a situation you can even expect or find anyone preferring to walk a distance for any purpose. Everyone wants to reach their destination in time. Saving time and utilizing it in some other work is the motto these days. After all time is money. The science and technology has gifted the humans with an incredible thing known as vehicles. The discovery of this machine is a boon for everyone since it helps you in traveling distances in short time. One such creation is the cars. Since for some purpose or the other people keep having such requirements a rental business for the cars is a great option to venture in.

Since it deals with a technical machine, one should have all the idea of the working and functioning of the automobile. This will help you in ensuring that your vehicles are in good functioning condition and can be repaired if any such problems crop up. For this you can hire certain garage and automobiles expert who can keep them in good working condition and maintain them. You may have to invest little more in this but at least the customer satisfaction and your guarantee will be ensured. This will create a good name for your car rental business.

The purpose of the trip for every individual will be different. The need and requirement will also change automatically. So depending upon the distance, number of people traveling, and the type of roadway; the type of car will be selected. You should keep both luxury and economy type of vehicle with you since some may be having a travel budget and require simple one while others may be on a trip for pleasure where they would not like to compromise on the comfort. You can guide and advice you customers about the type that will be most suitable for them. This way your rental business will earn more value in the market.

Before stepping into this business you must find out about the requirements of the people. You need to know what do the customers expect from you service. First of all your location of the company or branch is very important since generally you will find more customers in the area where hotels, restaurants, resorts etc are more in number. The people on holiday or vacation will also look for rental cars for traveling. They would obviously look for agencies nearby. Your agency can then provide them the vehicle they desire to have.

Keep a strict and legal policy for renting your cars. There are many other deposits like license photocopy, etc that you can deposit with yourself along with the payment money to be on the safer side. Be particular and strict about the rules and follow them religiously with all the vehicles and customers. This way you won’t get cheated in the rental business especially in the initial phases where you are trying to please the customers and make a mark.

There are chances that many cities may not have such services available. You can do a good study of the records and market to find out such cities where such agencies are in demand. You can then set up a branch of your company there to gain more customers. Since such places lack any such facility your vehicle business will start flourishing within no time. But for this you will have to conduct a research and find out the target areas and cities effectively. Also find out about any other such car rental companies existing in such cities and there strategies that they follow. Try and offer something different and attractive to create an impact of your company.

Comfort and style are two important domains along with the size of the vehicle which you need to consider before keeping them in your collection. Do a good search and analysis to find out about the latest designs and models of the cars being launched every other day. Also keep the durability and mileage of the vehicle as an important criterion because this will give you good profit and returns of investments. When you offer variety of latest type, automatically your demand in the business will increase and your rental company will start growing.

You can offer special offers and discounts for the corporate trips. This will create an impression on them and in future you can also have a tie up with such organizations. This way, every time they will need a vehicle on rent, they will be contacting you only. In no time your profits will increase and the car rental business will flourish. This will also bring more organizations to make a deal with you and act as an auto advertising strategy.

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