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Glass Awards   Call 020 8722 0240
Supply a wide range of glass awards, crystal awards and corporate awards to large and small businesses throughout the UK. Treat your staff to a glass or crystal awards from their awards website and watch the productivity rise. Also trade in acrylic encapsulation, acrylic tombstone and lucites. Present your staff with a glass trophy today.
Everything Corporate Awards, Old Stables, Church Farm Lane, Cheam Surrey, SM3 8PT   (6002)

M & M Awards   Call 972-660-4442
Online store for all kinds of trophies and awards meant for different sports like baseball, basket ball, soccer, football, golf, hockey, etc. Also include products like medals, wall clocks, italian cups, engraving and more.
2100 S. Great Southwest Pky, Suite #404, Grand Prairie, TX 75051, US   (1072)

Business Information In Mast Directory: A Guide to the Trophies And Awards Business

There is nothing better then placing a trophy or award on a mantle or shelf to remember a great achievement. Whether your child has won first place in a spelling bee or you have earned a placement in your business, is the ability to treasure the moment and memory with a plaque. The trophies and awards business is one that helps individuals to remember the day that they received a high placement for their hard work.

The charm within the sports trophies and awards business is based on the uniqueness that is a part of the trophy being created. Generally, there are two types of trophies or awards that are made. The first are standing, 3-D trophies. Typically, these come with a custom figure on the top and can be placed on a shelf or mantle. The second type of award is a plaque or figure that has engraving that makes a specific statement about the moment that an individual won a placement. These are typically hung on a wall for the best care. Many also have ribbons that are used instead; however, these don't have the specialized engravings or unique look that the trophies and awards carry.

With the awards that are available, are business opportunities that are showing strong stability. Trophies and awards in sports are recognized as a miscellaneous business because most are smaller in size and carry specialized or custom made items. Combined with other businesses, is an average of $27 million in revenue from the year 2008. This is staying at a stable increase of 0.5% each year. The trophies and awards business takes an average of 5% of the profits from other miscellaneous businesses. Even though this is one of the smaller areas of growth and demand, it still shows the same level of stability as the other businesses .

With the specific business demands, are different ideals in which individuals look for when shopping in retail for sports trophies and awards. Most likely, those who are looking for trophies or awards are concerned about getting a look that represents the winning moment. The more variety, uniqueness and specialized looks a business can offer, the more likely an individual will be willing to work with the business. Combined with this, is the ability for custom trophies and awards to be available. For instance, several retail shopping businesses combine engraving with the products to ensure a better look for the trophies and awards in sports.

The custom looks are not only based on what an individual is demanding, but also different areas in which the businesses can offer awards in. For instance, sports looks may be different then activities such as corporate awards, golfing, badges, religion, academic options, dog prizes or championship awards. What this means to any business who is focused on trophies, is that there needs to be specific looks offered and made for those that need a trophy or award.

Because of these demands, trophy and award retail shopping businesses typically have specific set ups with shopping store fronts that are used. This usually includes pieces of equipment and technology to provide the correct engraving and looks. This also includes materials, such as engraving materials and 3-D trophies that can be set together to provide the best combination of colors and designs.

Another growing area for several businesses are linked to those who are interested in shopping online in retail. Catalogs that include exclusive products, materials and specialized looks are offered more freely in these areas. This way, individuals can place their specialized orders online, with shipping that comes directly from the store. This provides more options for individuals to take advantage of a custom look, without having to go into a store for a direct order placement. Since most trophy and awards businesses are smaller in size, this is providing more opportunities for businesses to expand.

For anyone who is ready to take the championship title in their favorite hobby or game, are also specific areas that can support the moment and memory for years to come. The trophies and awards business is one that provides new looks and alternatives for those interested in helping others to remember one of their great wins.

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