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Time is the most important factor that binds everything that we follow in our routine. Every activity has to be done timely in order to achieve desired results. Although every individual needs to live a systematic life, people involved in any form of sports are having even more value of time. In any event the athletes and sportspersons need to time their performance. You want to time your success in a business? What could be better than the field of these watches? They form a very profitable and popular option for the emerging companies to invest in. planning each step is carefully is always very important though.

Setting up a manufacturing business for the product is feasible when the investment budget is high. Get into the best and the most valuable technology of machinery and production units that will give you best results. Find markets to get the raw material and basic equipments as a lower price save on the investment capital. Plan out the kinds and types of features that must be made a part of the sports watches. A market study will inform you about the requirements of the people. Work on the design and the versatility. A team of design expert and technical help would bring your design to reality.

Remember that this product is a must have for the runners and athletes and yet the price of the product will decide the sales frequency. Break the traditional notion that owning a high quality and multi featured sports watches is proportional to the huge amount of cost. Ensure that your product has all the basic and happening features that are required by such a product even at a lower price. With the help of a market research cover all the features. In the beginning phase of the business it is very essential to concentrate on the types and varieties and functional qualities that the competitors are providing. This helps in setting up a base for the company.

Eventually you will need to face the tough competition from the already existing giants in this field. You will need to constantly need to keep changing your strategies and plans to match up to their level. Come up with innovative ideas such strapless sports watches that increase the convenience of the runner or athlete. In built digital features and complex interfaces act more like a micro computer on the wrists of the wearer. It should be designed to enable high functionality. Such a tough competition from your company will help you sustain amongst the others and carve a niche for your business in the market.

Portray as many varieties of the watches as possible. Offer designs for both male and female sections. Work on specific designs to suit both the sexes with similar features. Contact all the sports club and coaching institutes and centers who have a large intake of people. Their requirement will be very high in terms of quantity, give them both quantity and quality. Ensure timely delivery of the orders. Even in the later stages in the business you can provide two different ranges of the price to attract high as well as low profile customers. With more sales and inflow of customers the profit margin will automatically grow.

Baffle your customers with the recent technology and the features in your product. Get the information about the latest news and trends about the new introductions and advent in the technology of sports watches. Subscribe to gizmo and gadget magazines news, e-mail updates etc that cover all the information required. Incorporate all these features in the product. As a matter of fact you can also work on the research and technology aspect and apply it on the time piece. Such business tactics are of extreme importance to initiate the establishment of another brand in the market.

Also, work on the waterproof watches that play are a necessity for the sports that are played under water. Provide water proof covers and guards to protect it from damage. Offer as many designs and shapes as possible. Now-a-days even various colors of the dial and the straps are in fashion. People like designer look of the product. A close watch on the competitors is necessary. Keep coming up with new advertisements and publicity methods get the recognition and familiarity. To remain viable in this business you will have to keep your creativity live and happening.

You can also provide accessories along with the product such as batteries, holders, cases or pouches, straps, scratch guards etc in case you are into the retail field. People tend to choose places that offer more things under the roof. In the initial phase of the business you can also provide these products as free gifts along with the purchase of sports watches worth a particular amount. This way you will be able to fetch the return of investment in a latent form. Lucrative offers like this will attract more and more people to choose your brand over the others. It acts as a stepping stone towards the success of the company and to establish it in the market.

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