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HeirloomWoodenToys.com   Call Toll Free: (866) 202-8073
Providing wooden toys, games, and furniture to create lasting memories. Whether you want play kitchens, durable toy shelves, or manipulative toys, you can expect exceptional service from our dedicated staff. Visit the site for online shopping and for more products information and details.
228 Main St #223, Williamstown, MA 01267, USA
http://www.heirloomwoodentoys.com/   (4554)

Wood Workers Toy   Call 800-807-3743
Offer child safety and carefully crafted and painted non-toxic wooden toys imported from Europe and made domestically in the US. Visit the site for online shopping in retail and for more business information.
PO Box 188, Mt. Kisco, New York 10549, USA
http://woodentoys.com/   (4553)

Wooden Puzzles   Call 0191 460 3604
Order your wooden puzzles from the UK’s favourite puzzles website. They also stock cast metal puzzles and Japenese puzzle boxes. Click to find out what a Japenese puzzle box is and order one of their wooden puzzles today. A great toy for anyone who appreciates wooden puzzles.
Unit 7 The Forum, Metro Centre, Gateshead, NE11 6XR
http://www.mindgamesdirect.co.uk/wooden-puzzles   (6007)

Wooden Toys   Call only form support
Online seller of all kinds of toys such as wooden toys, educational toys, pretend play toys, dollhouse furniture and more. Visit the site for online shopping and for more products information.
Online store
http://cheekyjunior.com.au/   (5539)

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The advantages associated with wooden toys have seen its resurgence in the electronic toys market. The most important amongst these is the absence of health hazards associated with plastic and metal toys. This single reason is enough to convince the parents for shopping wooden toys in retail for their kids developing it into a good business.

Material like plastic and metal that is used in toys is very harmful for kids especially babies. Risk of serious injuries is always associated with metal toys. Kids have a habit to put toys in mouth. Plastic and other toxic elements present in toys can even result in carcinogenic diseases. Wooden toys are very safe and have no risks associated with them. With growing awareness parents are realizing the health risks associated with modern toys. This has resulted in an increased retail shopping for wooden toys.

Toys often undergo rough handling by kids and break easily. Parents have to spend regularly on new toys. Durability thus becomes an important factor for parents while shopping for toys. Wooden toys are good in strength and are not easy to break. They can withstand high wear and tear. The long life of wooden works out in favor of the business.

Wooden toys offer a great scope to design toys in variety of shapes. It is possible to shape wood easily in complex shapes. Shaping metal in complex shapes requires heavy machining which makes the toys expensive. Wooden toys come in much more variety than the other toys and that too at a much cheaper rate making in a good retail shopping option. It is important to come up with new designs in toys business and it is much more feasible with wooden toys.

Wooden toys are easy to operate and do not require additional expenses. Electronic toys use batteries for moving parts. In wooden toys movements are achieved by mechanisms and battery is not required. The batteries need regular recharging or replacement adding to the cost. In case of failure one has to repair toys which can be costly. Not many professionals are available for toy repairing and the toys have to be discarded. Wooden toys on the other hand do not require any maintenance and are easy to repair. No surprise this point is used to promote shopping in the wooden toys retail business.

Educational toys are becoming very popular today and wooden toys are also available in this segment. Toys are increasingly used to teach kids especially in the lower age group to teach concepts like colors and shapes. Wooden toys can be used to teach the same concepts at a much cheaper price than its plastic counterparts. There are many wooden puzzle and sequencing sets developed to increase the analytical and reasoning ability of the children. Parents are shopping for such toys happily considering their benefits in education. Educational toys are a big business and wooden toys are fast covering a major portion of it.

Studies have proven than wooden toys help to develop thinking and creativity amongst kids. Modern toys that use electronics do not leave any scope to explore working of toys. The only thing that the child has to do is press a button and the toys perform automatically. The working of toys cannot be seen easily as the joints and mechanism are not easily visible. However a child has to figure out the working of wooden toys on his own. He explores various parts and joints and learns about motions and movements. In many cases it is possible to break toys into parts and again assemble them. Such tasks help to develop brain and teach working of things. This study has helped to remove stigma attached with wooden toys which is evident from its high retail shopping today. The business in wooden toys is getting better with each day.

Many toy manufacturers are today trying to incorporate the advantages of wooden toys in the electronic toys. These hybrid toys have wooden body and use electronics for functioning. With mounting pressure for producing safe toys this works out very well in favor of toy manufacturers. Parents are also showing faith in shopping for these toys and wooden toys have a role to play in this newly emerging business segment.

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