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Hockey Monkey   Call +46855017002
Offer Hockey sports equipment including NHL Hockey equipment, hockey gear, hockey skate ice, hockey jersey, hockey gloves, hockey bag, roller hockey equipment, hockey stick, ccm, easton ice hockey, gear mission hockey, graf skate inline hockey skate mission, skate, nike skate, roller hockey and more. Give a look to site for more business information and online shopping.
Åkerivägen 21b, S-152 42 Södertälje, SWEDEN   (2249)

Hockey Outlet   Call Toll free: 1-888-568-8538
Site from UK selling all kinds of products for hockey sports players including girdles, shafts, blades and sticks, helmets, shoulder pads, shirts, pants, gloves, undergarments and much more.
Online Store   (2250)

Just Hockey   Call +61 3 9543 5255
Online store to purchase hockey sports shoes, goalkeeping, bags, self protection equipment, performance skin, clothing, jewellery, books and DVDs, balls, umpire and team clothing, club training products etc. Give a look to site for more business information and online shopping.
41 Renver Rd, Clayton 3168, Victoria, AUSTRALIA   (2248)

RS Marketing   Call 631-525-3528
An online field hockey sports shop offering only one brand of field hockey sticks and turf shoes along with all the information that you will need to select the proper length of field hockey stick and the proper size turf shoes. Also provide free gift along with every retail purchase. Visit site for more business information and details and to get your products at home with secured online shopping.
858 Birchwood Park Drive, Middle Island, New York 11953   (2245)   Call 1-800-567-7790
Provider of the best service, selection and prices on brand-name quality ice hockey equipment including composite sticks, wood sticks, leg pads, skates goal, trappers, masks and much more. Online retail shopping.
Online Store   (2247)

Total Hockey   Call 1-866-929-6699 (toll-free)
Get the pleasure to shop online for the finest quality hockey equipment and apparel including bags, sticks, skates, socks, goalie, protective products, helmets, shields and more from different manufacturers such as Shock Doctor, JDJ Hockey, Pro Guard, Reebok and other famous companies.
5833 Suemandy Drive, St. Peters, MO 63376   (2246)

Business Information: A guide to hockey sports supplies business

There are numerous variations to the Hockey game depending on the location in which it is played. However, the basic premise of this sports is that – two teams compete with each other by maneuvering a ball or a puck (a hard, round, rubber or heavy plastic disc), into the opponent's net or goal, using a hockey stick.

In order to play the game, a typical hockey gear set of a player should include hockey sticks, skates (if ice or roller hockey) and a puck/ball. Due to the extreme physical nature of the sport, a lot of protective equipment in addition to the hockey gear is also essential. These include helmets, protective padding, hockey gloves, pants and other apparel, skate runners, and ice skate sharpeners. Selling these equipment is an excellent business and will generate you a lot of profit. The trend for online retail shopping of these products is also growing so one can also sell over internet where you also get payment in advance.

The first step in setting up a hockey supplies sports business is contact the manufacturers and negotiate the best terms possible. The terms would be dependant on the demand or popularity of the game in the locality. A long term partnership with manufacturers can mean bulk rate discounts and preference of quality goods over the competitors.

A hockey stick is the most essential equipment required by the player. A high quality hockey stick can maximize the scoring performances. Hence a large stock of quality hockey sticks is the bare minimum for starting a hockey supplies business. Professional hockey players have been known to stick with a single hockey stick for long periods of time. This is because they are comfortable and compatible with their gear. Hence it is imperative that along with hockey sports supplies, one also offers a full selection of hockey maintenance products. If cared for properly the life of hockey equipments can be prolonged to maintain their original comfort and performance for a long time avoiding further shopping.

Apart from hockey sticks, there are also a large variety of helmets should be made available catering to people of various age groups to make the customers do shopping from you rather than your rivals. Hence, in order to stay ahead of the competition it is essential to stock helmets in a strategic display section which can potentially capture the attention of the customers. To be on the safer side, it would be advisable to stock helmets with or without masks and also goalie helmets. Employees knowledgeable on hockey gears can help customer relations; as they can provide valuable input on the selection of helmets with the appropriate size to avoid injury. One of the biggest mistakes in setting up a hockey supplies retail business is to concentrate wholly on the adult market which can lead to one missing out on an increasingly lucrative children’s market and subsequently decrease the shopping of your customers. Valuable customer loyalty can be earned by attracting the smaller members of a family with a wide variety of helmet choices in size, color coupled with attractive discounts. Since kids outgrow their helmet sizes every year, a consistent demand can be created by winning them over.

Apart from the staffing hockey experts as employees, another easy method to win over the customers and increase the shopping of your supplies is to provide them with easy accessibility to the latest trends in hockey sports equipment by creating a catalogue. Such a catalogue can also be used to design custom ordered hockey equipment individually designed to suit each person. Such custom made hockey equipment can not only save stocking investments but also improve customer satisfaction.

A recent survey estimates that around 18-20 million Americans play ice hockey in schools, universities, and recreation leagues, as well as on beer league, amateur hockey, extramural, and other informal teams, across the country, on both indoor and outdoor rinks. If the market potential for a single variant of hockey is this huge, imagine the total market potential of all the variants of hockey put together. Since the popularity of hickey is thriving, it is a good time for some investment in the hockey supplies retail business.

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