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Car Care Products Australia  Call 1300 006 007
Offer online shopping of car care products such as car wax, car polish, clay bar, car cover from Autoglym, Menzerna, P21s, Meguiars, 303 Products, Zaino and more. Also including microfibre cloths, waterless carwash, paint thickness gauge, buffing machines, metal polish and leather cleaners.Visit the site for more information.
PO Box 990, Rozelle, NSW 2039, USA   (4120)

Production Car Care Products  Call (209) 943-7337
Offer vehicle care products including car polishes, car waxes and cleaners, manufactured in Stockton, California since 1968. Visit the site for more business information.
1000 E Channel St. | Stockton, CA 95205, USA   (4121)

Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To Car Care Products Business

With the ever increasing vehicle market more and more people are constantly using products to maintain their vehicle to increase their performance and lifetime. Everybody owning a car these days pays special attention on the looks and efficient working of their vehicle. For their vehicle to look ever new the car care products are flooded in the market for the retail shopping customers.

Car care products are fast and easy to use and help to clean, shine and protect your vehicle. These products include all basic amenities required for maintaining car or vehicle like polish and shining products. The global market for the automotive industry showed 13% growth by 2007 and is forecasted to increase 25 chores by next three years with estimated CAGR of 14% by 2010. Recent car care products in oil and engine treatment have advanced formula which helps engines to run smoother, quieter and cooler. These car care products include different type of greases, lubes, oil additives, brake fluids, etc.

To start a car care products retail or wholesale business, you can either be a manufacturer or a supplier/distributor or a retailer. If you want to be a manufacturer you need to set up a factory dealing with such products. Setting up a factory requires a lot of resources including sufficient man power. Once the products are manufactured you need to find distributors and shop owners at different locations. Also strong distributor contacts and value added schemes can help you find a place in the market for your business. The distribution should be extensive so that if a retail customer goes for shopping of such a product in the market, your product should be available at all places. Proper marketing of the product across different channels of the media, including print media and billboards is required for business growth.

If you want to be a supplier/distributor you must have contacts with the manufacturers. Also you must have a reach at as many locations possible. A distributor earns by acting as a bridge between a manufacturer and a retailer. A distributor also has to keep his retailer happy by providing him with various schemes and offers. A distributor can either distribute products of one brand or multiple brands. If the distributor is doing business with one particular brand he must be very careful in selecting the brand. If a distributor selects to do his business with a very reputed brand, he can distribute more but generally the profit margin is limited. Whereas business with a low reputed brand will result in less sales but better margin.

If you want to be a retailer of car care products you need to stock car care products of all the major brands for different needs of the retail shopping customers. Also a variety of brands, in terms of products, quality as well as cost can help your business develop. A significant customer base must be established by quality supplies and good marketing skills. Retailer – customer interpersonal communication skills also help in improving a customer base and thereby profiting the business. A customer shopping for a car care product will prefer your business retailing outlet if you have quality along with variety products at your outlet. If you start as a retailer in the car care product business, you can also include other vehicles and automobile products in your retail outlet. Products such as automobile accessories, automobile spare parts etc can also be provided at your store. Since a customer shopping for car care product might also be interested in some other automobile accessory or a spare part. You can also give facilities such as automobile maintenance and repairs. This will broaden your business in the same working field.

Starting a business in car care products as a distributor/ supplier is a good option as it does not require any major investment. Whereas starting a business as a manufacturer requires initial factory set up cost, labour cost, and other raw product cost. Also the risk of the business not working out is high. Starting a business in car care products as a retailer also requires some shopping store set up investment.

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