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Board Zone Inc   Call +905-332-3662
Offer equipment and supplies used while playing with Snowboarding Sports. Products include snowboards, boots, bindings, board packages, snow boarding clothing like jackets, snow pants, goggles, winter boots, gloves and mitts, wallets, headphones, snow accessories, belts, watches and much more. Visit the site for online retail shopping and to get more business information.
4335 Mainway Drive, Burlington, Ontario, Canada, L7L 5N9   (3249)

Boardsonline UK Ltd   Call 0870 2202338
Online provider of British snowboarders and skaters with reasonably priced equipment with highest level of customer satisfaction. Products include everything needed for snowboarding and ice skating sports such as snowboards, snowboard boots, bindings, men and women jackets, luggage, helmets, tuning and tools and much more. Take some of your time to give a visit to site for further business information and to do the online shopping of the products concerned.
Knockhatch Dry Slope, Hempstead Lane, Hailsham, East Sussex BN27 3PR, UK   (3252)   Call 0131 229 5887
Company offering an online store for retail shopping of all kinds of products used in snowboarding sports such as snowboards, snowboarding clothing, snowboarding accessories, Skate Accessories, Skate Shoes and Trainers, Sandals and Flip Flops, luggage and backpacks, bawbags and much more. More business information on site and also know more about snowboarding sports requirements.
4 Lady Lawson Street, Edinburgh, EH3 9DS, United Kingdom   (3250)   Call Toll-Free : 800.838.3762
Site providing online shopping of all kinds of snowboarding sports products with latest snowboards, outerwear and everything else you could ever need on or off the hill to live the snowboard lifestyle. Products include Snowboard Mitts, Snowboard Goggles, Snowboard Helmets, Snowboard Wax, Snowboard Stickers, Snowboard Socks, Snowboard Belts and much more. More business info can be found on the site.
33 East Freeport Blvd, Sparks, NV 89431, USA   (3253)   Call Not provided
Company launching its business online and one can find the new burton snowboard sports equipment plus k2, foursquare 686, jacket, dakine, backpack, von zipper, goggles, oakley, nixon, watches, sessions, snowboarding clothing ride forum snowboards on sale here with free shipping and no sales tax. Online shopping.
219 Broadway, Portland, Oregon, 97205   (3251)   Call (215) 703-SKIS
Online news service providing information on discount snowboard gear. Find deals on snowboards, snowboard boots, snowboard jackets, snowboard pants, snowboard helmets and snowboard gloves. Plus, find helpful information on ski resorts, ski clubs, lodging and tourism.
PO Box 181, Ambler, PA 19002-0181   (4892)

Business Information In Mast Directory: A Guide To The Snowboarding Supplies Business

Hitting the slopes and enjoying the winter air is a priority for many during the snowy season. However, before anyone gets to the mountains for skiing or snowboarding, is the need to gear up and get equipment to help make the trip more enjoyable. Snowboarding supplies that are readily available to those who are shopping and getting ready for the mountain air is the beginning to creating a perfect trip. The business behind the mountain slopes is one that helps others to get to the highest mountain peaks.

The concept of snowboarding sports is newer, with it's origins beginning in 1965 in Minnesota. This was done by taking two skis and tying them together into one board for easier ways to get down a slope. By the 1980s, the popularity of snowboards began to take off as an alternative to skiing. The ability to maneuver and go down mountain tops in a different way quickly caught on and moved into a growing trend for those who wanted to diversify the sport of skiing.

Not only has the concept of snowboarding moved into a trend, but also has been recognized as a competitive sport. By 1998, the sport officially moved into a spot in the Olympic Winter Games, with many recognizing that the ability to move differently, while gathering speed when going down slopes, also required dexterity and the ability to move with the snowboard in a specific way.

It is from these beginnings that snowboarding sports has grown into a popular way to take over the slopes in different mountain areas. The year 2004, also brought an increase in snowboarders by 51%. In a period of ten years, beginning with the Olympics, was an overall increase in snowboarding by 240%. This number is continuing to rise each winter when individuals get ready to head to the mountains. On average, 7 million people are using snowboards, with an average of 4 million using skis, showing a take over with the sport. This is combined with over 53 million people who get to the slopes every year to either ski or snowboard and need related products for shopping in retail or wholesale.

With the number of people that go to the mountains for snowboarding, are also specific demands for the snowboarding supplies they are shopping for. There are two ways to look into this retail business for supplies. The first is based on renting equipment to users, while the second includes selling specialized items. On average, 80.1% of those who go to the mountains rent their equipment because they don't get to the mountains enough to buy the supplies. Almost 50% of those who are renting the equipment do so because they are still new to the sport. The demand for this is leading to revenues that are at $2.2 billion each year, with most sales coming between the months of August to March.

Beyond the basic equipment, are specific types of snowboards offered among riders. The difference between these are based on the shape of the snowboard. The most popular snowboard is known as the terrain park, with almost 42% of users favoring this style. Halfpipes are followed with an average of 40% of users having this type of snowboard. Superpipes are the third type of snowboard used, with 21% of users preferring this type of board .

Along with the snowboard types popular for retail shopping, are also supplies that are a part of this industry. The main piece that goes with snowboarding is having boots that clip into the snowboard. Bindings that connect these together are also a popular item. Goggles and clothing are the other supplies that are in demand to help protect individuals from the snow and cold when they are coming down from the peaks.

The growing popularity of snowboarding is one that has allowed individuals to hit the slopes and enjoy mountain peaks in a different way. Through the sports demand and recognition, is a newer sport that is expected to continue to grow in popularity. From this is increasing sports sales equipment business opportunities for those that want to get the right gear before heading to the mountains. Trend is also growing over internet now for online shopping in retail stores.

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