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BMW z3 Car Parts :   Call 01526 348504
Buy a wide range of BMW car parts and spares for the Z3, X3, X5, 1, 3, 5 and 7 Series models. Visit the site for more details.
Oxflow limited, 19 Market Place, Tatershall, Lincolnshire,LN4 4LJ   (5028)

Car Batteries   Call Only email support
Well known UK distributor of batteries for cars offering highest quality batteries for every major brand and model of vehicle available in UK.
Units 21-27 The Fort Industrial Park, Fort Parkway, Dunlop Way, Castle Bromwich, Birmingham B35 7AR   (7163)

Car Intercooler : Advanced Radiators   Call 0191 267 3312
Sells car radiators, intercoolers, heaters, oil coolers and commercial radiators. Visit the site for more details.
Advanced Radiators Ltd., Unit 6, Bells Close Industrial Estate,Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE15 6UF, United Kingdom   (6336)

Central Contracts   Call 800 567 0121
Central Contracts is an independent contract hire and car leasing company established in 1998 to supply cars and vans to business users and private individuals.
Bellringer Road. Stoke-on-Trent. Staffordshire. ST4 8GB   (7391)

DVLA Car Registrations And Number Plates   Call 01902 791 997
Well known popular cherished UK car number plate company dealing with personalized and private number plates along with car registrations., P. O Box 444, Wolverhampton, WV10 7XA, UK   (6748)

Hybrid Cars from   Call 0845 129 5484
Lexus Hybrid Cars and Hybrid Drive is the fruition of fifteen years of intensive research and development andhas resulted in three breakthrough hybrid car models.
Toyota (GB) PLC - Lexus Division, PO Box 814, Portsmouth,PO6 9AY   (5278) : Car Lease   Call only email support
Get the help you need to find the perfect vehicle supplier who can offer the right contract hire deals that match your requirements and circumstances.
Online only   (6600)

Left Hand Drive Cars :   Call 0121 274 0109
Home of LHD specialise in providing only the finest left hand drive Cars. A wide selection of LHD Cars are available today for great prices.
The Home of LHD, 43 Temple Row, Birmingham, B2 5LS.   (5175)

Lexus   Call 0845 1295 484
Official UK website for Lexus vehicle manufacturing company. Visit the site for complete information.
Online only   (7323)

Your Transport Company   Call 866-126-9441
Car shipping company with extensive experience and good reputation offering services to ship cars to multiple destinations all over the world.
109 East 17th Street, Cheyenne WY 82001   (5802)

Business Information By Mast Directory: A guide to the cars business

Car business is not like toys business where you can buy toys in wholesale and start selling them in retail at higher prices to earn some profit. Customers usually look for authorized distributors in nearby areas to buy a vehicle like car. You cannot bargain while you are shopping for a car as all branded cars are sold at fixed price by company distributors. If you have any plan to start with a cars business it can be done in a number of ways. There could be three choices. First, manufacture your own branded car. Second, get the car dealership from an existing automaker or vehicle manufacturer. Third option is to sell used cars.

Easiest to do is to get a car dealership and sell them in retail. You will be selling cars on behalf of the car manufacturer in that case. And the manufacturer will pay you commission on each car sold. It will not be easy to get a car dealership without approach or unless you have good relations with any of the persons close to the owner of the car company. To do car retail business legally you need to have dealership certificate and that is not possible unless otherwise authorized by the car company. There are different brands of cars available in the global market like Toyota, Honda, Ford, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Ferrari, Bently, Santro, Contra, Maruti, etc. This list is endless. If you can somehow get the dealership of any one brand it will be easier for you to get dealership for other brands as well. A vehicle like car manufacturer can easily trust a retailer who is already a dealer of some famous brand and also having its own showroom to display and sell cars. After all car companies also need more and more distributors to increase their sales.

I would recommend first getting a dealership from a car manufacturer who is located in your own country. If you are a royal personality and highly educated then it will not be difficult to impress a car company. Tell them your plan. Your plan may contain the necessary requirements like your car showroom location, facilities, repairing services, investment, source of funds, future plans of your retail business etc. No doubt it will easy to convince them if you have a matured and professional plan. Once you have the dealership certificate from the car company your dream to sell cars will become a reality. Rest of the work to establish your car retail business will be easy. Like, you will need to get your showroom registered and get the business licenses and permits. Hire the necessary workers and employees to serve the retail shopping customers. Give a professional look to your workplace. Getting finance is also not difficult now a day as banks and finance companies provide business loans. If you enough to invest yourself then loan is of course not required.

However you may face problems by having just one car brand to sell at your retail showroom. One problem would be that different retail shopping customers may demand different car brands. Also the trend keeps changing while customers are shopping for cars. One brand which is popular today may get outdated after 2-3 years. Sales will go down in that case. So you should have more options in your business. Try and become the distributor of international car brands. Making international contacts is not difficult in present times. Make use of internet to grow your business. Yahoo messenger is a good way to chat with people in similar businesses from different countries. You can meet with car exporters, importers, agents and dealers. Also you can write a letter to some foreign car company to give you dealership for their brand. If possible go and personally meet them. Explain them that you are already a dealer of other car brands and would like the dealership of their car brand as well. Once they give the dealership get the import license and import few cars to make them popular in your own country. There could be nothing better than that to grow your car vehicle business.

Also you have the option to manufacture your own cars. But this is a huge project and would need millions of dollars to make your brand popular at national and international level. Such projects don’t get approved by the country or state level government unless you have a unique technology behind the project. However if your project is approved your company can issue shares to collect funds from general public. Funds are everything in business as it gives opportunities to grow your business in a professional way. Another important thing is quality product. If these two things are met no one can stop to make millions from your car vehicle business. When you have enough funds it becomes easier to make your brand popular on national as well as international level through great marketing efforts. No doubt stock listed companies are making millions. So you need to find your way to launch a stock listed company. Another option could be to deal in junk car business which is also very popular.

Another guide to cars business by Satish Chennupati

If you are looking for a posh and fancy business then probably you should step into car business. A vehicle business gives its businessmen everything name, fame, money and above all a pleasant life too. But it is not that easy to step into the golden shoes of success. You have to put some efforts to make the retail or wholesale car business successful. Beneath we will discuss how you can take your car business to the top and make it first choice when people what to do car shopping.

Select a location to setup your showroom for the car business which is easily accessible and reachable to the potential retail customers. Select some high society areas to setup the business. It will be a wise decision to select a place which might be a hub of some high raised areas or colonies. Keep in mind that it is not necessary to locate yourself in any commercial shopping area; rather you need to select suitable area.

For such high profiled business as car business things work in the manner of first impression is the best impression. Make sure that you have a good looking, well decorated, clean and spacious showroom. People coming for shopping should have ample space to look around the models you have, if they are congested then customer won’t prefer to come back. You should keep in mind to buy a car customer is going to visit you many times. Retail Customers generally never finalize the deal in the every first visit. So when they land at your showroom for the first time make sure that they are impressed otherwise they will search for a better alternative.

You have to take time and put effort while employing the staff. You should have a very decent, intelligent and educated staff. English is a must for the staff and other than that they should also know the local language where your car business is in operation. Complete intact details of every model available at your showroom are must. The staff should be in a position to answer any of the customer’s queries on the fly. Place a big display chart displaying the technical and build specification of each car nearby to the models. The charts should be good, attractive and clear in terms of what is being conveyed to the customer. These things really help the customer in understanding about the cars.

A well maintained retail store for vehicles accessories is also required to be setup in or near to the showroom. When you are selling the car to a customer at your car business then it is a good practice to make things available that are related to car so that customer need not to go around for such miscellaneous shopping needs. It really creates an impression that you care for your customers and you are a responsible businessman. In contrast it will help you earn extra income too as the margin in sales of accessories is generally good.

Rich publicity is needed to get noticed. Ads in local television channels, newspaper, and hoarding are required. Hoarding etc should be selected which are located in the areas of where you think potential customers are living. These should be easily visible. Don’t forget to introduce various options and schemes on various occasions. Such practice is generally always incorporated by your counterparts as well so why should you stay behind. Do a survey and get to know what others are offering and try to offer something which sounds better and attractive from your competition and which is loss free as well. Your schemes should benefit you not push you into losses. Practice healthy business rather than strong competition. This will for sure turn fruitful for your vehicles business. Quality service, good marketing for your business and patience are the key to get success in a business like car business. So make a note of these while you have decided to step into this business. Also make sure you get your Car Insurance.

Raise extra money by setting up a part-time carwash service

If you’re strapped for cash this coming Christmas, there are a number of part time businesses you can setup to help boost your bank balance. One of the easiest, low-cost options is starting up your own carwash and valeting service. Here’s a guide to setting up a part time carwash business.

Everyone needs their car cleaning once in a while, so targeting people in your local area is always an easy starting point. From there you can begin to look further afield, from industry and auto showrooms as well as taxi companies and auto repair shops.


Before you start it’s important that you assess whether there are any other businesses in the area as well as how much they charge for a standard car wash. The advantage of operating locally is that you can provide an affordable service. Pricing appropriately is what will lead to good business.


Providing a good service is also essential, so making sure that you have the equipment to quickly and efficiently clean cars is of the utmost importance. You will need to find a range of products that will allow you to clean to a high enough standard. Try a number of different products on your own car to see what works the best. Using products without testing them could result in damaging your customer’s cars. It’s always wise to have some form of motor trade insurance as this will cover you should you damage anything whilst cleaning.

Green Products

Using “green” products is always a selling point to your service. There are many products on the market but many of them do not clean as well as other, more toxic, chemical cleaners so always test these before using them.

Getting work

The best place to start is by going door to door looking for work. Make sure that you’re well dressed, friendly and trustworthy or you will quickly find that getting work will be difficult. Make sure that the car you’re using is similarly well maintained and clean.

Once you get more experience, you can begin advertising on local listing websites. Offering additional services such cleaning interiors is a great way of getting extra work. At a small extra cost you can purchase hi pressure hand held hoovers that can make the job quick and effortless. If you intend on offering interior cleaning, look at providing air fresheners or investing in some sprays to give that professional finish to your job.

How to expand your car repair business?

The car repair business is well known for being highly competitive, with many companies employing aggressive marketing techniques to gain more customers. If you’re thinking about taking your car repair business to the next level, here are some ideas on how to expand your business.

Open a new location

The most obvious way to expand your business is to open another location. If you’re a sole trader who works from home, opening a new location is probably the best way to expand your business. If you already own premises, opening a new location may not be the best method for growth and expansion. If you do intend on expanding by opening a new location, here are some things to consider:

  • Make sure that you are maintaining a steady bottom line with continual growth.
  • Always prepare a full business plan for your new location.
  • Don’t choose a location based on price but on suitability.
  • Get the right level of motor trade insurance from QMT

Social Media

Expanding your business is all about spreading your name. One of the most popular ways of doing this is through social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook. This will allow your business’ reputation to spread through word of mouth. You can also consider running special promotions for those who sing up to your social media sites, in order to help push conversions as well as increase your reputation. Social media is a great tool as it allows you to regularly interact with your customer base, as well as promote and grow your brand. Being in the car repair game, this will be a novel approach that many competitors will not have considered, giving you a unique voice and competitive marketing advantage.

Be different

The best way to expand your business is to be different. Interacting with your customers as much as you can will do great things for spreading your name around town. Why not consider running free talks or clinics for customers, showing them how to best maintain their cars? There are many things you can do to become an appreciated and respected figure in your community so there’s no harm in trying. Doing something novel, useful and you may never know, it may get picked up by your local or regional newspaper.


One of the best ways to expand your business is through diversification. By offering more services, you can begin to get a larger market share within the car repair business market. Instead of just offering repair services, consider offering call out services or car rentals. Though this will require fleet insurance, you will be able to massively increase business through diversification.

Advertising Campaigns

Social media is a great tool for spreading your name, however you should never discount traditional methods of advertising such as newspaper, TV and radio. A fully prepared campaign across all advertising channels should provide you with a wealth of new business that should put you well on the way to expanding your business.

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