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Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To Auto Lights And Lighting Business

All the vehicles in the market have several different kinds of automotive lighting. Automotive lighting generally includes interior lighting, exterior lighting and control panel warning lighting. These lightings are used in different ways in the vehicles. Exterior lighting increases visibility and helps the driver see outside the vehicle. Interior lighting allows drivers too see inside of the vehicle. And most importantly control panel warning lighting indicates to the driver possible trouble with the car. Also fuel indication lighting and direction indication lighting helps the driver to control his vehicle efficiently.

If you want to start a wholesale or retail business in Automotive lighting as a distributor it is important to carry a variety of each type of automotive lighting. Doing automobile lighting business as a distributor you can only deal in this field separately whereas as a vendor / retailer you can merge it with other businesses such as auto repair and maintenance business and auto accessories business. As a distributor in this business you have to maintain contacts with as many retailers as you can. You can also supply some special kind of lights imported from outside to car manufacturing companies. If you get hold of car manufacturing companies for the wholesale distribution of automobile lights your business can grow exponentially.

You can also do business as a retail seller wherein you can sell automobile lights separately to customers coming for automobile lights shopping or along with other business such as auto repair and maintenance business or auto accessories business. For a retail business you may have customers with their own custom lighting requirements, such as neon undercarriage lighting or hyper color lighting. For the customers who come to you for automotive lighting shopping, if you are able to provide them wide range of and variety of options, it will increase your chance of making good business and winning a regular shopping by the customer. So to establish a permanent customer base you need to keep certain points in mind. You have to keep replacement headlight bulbs and other kind of vehicle lighting in stock. Also you have to make sure you have all the other basic interior lightings with you for the vehicles. And on top of it if you can provide the retail customers with custom automobile lighting to customize their vehicle, it is an additional bonus for your business.

Stocking exterior automotive lights is of utmost importance in an automobile lighting business. Customers should get there exterior automobile lights when they burn out or begin to dim. If you stock a variety of exterior lighting for vehicles it will help you to accommodate almost any customer out there shopping in the retail market. You need to stock at least headlights, signal lights and taillights. Interior lights, such as map lights, dome lights and vanity lights can go out at any time. You should offer replacement bulbs for these items to increase the number of customers who give you their business. You have to be familiar with what bulbs go with what vehicle and what part to be an expert in your business. Some customers are very interested in giving their vehicle a new look by experimenting with their lighting. Fancy and trendy automobiles have recently been seen as the newest rage in this business. Neon accent automobile lights and hyper color lighting for cars are a couple of such fancy automobile lightings. You should find out what customized automobile lighting is legal in your area so that you can sell items that your retail customers can use legally.

One most important thing to keep in mind while opening an automobile lighting business, is of having adequate knowledge of DOT / SOE. Lighting for automobiles can be either DOT / SAE approved or not DOT / SAE approved. You should tell a customer shopping for a vehicle lighting whether the light he is buying is DOT / SAE approved or is not DOT / SAE approved. If an automobile light is not DOT / SAE approved this means that it is illegal to have that light in that particular area. This kind of knowledge makes the difference between a normal vehicle lighting business and a master automobile lighting business. Also it makes you win the trust of a customer shopping for the particular commodity.

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