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Deary's Gymnastics Supply   Call 800.932.3339
Offer online shopping of gymnastic supplies including gymnastic apparel, athletic trainer supplies, gymnast footwear, mats and more. Visit the site for more business information and details.
17 Lucienne Avenue, P.O. Box 688, Danielson, CT 06239   (4196)

Ross Athletic Supply, Inc   Call 1-888-600-ROSS (7677)
Authorized dealer of many gymnastic company brands like Eurotramp, Dollamur, Fenner, Norbert's etc and offer gymnastic floor kits, spring floors, spare parts, beams and bars, cheerleading floors and mats and much more. Visit the site for more information and details.
4407 So. 16th Street, Ft. Smith, AR 72901   (4197)

Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To Gymnastic Equipment Business

Gymnastics is popular as an exercise as well as competitive sport. It is prestigious enough to find itself a place in Olympics. With the right mix of glamour and performance gymnastics attracts maximum attention in any sports meet. Gymnastic involves performing various body movements and balancing acts on various equipments. With gymnastics practiced world over these gymnastic equipments have developed a good retail shopping base for itself in the sports equipment business.

Floor exercise is a popular form of gymnastics. The floor gymnast performs a combination of moves like somersaults, jumps, stretches and landings. These exercises are performed on mats. The nature of exercise involves lot of movements and the mats should be able to withstand this wear and tear. Even a small defect is enough to off balance the gymnast. The surface of the mat should not generate too much friction and should possess anti slip properties. Practice or training mats are used for practice as competition mats are expensive and restricted to competition use. Floor exercise is the most popular as sport and there is good amount for shopping for floor mats.

Other mats used in gymnastics are the throwing and landing mats. In events like rings and high bars gymnasts have to attain heights to catch hold of the rings or bars. Throwing mats are used for this purpose. The player attains big heights by spending a small amount of energy. These mats contribute significantly to the playerÂ’s performance by conserving his energy for actual acrobatics. These mats come as great support and are in great demand as they help gymnast conserve energy. So selling these mats in your business is a good option to generate good sales.

Other striking feature of this sport is the landings. It is dream of every gymnast to achieve that one perfect landing in an Olympic event. Landing symbolizes balance and self control and depicts the level of perfection a gymnast has achieved. Landings are performed when the gymnasts are at great speeds. Landing on hard surface at such high pace is a clear invitation to cramps and injuries. The gymnast needs cushioning while performing landings. Landing mats are used exactly to achieve this purpose. The amount of cushioning depends on the pace and speed of gymnast while landing in different forms. Landing mat is an essential item in the retail shopping list for gymnastic equipments business inventory as it is directly related with the safety of players.

Balance is the crux of this sport and many balancing acts are performed on different equipments. Balancing equipments include balancing beams, gymnastic horse, ring frames, horizontal bars, uneven bars, vaults and trampoline. Many of these forms are standard categories in Olympics in both men and women events. One has to exercise due caution in dealing with balancing equipments. Good quality raw material should be used in manufacturing balancing equipments in your business. Equipment like horizontal bars or rings should possess right amount of flexibility to perform drills correctly. Wherever landing is required the bases should be anti slip. Appropriate foaming and padding should be provided wherever necessary. Failure of equipment can cause serious injuries to gymnasts. Gymnastics regulatory bodies after thorough study for safety and performance have released specifications for gymnastic equipments. You should manufacture and sell only those equipments in your business that satisfy these specifications. People will avoid shopping in retail for equipments that are not certified for safety.

Gymnastic is not just a balancing sport but a complete art of self controlling. Gymnastic involves a combination of moves fast and slow. Often the moves are complicated as it is the complex moves that get high scores at competitions. With sports experiencing cut throat competition gymnast are coming up with new moves which are more risky to perform. The moves require great deal of concentration and distraction of even a fraction of second can cause injuries for lifetime. Many a time accidents occur due to gymnastic equipments. A gymnast is continuously in motion on gymnastic equipment and puts his entire body weight upon the gymnastic equipment. Failure of equipment in such condition is very serious and causes major injuries sometimes as grave as permanent disabilities. A gymnast trusts the gymnastic equipments with his life while shopping for it. Reliability is the keyword and you should be ethical enough to deal with only those equipments in your business that are tested for quality and performance.

Gymnastics has picked up from exhibition activities in ancient Greek to modern day competitive sports. Equipments are also undergoing change for bettering the performance of players and improving safety. Gymnastics is recommended for personality development as it develops focus and control. There is a good following for this sport and retail shopping trends for equipments is also encouraging. One needs to perform a careful balancing act between quality and profit for that perfect landing in gymnastic equipment business.

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