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Batteryman Ltd.  Call 0161 273 3672
Online seller of car batteries in different brands with all batteries supplied fully charged, load tested and ready to be fitted. Next day delievery. Visit the site for online shopping and ordering and for more information.
Unit 4, Store street, Ancotes, Manchester M1 2WB, UK   (4507)

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The day man learnt to tame animals the first thing he made them to put use of these beasts was to use them as vehicle to serve his transportation needs. The field of transportation has advanced greatly and these days, cars which were supposed to be only for an affluent family have now become a more essential product in the lives of people today. The system used for igniting the fuel in the cars have also undergone a lot of change and the ignition systems these days are far more advanced which even support the hybrid systems. But for the scope of our article on car batteries business we will only focus on how the modern day car batteries operate and what is needed for setting this business up and which will be the market that can be targeted and how profitable will this business turn out to be.

Vehicles like cars or motorcycles or any other type involving a system for igniting the fuel. This would be the source of energy which is required from the rotation of the crankshaft which is then converted into revolutionary motion of the wheels. In any vehicle the source for ignition comes from the battery which is present in the vehicle, this battery holds static charge which is used for starting the vehicle and once this is started the operation would be taken over by the fuel which is involved. The size of batteries depends on the type of vehicle used. For example the batteries used in motorcycles will be much smaller and compact while compared to those used in cars. The common types of batteries used in cars include lead acid batteries and lithium ion batteries.

To setup a car batteries retail business is a very simple affair. The space that is required for setting this business will be as small as a car garage. This is not a very profitable business if you only do purchase and distribution. The real benefit in this business relies on the manufacturing of these batteries also. The ideal word used for the car batteries business would be construction more than manufacture since there would only be a set of components that would be assembled together which compose the battery. For example if we consider a lead acid battery, this would only involve in the purchasing of a plastic case that serves as the body.

Inside this there will be cells which are lined up. The body will be filled with a strong acid. In most cases this would be sulfuric acid. Once the body is lined up with cells and filled the acid. The body will be closed or sealed depending on whether the battery is a reusable one or a one time use. To ensure that the terminals are properly identified the cells in the battery will be grouped to two terminals, positive and negative. These would be the only things visible when you look at a battery. Sometimes they would be color coded using Red and Black. So you have your car battery ready, to either increase or decrease the battery power would depend directly on the acid concentration within the battery. If the acid concentration is strong the power would be higher and vice versa.

Establishing a car battery retail business once you know the working of it is very simple. As mentioned earlier the space requirement is very minimal and this would involve low construction costs since the raw materials for this business is available at a very affordable price. This would not require you to have loans taken from banks or any bodies unless there is a very pressing need to do so. The distribution however would pose some challenge since these products would be very bulky and would have to be transported carefully. If there is one vehicle you can use for transport that would be sufficient for establishing your car batteries business and taking it to the next level. Once you establish your name in the local retail shopping market the prospects of taking your car batteries business to the manufacturing level would be very high and profitable.

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