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Cheap Nike Air Max Trainers   Call 0191 516 6824
Official online store for footwear like trainers, gym shoes, running shoes and branded sports shoes. Visit the site for more business information and online retail shopping.
Express Brands Ltd., Unit 24, North East Business & Innovation Centre, Wearfield, Sunderland Enterprise Park East,   (5248)

Diadora   Call 61 3 9819 9055
An Italian sports brand with a history of designing and manufacturing technical apparel and footwear in the sports of football, tennis, athletics, cycling and motor sport. Visit site to shop your favorite shoes online.
444 Burwood Rd, Hawthorn VIC 3122   (1693), Inc.   Call 1.715.261.9588
Company established a strong presence in several global markets throughout North America, Europe and Australia for sports shoes including Men's Women's and Children's Athletic Footwear, basketball shoes and much more in unlimited brands. Visit the site for online shopping for all your sports needs.

Northern Runner : Brooks Running Shoes   Call 0191 2614 322
Northern Runner are the official Brooks running shoes supplier for the UK. The have a wide range of Brooks running shoes including the Brooks Adrenaline GTS. View their selection of Barefoot Running Shoes, Inov8 road shoes and more including the Inov8 Roclite and the Inov8 Road X.
Northern Runner, 52 Low Friar Street, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE1 5UE, United Kingdom   (6332)

Specialist Sports Shoes Ltd   Call +44 (0) 1590 688890
Shop online for different sports shoes including Adidas company Netball, handball, weightlifting, rowing and volleyball shoes, hockey, boxing and cricket shoes in different brands, track and field shoes like athletic shoes and also provide accessories. Visit site for more information and details.
Unit 610, Ampress Lane, Ampress Park, Lymington, Hampshire, S041 8LW   (1692)

Sportlink Specialist Sports Limited   Call 01603 868606
Offer sports shoes in different designs, sizes and brands for different tastes from men, women to children. Products include men and women running shoes, trail and racing shoes, shoes for different sports like rugby, netball, football and more. Also provide all lateast sports news and articles.
Unit 6 - Drayton Business Park, Taverham Road, Drayton, Norwich, Norfolk, NR8 6RL, UK   (1694)

Sportsshoes Unlimited   Call +44 1274 530530
Buy sports shoes online in different departments like running shoes, outdoor, football, fashion, court, rugby, swimming, basketball, cricket, cycling, golf, women shoes and more. Also shop by brand like brooks, Asics, Adidas, Puma, New Balance, Reebok, Nike and more brands with online secured shopping in retail.
Hall Ings, W. Yorks, England BD1 5SD   (1691)

Business Information In Mast Directory: A Guide to the Sports Shoes Business

Having the right footwear for comfort and maneuvering in the correct way is used for more then comfort. If you are playing sports, this helps in preventing strains, breaks and injuries that come with quick movements, running or jumps. Having specific sports shoes that offer support and comfort is essential to anyone who is getting ready to play a good game. The shopping business behind this includes a variation of opportunities to make sure the right equipment is available.

The sports shoes retail business is one that offers a global opportunity for most. Currently, 50% of the sports shoes made are imported from China(through online shopping and wholesale import), with exchanges between countries being consistent world wide. On average, the sports shoes business makes $29 million a year. In 2008, this included a growth of 0.1% in the United States. The sports shoes industry shows a relevant stability with those who are looking for extra comfort for any game they are planning on playing.

There are three main divisions of sports shoes, based on gender and age. Womens shoes are the highest in demand for sports, including a revenue of over 45% of the market. Mens shoes held 35% of the market as the second strongest demand for shoes. Children shoes took up 15% of the market, with accessories that were included in sales, averaging at 5%. The particular needs within each of the demographics is one that evenly divides the movement of various individuals who are interested in sports .

With these markets are two main types of stores that offer shoes. The first is generalized store fronts, which offer a combination of shoes. These include a variety of brands, as well as different styles of shoes, such as those used for casual experiences, formal wear, dress or sports. The second type of retail store is based completely on sports and may include one specific brand or offer several brands that combine the best makes for those that need something specific for support.

The main consideration that is a part of those who are shopping for different types of shoes is based on newer and more innovative materials and makes. The idea behind different makes is to have strong support so running, jumping and maneuvering does not cause strain on the ankles or feet. The main consideration of anyone interested in sports is to prevent potential injuries while providing comfort for the game being played.

The focus different brands of shoes are taking is to make sure that moving with the shoes are not troublesome among buyers. The latest trend is newer materials that are lighter to lift while running. This is combined with soles that have extra heel support for easier moving. Support for high or low arches are also considered for shoe buyers. Elasticity, lightness and flexibility are also a main focus for newer shoes that are used with specific materials and designs. These demands move into further trends that provide more support and movement options for those who are shopping for sports shoes in retail.

With these as the main consideration, are several who look at diverse types of sports shoes. The specialization into different types of sports is also becoming a part of the market, specifically because of different types of movement that demands various levels of support. The two most popular shoes divided in this way are basketball shoes and running shoes. There are also casual sports shoes, as well as shoes for cheering, football, golf, soccer, tennis, training or volleyball. The difference between these include various types of support, shapes and materials. Some types of shoes, such as for football or soccer, also include spikes at the bottom to help with balance and movement. Each of these unique styles bring in different types of individuals who are interested in specific arenas of sports.

Anyone who is playing a game of sports for a hobby or to work into a professional field, is also looking at the newest and latest makes of sports shoes. The business intertwined with this offers several options for support, comfort and dexterity from the shoes. Understanding the demands for those who are preparing for a game is the beginning to offering the best alternatives in sports shoes retail shopping business.

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