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Alpine Innovations, LLC   Call 404-509-1817
Air-Trekkers brings you top quality jumping stilts at affordable prices. Come check out why Air-Trekkers are the best for sports and recreation.
19449 Tumalo Reservoir Rd, Bend, Or 97701
http://www.air-trekkers.com   (4349)

Getjumpingstilts.com   Call (440) 225-3452
As an authorized US dealer, the company offer the exciting new jumping stilt product in wide varities including Children's Poweriser Up To 110 Lbs., Powerskip Standard, parts and more. Visit the site for online shopping.
200 Harvard Ave, Elyria, OH 44035, USA
http://www.getjumpingstilts.com/   (4032)

PRO-JUMP.CO.UK   Call Telephone: 01772 792 600
Pro-Jump stilts are original patent protected jumping stilts, bouncing stilts, powerbocks. Visit the site for online shopping and for more products information.
Unit 5, 36 Deepdale Mill Street, Preston, Lancs, PR1 5BY
http://www.pro-jump.co.uk/   (4033)

Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To Jumping Stilts Business

Often people look for adventure and fun during vacations or in their free time. Usually people engage themselves in their favorite sports activity. Jumping stilt is a kind of sporting equipment for recreational purpose. Stilts will enable you to execute extraordinary athletic feats. Run at lightning speed, and jump and hop higher than you ever thought possible. The specially designed Jumping Stilts capitalize on energy that is normally wasted in everyday movement. You lift your foot and move it forward when you walk, the downward force of gravity moves your foot back to the ground. Well, the spring in these stilts stores that energy and bounces your foot right back up in the air on the next step. This stored energy can make you feel like you have "super-human" powers to run faster and jump higher than you ever could before. This gives a reason to sell jumping stilts to make it as a retail or wholesale business as people are interested in such fun provided by this kind of sports or recreation equipment.

If you have some plan to manufacture jumping stilts then you need to find the technology behind it. You need to contact person like Alexander Boeck who discovered this sports equipment. Today Mr. Boeck’s company manufacturers the highest quality jumping stilt in the brand name “Powerskip”. He also found two Asian manufacturers whose facilities were setup or could be setup for mass production of his product. One is located in Seoul, South Korea, Hitech & C. Ltd. The only other jumping stilt mass production company authorized by Mr. Boeck is located in China. The company is Hong Kong International Amusement Information Ltd. This company manufacturers and sells close to 90% of the jumping stilts sold throughout the world. So it will not be easy for anyone to grab the technology behind jumping stilts for his/her business unless otherwise authorized by the originator. Instead selling jumping stilts with online shopping is better option.

Another good option is to import jumping stilts in wholesale from countries like China and then sell in your own country. Get your company registered and also make it legal by having all necessary business permits and licenses. Also get your import license so that it allows you to import. When you are trying to import make sure you have all the funds to pay for the goods. Else you will need to take help of some finance company or financial institutions like banks to apply for loan. Also before you decide to import its important to calculate the cost involved in purchasing sports equipment like jumping stilts. Then look at the prices in the retail market where jumping stilts are sold. By comparing the cost price and selling price will let you decide if it’s really profitable business to import from China. If you can calculate some good margin your plan should not fail to import from China. China is cheapest in labor. So developed countries like UK And USA can have better margin in their retail or wholesale business once they import from developing countries like China And India.

Once jumping stilts are imported in your own country try and find distributors from different states and popular cities. More the number of distributors you have more will be the sales while customers are shopping. Jumping stilts are sports equipment which are not very common. You cannot expect sales in good quantity. So keeping good margin while selling in retail is important.

If you do not have such big plans to import jumping stilts from different country then you can become the distributor of some well known company. Once you are an authorized distributor you can sell your products in retail. Only having a shop for just jumping stilts is not a good idea as the product is not common among general public. Keep the option of selling jumping stilts along with other sports equipment. This will be much better for your business.

Now come making your retail business popular. I recommend launching a site for your retail business where you can display all types of jumping stilts you sell along with other sports equipment. You can take help of some web developer company to create a shopping cart system on your site which would be for online ordering. Customers will pay first using shopping cart payment gateway system and then you will need to ship the goods. But your site should have targeted traffic to generate online sales. Take help of some search engine optimization or so called SEO company to get your site higher in search engines like google for your business keywords. This will really give good targeted traffic and as a result generating online sales will be quite easy.

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