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Offering strange dolls in the sense that these dolls are misproportioned, strangely dressed and they have a story and character uniquely their own. Each doll is entirely hand made using polymer clays, vintage fabrics, acrylic paint, and sometimes real human hair or teeth. Provide online shopping through paypal.
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Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To The Dolls Business

Dolls are toys to play with. A newcomer to the doll business may find it little bit tough as the process of finding various types of dolls itself takes more time. But, once he comes to know about them the business is very cool going. This business is said to be the one which is not affected under any circumstances. This is because dolls are used for decorating purposes, as playing toys for children and as a symbol of representation to various people. Dolls or doll business is not a new one and is being carried from prehistoric times. In earlier days they were made of clay, fur, wood and stones and lot of business was done for these products.

Coming to wooden dolls, they used to be made from wood of cheap cost and pained to get various colors. The hair of the dolls is basically made from strings of wooden beads and clay. This history dates to 2000 BC. In ancient days most dolls were found in children tombs. This shows the craze for dolls among people of various generations. Europe during 16th and 17th century used to produce dolls made of primitive wood and was known as hub of doll manufacture. Grodnertal area in Germany produced many peg wooden dolls toys during those times. Now its the time for online shopping of these products in retail. One can do the shopping over internet from different countries. This is making toys business boom over internet.

In addition to wooden dolls, wax dolls became popular in 17th and 18th century. Most of the wax models were created during 1850 to 1930. Modelers of wax dolls were experts in preparing heads of dolls from melted cast. Following this, porcelain material became famous during 19th century. Here porcelain is left to undergo heating to more than 2372 degrees. Porcelain is mainly used in China and bisque dolls toys. The difference in both of these models is China dolls are glazed whereas bisque dolls are unglazed. Bisque material which is fired to more than two times of China, material looked more naturally than china dolls did. While shopping in retail you must have ideas of what exactly you need and same is the case when a businessmen is looking to do business with these products. He must be having idea what customers prefer to buy.

Lets get some more information. Another category is carton dolls. During early 1970’s they were made by pressing mass of paper into a mold and letting it to get hardened. After this the products were covered with dough and processed for molding. During 1880’s worsted dolls were produced and they were known as commercial dolls of that ages. They had stockinet face and worsted hair. The clothes of these dolls were knitted or crocheted. Sometimes the body of these dolls was made of fabric material. So just like children need toys from earlier times so is the toys business evergreen. Only thing you need to decide is to do it in wholesale or retail.

To tell you more Germany is famous for celluloid dolls. The celluloid dolls of Germany were painted in Italy. The most common dolls found worldwide are metal dolls. In dolls prepared from other materials also the heads of them will be prepared of metal and they are considered as mechanical dolls. The chief manufacturing head of these dolls was Germany.

Another model of dolls that ruled the market and ruling the market are Barbie dolls. These dolls came into the market during 1959 and were changed into different models later on. Only in the first year of their production, around 350,000 dolls were sold and created sensation n the market. These are being sold in more than 150 countries and even there are manufacturing units that prepare only Barbie dolls.

The sales of dolls during 2000 were counted to be 21% sales in the first three months itself. Americas profit in the sale of dolls toys in online shopping during 2002 is estimated to be $176 million for the first quarter financial results and for the total year estimated as $345 million. The Canada’s share in the dolls market is estimated to be 52.1% during 2002 and it reached 46.5% during 2003. Overall Canada there are 144 manufacturing units that are totally into the production of dolls of various categories.

According to 2006 census there are 443 major doll manufacturing units in America. Among them every manufacturing unit is estimated to have not less than 100 employees. There are units where more than 500 employs are being working. This count is for only for the workers in the units and there are double to this count working indirectly for the units. Indirect workers mean people who supply raw material for the units and the retailers who depend on these units for their market. All these autistics show that doll business is among the successful businesses.

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