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Bag Gloves   Call 0151 523 1451
Shop online for the high quality leather gloves for MMA fighting needs. Visit the site for complete details.
MMA Fightwear, Challenger House, Wakefield Road, Netherton, Liverpool, L30 6TZ, UK   (7005)

Black Eagle   Call 02392 200466
Site providing online shopping in retail for all products related to martial arts including martial arts training equipment, bags and holdalls, mixed martial arts gear, belts, clothing, weapons and much more.
Unit 3 Stratfield Park, Elettra Avenue, Waterlooville, Hampshire, PO7 7XN, UK   (3956)

Legend Martial Arts Ltd   Call 65985644
Offer online shopping of reliable, robust and durable martial arts sports equipment from different manufacturers. Products include martial arts books, DVDs, badges, apparel, footwear, clothing, gifts, equipment etc. Visit the site for more business information and details.
Unit 09, Heritage Business Park, Heritage Way, Gosport, Hampshire, UK   (3955)   Call (818) 989-7507 is the ultimate online supplier of mixed martial arts gear. Browse through a wide array of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gis, MMA gloves, and fight gear. MMA Outlet carries conditioning gear for the serious MMA fighter and fight gear to help when fight day arrives.
7625 Hayvenhurst Ave, Suite 22, Van Nuys, CA 91406, USA   (7104)

Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To Martial Arts Equipment Business

In the busy world today men and women work round the clock to earn bread and butter. They completely forget about staying healthy in order to stay wealthy. Also, women who work in night need security of some sort. The best way to be self dependent to defend you, to stay fit and fine, young forever opt for martial arts. Martial Arts, though sounds to be a simple word but when you actually dig into it is not less than any rocket science or archeological study. It is not just one form of sport. Martial Arts are a conglomeration of fighting forms that are codified and traditional in practice. It includes so many different varieties of sports beneath it. Martial art has lot to offer such as karate, Muay Thai, Krav mga, taekwondo, mma, boxing related and so on. Out of these almost every category of art is again sub classified as the one performed with bare hands and performing with special martial arts equipments such as martial arts swords, sticks, sparring gear, martial arts boxing equipments, karate dress are few to mention here. These products have become so popular that now they are being sold while shopping online in retail.

A business which deals in martial arts related equipment will be unique in many ways as you cannot spot a business dealing in such goods often when you are out for retail shopping. It will reflect your uniqueness if you are into this business and offers market monopoly with rare or no competition at all. Since the art of east is in widespread throughout the globe martial arts schools are emerging out at brisk pace but businesses which offers martial arts sports related equipment are not yet so active so it is a right time to start up. Before setting up the retail or wholesale business, go around yourself and paper-up the details of any martial arts teaching schools, or general schools or institutes which offer martial art as a co-curriculum activity. If possible try to get into some sort of contract with such bodies which will ensure regular flow of business.

If a contract won’t work out find a suitable place which can be easily reachable from such schools or any sports clubs etc because whenever a customer wants to buy any martial arts related equipment the first thought should be your business, you should not allow him to look for options available. The customers other than students are the people who are passionate towards learning martial arts for health and safeguarding themselves. Such retail customers are very potential customers and you should take each possible action to attract the attention of this group as they won’t hesitate in shedding currency for shopping towards their passion. Advertising is a great mean to gain attention of these customers.

Think in customer’s perspective that are in your shop for shopping that beginning any form of martial arts means investing in the proper martial arts equipment that will prepare the new student to actively and effectively take part in his or her learning. Purchasing the right equipment can be a daunting task. So, list out items and relate them to the form of art they are associated with. Since equipment which fall into these categories of sports are not very fast moving you have to take every possible step to promote and market your retail business and to leave a mark in mind of people. Also, being such equipment a bit costly you can offer repairs for some of the equipment which are feasible enough to be getting fixed and still get you earn something. Since some of these sports equipment are very dangerous, a best practice will be to provide a demo of using these equipments by some means may be paper based posters glued on walls around the business place or a commercial video demo running on a big screen visible clearly from every corner.

Ensure that you have ample stock of equipment with you and also make sure that you have products from various makers or different sports brands. Also, it is best practice to have stocks of various price categories to satisfy every customer who steps into your shop for shopping martial arts related equipment as they won’t be doing such retail shopping on regular basis. Last but not the least since everyone knows that none of these equipment being purchased are going to be used gently so ensure the best possible quality and care of goods you are offering. Uniforms and guards should be light and flexible. Other equipment like swords should have proper covers to put them when not being used, covers for sparring gears etc. A business which deals in martial arts related sports equipments is no doubt a delicate business which demands great effort before and after establishment, but no doubt when you leave your mark on the surroundings it will shed the sweetest fruits in turn of your efforts and investment into it.

Every country has its own defense system and the law and order set up to take care of the people and their rights. Since the last few decades the crime has increased alarmingly. The common man has become the target of such anti-social elements of the society. It is not always possible to call the emergency or the police. Self defense is a very basic requirement of any individual since no one knows when you can be attacked. Whether you are out for shopping or just taking a walk nearby, no place is safe today. Those people who want to excel in the self defense oriented sports have options like martial arts. The retail business of providing products for the sports is a very successful with the increasing demand of the activity.

This is a very important activity of self defense and is slowly gaining popularity. But there are still many people who are not aware of the existence and value of martial arts. Therefore you can get in touch with all the sports authorities that are interested in promoting martial arts. If you wish to have more customers for your product then it becomes necessary to get more people into this activity. The more people choose the activity, the more people will come for shopping to your retail store for the products. Get in association with the authorities and help them to sponsor their event of creating awareness amongst people. In such events you can also promote and advertise your own products and accessories required in this field to propagate your business.

While promoting the activity you should also make people understand that this is a sports activity that also helps in keeping people fit and increase the stamina of the body. It has dual value and therefore is a very good option for people who wish to stay fit as well learn self defense. Although the martial arts have originated from a particular region of the south-east Asia it has now spread to the entire world. There many countries that have an increasing shopping demand of the products those are required for this activity. Therefore it is a very good option to get into the export field of the retail business for these products.

Before you can dive into the export business you will need to know the tips and tactics of the export market. A detailed study and review of the international market as well the shopping requirements of the people for the products required in the sports activity of martial arts will help you in setting up yourself in this field strongly. Going global with the product is a very important aspect in any business. This will also give your company a good name and also increase the market value of your products. You will also be able to create a good reputation in the local market attracting more people to do shopping from your retail store.

The need of the hour and the situation of the increasing crime rate have forced the government also to come up with this sports activity and promote it by creating agencies that teach this self defense technique to majority of the people. This has also increased their shopping needs for martial arts products that that are required by the people. Therefore by contacting the government and creating an association with them you can get them to buy your products. An association like will keep your retail business a good brand name. It will also provide the increase in the profit and revenue generation. Ultimately you will be able to stay above the others in this field.

It is important to target the right kind of market section for your products in this business. There are many organizations and institutes that are involved in teaching various types of sports activities including martial arts. You should approach these institutes. You can also approach the various schools, colleges etc where this activity is taught to people. The age of the person is not a factor here. From kids to adults you will find all age groups involved in learning this self defense technique. Therefore you will nee to keep the variety sizes and types of the uniform and other products in your retail store. You get customers of all ages shopping for the products. Hence it is wiser to keep a complete collection.

You will need to locate your retail store in a location that has more crowds coming in. you can choose shopping complexes for this. You can also approach the sports based shops and get a store next to there’s. Also you can select the location of your retail outlet were such sports complexes are present where the martial arts are taught. You can also ask these people to recommend your products to the people who enroll themselves for this activity. This way you will be able to get more business and also establish yourself in the right place and right manner.

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