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Educational Toys Planet   Call 1-732-677-2409
Offer different types of educational toys to motivate the learning habits of children while playing with toys. Schools can get the best products for classrooms to make learning easy and fun for babies, toddlers, boys and girls. Products include puzzles, games, science toys, electronic toys and much more. Visit the site for online shopping in retail and for complete business information.
16 Horse Shoe Ln, Freehold, NJ 07728, USA   (3609)

Mastermind Toys   Call 416-321-8984
Online store with 22 years experience in retail and offer toys that encourage curiosity and challenge thinking of school children. Offer educational toys products that awaken creativity, encourage curiosity, enhance motor skills, develop imagination, challenge thinking and offer a child hours of fun!. Visit the site for complete information.
at 465 Milner Ave, Unit 4, Scarborough, ON, M1B 2K4, Canada   (3610)

Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide to Educational Toys Business

The educational toys are being used around the world in homes, schools, child care centers and so on. These products are not only entertaining but they also educate the children well by making them learn many concepts easily. The new comers in the business field can choose this educational toys business, as it has a tremendous boom at present specially when it comes to online retail shopping. The need for these educational toys is consistently increasing and the statistics shows that the sales of the educational toys have increased considerably when compared to the regular toys like Barbie’s, hot wheels etc. The record for the sales of these educational toys in retail was broken in 2000 as the sales of that particular company were boosted to 120%. You can very well imagine the situation now after 8 years.

Educational toys business not only raised the economy of the countries individually but also the foreign relations with other countries. On average $30 million of United States economy is from this business. The increase in the number of customers shopping for these products also increased manufacturing units in various countries. For example, during 2000 there were 20 manufacturing units in China. At present there are more than 500 units that are involved in this business.

This is the best option for any one who wants to creative and innovative in his business and one can attract children, parents and grand parents by introducing new strategies in the manufacturing, advertising and sales process. There is a strong demand and urge for the educational toys in retail among the children of all ages. These educational toys are available in different varieties which promote the visual tracking, fine motor skills, imagination and creativity, thinking skills, perceptual skills, language skills etc. of the children.

Today’s parents want their children to be very smart and active and they want their children to get benefited through the games too. The parents are willing to provide their children education through fun and entertainment, which makes the children’s leisure worth while. The educational toys retail business is on a great boom now and their sales statistics has leapt up amazingly with online shopping. Their sales got 50% rise in 2004, followed by 56% in 2005. In the year 2006 it showed an increase of 62% and from then onwards it is incessantly increasing by making it 95% in the year 2008. This increase of sales in the educational toys is due to the wise attitude of the young parents who want to provide their children the best of everything.

As the chase for educational toys increased among people of all classes, the usage of plastic, wood, metal, paper and clay is increased. The sales report of plastic for education toys business states that its sale raised till 32% during 1996 and it increased to 42% by 1998 and it continued rising thereby. Plastic usage among many countries is restricted and in some parts of Untied States is strictly reduced and it made many manufacturing units of educational toys business to start paper based products. Paper sale among countries like United States, United Kingdom, china, Japan, Saudi Arabia, India etc increased to 46.62% during 2000 and it rose to 29.47% in 2001, 36.07% in 2002, 63.33% in 2003 and so on.

The major product that is used in the manufacture of paper based educational toys and plastic educational toys are chemicals such as paints, oils and many coloring components. Average of 27% market of these toys will come from these components. With the high increase in number of manufacturing units the employ rate is increasing giving opportunities to many. During 1990 there used to be 10 to 20 people in a unit that manufactures these products. Currently there are nearly 300 to 400 workers in each unit. This count only includes the persons who work for daily wages. There are lots of minds working for more creative thoughts in the manufacturing business of these toys. As 100% of the income for any company that manufactures these products comes due to these creative minds, they are being paid huge amounts. The trend for online shopping of these products in at glance at the moment. So you must concentrate to expand your toys retail business online.

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