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American Golf   Call 0845 050 5115
Online retailer stocking a full range of equipment for golfers of all levels, including irons, drivers, putters, package sets, balls, shoes, clothing, plus much more. Shop online or buy from one of 70 golf sports stores around the UK and Ireland. Visit site for more business information and details.
Gemini Business Park, Europa Boulevard, Westbrook, Cheshire, WA5 7YW   (1633)

BGP Golf Inc.   Call online support
All your golfing needs in one place for bags, balls, carts, drivers, fairway woods, hybrid clubs, irons, ladies, putters, umbrellas, wedges and more special golf products. Visit the site for online shopping.
P.O. Box 106, Ellicottville, NY, 14731, USA   (1632)

Going Bunkers   Call Toll Free: 888-440-7066
Serving the golfing community since 1994 offering quality merchandise related to golf sports at affordable prices. Check out our great selection of golf clubs, carts, bags, jewelry, golf bag organizer, robokaddy, golf course art and gifts and much more. Give a look to site for further business information and to go with retail shopping online.
6380 Levtov Landing, Alexandria, VA 22312   (1630)

Golfsmith International, Inc.   Call 1.800.349.3565
Company serving USA and Canada for innovative golf sports related products taking in mind the most reliable customer service and the greatest value in the golf retail industry. Products include golf clubs, golf grips, balls, putting green, golf shoes and sunglasses, golf training aids, apparrel and accessories.
Online Store   (1629)

Keiser University College of Golf   Call 888.355.4465
Golf College for Professional Golf Jobs. The College of Golf is an accredited university golf program preparing students for golf employment and introducing them to golf job opportunities.
1860 Fountainview Blvd., Port St. Lucie FL 34986   (5809)

SW Golf Limited   Call 01279 452388
Offer all kinds of products for the golf sports which is very popular among European countries. Products include like golf footwear, golf gloves, golf balls, gold accessories, golf clothing, golf trolleys, special offers and best sellers offer. Visit site for buying tips and advice and retail shopping and also to check for more business information.
Unit 1 Ascent Park, Harlow, Essex, CM20 2HW, UK   (1634)

Wheat Road Golf   Call 856-794-8585
Offer equipment for the well known sports called golf from different manufactuers like Cleveland, Cobra, Display Cabinets, Adams Golf, Nike, Rain Gear, Taylor made, Tommy Armour and more. Products including callaway accessories, wedges, golf bags, international head covers, irons and drivers and more with online retail shopping.
2142 E. Wheat Road, Vineland, NJ 08361   (1631)

Business Information: A guide to golf sports supplies business

Golf is a game in which a player tries to pocket a ball into different holes in a golf course in the minimum number of strokes. Due to its lucrative prize money and lesser strain, there has been an explosion in public interest in the last few decades. Subsequently, the demand for golfing supplies has also increased multifold. Golf sports supplies business can not only be limited to golf clubs instead there are a number of specialized equipment like golf balls, shoes and golf bags with many add on features which are sold like nothing with online retail shopping over internet.

To the naked eye, a golf club can just look like an ordinary piece of metal but there is a lot of engineering behind the manufacturing of golf equipment. Each golf club consists of a shaft with a grip and a club head for striking the ball. The player can use a variety of Golf clubs like putters, irons or woods. Each club has a specialty and is used for specific shots. For long distance shots from the fairway, woods are used. Putters are used for shorter distances i.e. for rolling the ball into the cup. The most versatile of the golf clubs is the Iron which can be used to implement a variety of shots. Although each golfer is given free reign to choose his clubs, a set used to play a round of golf must not have more than 14 clubs.

Golf sports balls are marvels of modern day physics. The dimpled surface of the ball is aerodynamically designed so as to give the maximum distance. There are many types of golf balls – recreational and advanced. The recreational balls are for the beginners who tend to loose balls in the courses. They come in high visibility colors and give maximum distance even with a low swing speed. The advanced balls are multi layered and offer greater amount of spin from lofted shots. A Golf sports supplies company should be able to produce these balls with a good quality to increase the shopping of their customers. As we can see, customers are spoilt for choices when it comes to choosing golf balls. Shopping the best golf ball will definitely improve the enjoyment of the game as it helps the players to improve their standards.

The first step in setting up a golf supplies business is to contact the manufactures or wholesalers. This is a critical step, as apart from finding golf equipment distributors, one will also need to find a way to develop potential clients such as golf facilities, golf sportsprofessionals, and services. Secondly, since each individual would choose golf clubs suited to his style it is important to have a wide range of golf equipment with easy retail shopping. And finally, it is important to offer high performance balls and other golfing sports supplies which cater to the needs of a professional golfer as they are the people who do maximum shopping. However, it is also essential that there is a stock of discount golf equipment for less competitive golfers who would require cheaper golf supplies but good quality nevertheless.

Hence in order to run a successful golfing supplies business it is important to satisfy the customers. Employing people, who have superior knowledge of the game and are aware on the latest golfing products, will help build good rapport customer relationship. It is also important to continually update the business with the latest trends in shopping in the golfing equipment retail business.

According to a study, it has been found that, there are approximately 28.7 million golfers in the United States, and these golf enthusiasts spend around $4.7 billion on equipment (golf clubs and balls) and accessories (gloves, bags, shoes, umbrellas and golf cart accessories). As the study suggests, golfers – greenhorns or professionals- do not mind spending money to have the newest and best retail shopping products, if the latest technology would improve their game of this awesome sports. Therefore it is pretty clear that there a lot of golf enthusiasts in the world and it can only point to an emerging and profitable market for golf equipment business.

There is no doubt that people these days don’t have time for a lot of things due to the pressure of work and other responsibilities. Even then there are many people who make it a point to involve them selves in some kind of recreational and sports activity. Such activities help in releasing tension and act as stress busters. One of the most happening and popular sports is golf. This sport takes away a lot of time and distracts the mind from the other worries. The popularity of the sport has also increase the shopping demand of the equipments and supplies in the market. The addition of this segment in the retail business is a very profitable move.

Those people who wish to expand their existing sports product supplies business can definitely venture in this segment with the surety of success. The location of the retail outlet is a very important criterion especially for those who are starting anew. While deciding and finalizing the location you should remember that the nearness of the retail outlet to the golf grounds is a very good option in order to avoid the initial costs involved in the transport etc. The customers interested in shopping for such products will also find it convenient to have access on the equipments and supplies from a near by store. This is a much better plan rather than selecting shopping complexes as location for placing the shop.

Another important thing to keep in mind is the variety and the types of products that you should be looking for. You will need to get information about all the types of golf equipments that are available in the market. The most common products include caddy bags, putters, tees, and drivers, balls, umbrellas, gloves etc. you will need to get a survey done about the shopping requirements of the players and the most important equipments that you need to stock up in the collection of your retail store. Apart from this you will also need to get an idea about the changing scenario of the sports business. There can be possible additions and removal of certain products. Such things should be kept in mind and the immediate change should be followed in the supplies as well.

It very natural and evident that, people who play golf or wish to start playing the game will always form the group of your potential customers. Other than these people you will have to do a market research to find out about the various other sectors that you should be targeting for your equipment and supplies retail business. After analyzing the market reports you will be able to locate the industries such as big hotels, resorts, clubs, coaching centers, etc. these sectors will also be equally interested in shopping for the golf products. Therefore it becomes very essential to select them and approach them with your supplies and offers.

To be able to supply the best products through your retail store you will need to ensure that your business is dealing with the best of the distributors and manufacturers in the market. You will need to select the ones that supply you the latest and the best quality of golf equipments. The variety and the quality of the product supplies will attract more customers for shopping in your store. Therefore go through the list of products carefully and purchase the best collection that will suffice the needs of the golf players. The good reputation of the business can be created through such channels. The position in the market is also marked with such careful decision.

You can also work on the associations with the big shot resorts and coaching centers that require the products on a large scale at regular intervals. You can approach these organizations with your business plans and get the opportunity of getting associated with the big shots on the market. This kind of tie up will increase the sales of the golf equipments and also bring your retail business to a higher level. The maintenance of good supplies of the product will fetch you customers in any case but such an association will increase the product value in the market and therefore people will prefer shopping for your products over the others in the same field. It also manages the issue of the competition in the market.

In order to kill the competition further you can also get merged with the already established companies in the retail business of golf equipment and supplies. You will be able to increase the sales as well as profit. The sharing of the profit will not be an issue since you will be getting recognition in the market. Those companies new in this field should take steps like this to set a base for their company and attract the shopping crowd.

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