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Cricket Helmets   Call 01509 266666
Online store from UK selling cricket equipment including helmets, gloves, cricket bats, batting pads and more.
Talent Cricket, Unit 2, 31 Bakewell Road, Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE11 5QY, England   (6839)

Cricket World Bolton   Call 01204-363762
Offer cricket supplies in retail. Products include batting pads, batting gloves,bats, pads, helmets and grills, sunglasses, cricket balls, cricket shoes, stumps, wicket keeping equipment etc. Visit the site for online shopping and for more business information.
Unit 2, Riverside, Watersmeeting Road, Bolton, BL1 8TU   (3762)

CricketDirect   Call 084 52 30 30 52
UK located company offering online shopping of all cricket sports related products such as cricket footwear, cricket hats and caps, sunglasses, helmets, cricket clothing, personal kits, club kits, wicketkeeping gloves and much more. Visit the site for complete products information.
4 Metro Centre, Ronsons Way, St Albans Rd, Sandridge, St Albans, Hertfordshire AL4 9QT   (3761)

Talent Cricket   Call 01509 266666
Its time to make your life easier by buying cricket equipment online in UK and concentrate more on your play.
Talent Cricket, Unit 2, 31 Bakewell Road, Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE11 5QY, England   (7348)

Business Information By Mast Directory: An overview on cricket equipment business

Cricket is a sport that is mainly played by a handful of nations. Cricket is basically an English sport and even today it is major playing countries are the colonies previously ruled by England. Like every other sports cricket too when it started out had literally no protective gear for the players. Players would simply wear white pants/trousers and white shirt and the game is played on green outfield. In the olden days a ball made by switching leather over a piece hard cork and a wooden bat were used to play the game.

As time passed and the game became more professional modern equipment was introduced. Though the bat and the ball remain integral to the game. But as cricket has become all international sports now where professional players go all out to win the game injury is always a concern. Therefore cricket equipment manufacturing companies have in the last two decades introduced a number of cricketing equipment available for shopping in the retail market that today virtually protect each body part from high impact of a leather ball that thuds into a player at anywhere between 135Kmph to 150 Kmph. Cricket equipment include products like bats, batting gloves, helmets, thigh pads, arm guards, caps, shin guards, batting pads, shoes and more. All these products enjoy a lot of shopping by the young players in the retail sports market.

Cricket sports has a huge fan following in countries such England, Australia and South Africa but there is simply no match to the fan following in the Indian sub-continent with India, Sri-Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh being prominent nations. Thus if you are thinking of setting up a cricket equipment business in any of these countries you can surely expect it to be good bet as people enjoy shopping for these exciting safeguard products while playing cricker. But today’s cricket equipment business is more hi-tech than ever before. For instance, batting pads previously had to be tied around the legs and were heavy. Today batting pads are ultra light and have easy strapping options.

So what is it that you will have to do to start a cricket equipment retail or wholesale business? For starters let me tell you that manufacturing cricketing sports equipment is not a low investment business but certainly a profitable business if you can establish yourself as a value brand. Firstly you can open a retail store that deals in cricketing equipment. You can keep stock of all the leading brands that make such products. Take for example Adidas or Nike which sponsor the Indian cricket team, you can sell their products at your retail shopping store. This way you will have fans buying products for which the company is already promoting its products. There are numerous small-scale cricket bat manufactures and you can always source products from there to be sold at your store.

Even if you have low investment capital but still would choose to set up a manufacturing unit for your cricket equipment business then that is not a deterrent. Amongst children cricket is game that does not require expensive equipment to play the game. All they need is a bat either wooden or even hard plastic while the ball can be a soft tennis ball or even plastic ball. You can manufacture plastic balls and bats and wooden bats too without heavy capital requirement. But you would need extensive marketing to sell your products because there are already hundreds of such similar manufacturing units. Also a great way to netting in sales is to offer freebies like tattoo stickers something children really love and that might help you garner sales while children are shopping.

Not forgetting to mention that if you do not want to manufacture cricketing equipment but would still like to enter the cricket equipment business then an online cricket equipment and accessories store is the perfect beginning. With an online retail store you can sell as many products and brands as you wish. You’d however be better off in first deciding what market niche would you like to position your website as. You can sell products from say Kookaburra, the famous Australian cricket ball manufacturing company while also showcasing the product line of brands such as Salix and Adidas. Yes maybe the profits from selling a big brand like Adidas might not be great but then as sales start tricking in you will see profits jump.

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