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Business Information By Mast Directory: Cigarettes Business Information And Guide

Before we start any part of this article morally we should tell our readers that cigarette smoking is injurious to health and can have long lasting health effects on the person who smokes cigarettes. Cigarettes are made using finely cut tobacco leaves and other ingredients and wrapped into a paper of cylindrical shape. All over the world the business of cigarettes is a multi billion dollar business with major brands being the likes of Marlboro, Dunhill and 555 amongst others. In 1998 China was the highest consumer of years with 1,643 billion cigarette sticks consumed that year alone follow by United States where 451 billions cigarette sticks were consumed. This figure proves beyond doubt that the business cigarettes are a mammoth one.

People in different countries do cigarette shopping in different ways, while in most western market cigarettes are sold in cases or packets in the developing world like India and some South East Asian countries people do cigarettes shopping in pieces. When people are looking to do cigarette shopping they will inevitably go to a retail shop or store for their cigarette needs. Thus retail cigarettes business forms the major market place where cigarette companies derive their sales from. If you would like to start your own cigarette retail business and are looking for ideas on retail business plans then this article is for you. Here below are some business ideas that can be used for a cigarette retail business.

The first business model is that of a cigarette stall or one that resembles a roadside hot dog vendor. This business is the making of a successful business plan because people who want to do cigarette shopping will not be able to reach a groceries store every time they want to smoke. Usually people when they are walking on the street they want a cigarette so if they can locate a cigarette selling stall or open vendor then that is more convenient for them. Before you start such a business its necessary that you have the authorization from the municipal corporation who will issue a license allowing you to set up a stall at the corner of the street or one that does not hinder the traffic.

Next step for your business is buying stocks of different cigarette brands. A cigarette smoking person usually has a preferred brand depending whether they would like a mild cigarette or strong cigarette. So you’ll have to stock all sorts of cigarettes including cigars and cigarette filters if someone wants to buy a cigarette filter along with the cigarette. To increase your business you would well to have cigarette lighters and even a cigarette ash bin so that if someone wants to dispose the cigarette they can do that without creating a mess around your stall. A cigarette retail business does not require high capital investment because people pay you cash when shopping for cigarettes.

Another of the retail business models for selling cigarettes can be that of a general store that sells all sorts of home products, consumer care products, groceries, stationary and even sells cigarettes. When selling cigarettes from a departmental store the people shopping for cigarettes will not be buying lose cigarettes rather they would buy cigarettes in cases or packets that because no departmental store sells lose cigarettes. Here too for your departmental store you would like to stock all the major selling brands and also stock cigars. Each brand is sold only at its retail price unless of course the company is offering a discount or a free promotional gift item. You will have to get in touch with the different tobacco distribution companies. Since cigarettes sell much on their own and tobacco companies advertise heavily on brand promotion they usually offer small margins on sales of cigarettes to retailers. There will be a pre-decided sales margin and different tobacco companies offer different sales margin on their products.

The last of our retail cigarette business ideas is to do with selling cigarettes through door to door marketing. Such a business model is one where you will not find much competition but is a unique business model that has the making of one that will prove to be profitable too. Your business plan should revolve around buying the various cigarette brands from the distributors and suppliers of cigarettes and then supply cigarettes directly to the homes of cigarette users. Usually people who do shopping for cigarettes have to go to the market to buy cigarettes but if you can deliver a product that they frequently need then it’s a win-win situation for both you and the customers. You will need to hire people who are looking for part time jobs and fix a time when the cigarette cases will be delivered to the clients and money will be collected either on delivery or on a weekly basis. The money that you are left after paying the suppliers and the people working with you is your profit.

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