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Exclusively Linda Doll Clothes  Call 303-979-4272
Offer exclusive clothing for american dolls in different sizes including kirsten 18 inch doll clothes, Samantha American Girl Clothes, Josefina 18 inch Doll Clothes, Handmade American Girl Dresses and more.
11937 W. Coal Mine Drive, Littleton, CO 80127-4829   (1088)

Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To Dolls Clothing Business

Toys like dolls are important for children and babies. They need dolls to play with them. Children are appearing on this earth every now and then. So any product related to children are in great demand in retail shopping stores. When children play with dolls they also need clothing for these dolls. They have this tendency to make the dolls look good and for that reason they try to display their dolls with different clothes. So here comes the need for dolls clothing retail business. Parents often want to make their children busy so that their child don’t disturb while they are busy in their regular job or work. For that reason they try and leave their children to play with toys. Parents can also find their children more engaged if they can offer their children with different clothes for toys like dolls. Hence there is certainly a reason for parents to go shopping for dolls clothing. So becoming a good supplier of dolls clothes certainly make sense to have some good profit in your business.

If you are already a dolls supplier and also manufacture dolls toys then you can also think to create dolls clothing as well. This will prevent your cost for marketing your dolls clothing separately as you can market along with the existing business. Otherwise you need to work hard to setup only dolls clothes retail or wholesale business. Basically it’s a home based business opportunity where you don’t need any kind of big investment. Sewing patters are most important thing to consider if you are planning to produce dolls clothing and sell them with online or offline shopping. Sewing patterns of a dress doll and the clothing patterns allow a child to explore all forms of closures. To get an insight of sewing patterns you can easily take help of some good books which can provide clear, detailed directions for sewing patterns for the American Girl Doll and similar 18-inch dolls. These books itself contain full-size pattern pieces for playable or collectible dolls. I have noticed such books often contain more than 30 full size patterns with clear instructions and beautiful pictures to help you with each outfit and the accessories to match. Such books are also available with online shopping on sites like

Or you can hire some expert who is well experienced in sewing of dolls clothing. An expert will charge a lot and may increase your overall costing. So it’s important that first of all you must learn everything yourself and you need to have interest in it. Once you learn yourself you don’t need to hire experts. You can hire some new comers who will not charge more from you. Then you can transfer your knowledge of sewing skills to him or her. This will lower your business cost.

You also need to find customers to sell your dolls clothing. Customers will not come to you unless they know you and your skills. Just hanging an advertisement board at your home is not enough to find customers. Only customers from nearby areas will be able to know about your retail business that way. First of all you need to create lot of excellent quality samples of dolls clothing. Then move on to meet people who are the real manufacturers of only dolls. Get your samples approved from them. They are the people who can help to have some sales for you. Even if they don’t buy dolls clothing themselves they may refer you to someone who buys dolls toys clothing.

Its not difficult to find manufacturers of dolls. Come over internet to find them. There are also sites where people are shopping every now and then for dolls. You can easily contact such websites to offer dolls clothing as well on your behalf on commission basis. Sites like are also good enough to find customers. There are also many other sites which provide listing of manufacturers, exporters and importers of all kinds of goods and products in thousands of categories. You can also get yourself listed on these sites for your dolls clothing business. Many customers will be able to find you there. Through internet you can find customers worldwide. Get yourself registered on important sites and that will help to grow your retail business worldwide.

I would recommend creating your own website where you can display your retail dolls clothing business. Infect you can have a shopping cart system for people to order your products online. Then plan something to get your site higher in search engines like google for your keywords. If you are successful in doing that I can assure you will be the one to make great online as well as offline sales. Marketing is very important for every business. Worst of the products get sold if customers are visiting you either online or offline.

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