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Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To Athletic Shoes Business

Athletic shoes are designed for sports and physical activities and it is different in make and style when compared with a dress shoe. Athletic shoes are known by different names such as trainers, sandshoes, gym boots, joggers, rubber shoes, running shoes, runners or gutties, tennis shoes, sneakers, gym shoes, sneaks, sport shoes, tennies, takkies, etc. These are only some of the names by which it is known in some parts of the world.

These shoes are widely used for running, jogging, basket ball, tennis, etc. Athletic shoes are not worn for sports on grass such as football, cricket, rugby, etc. Shoes which are worn on grass are known as boots and as cleats in North America. Athletic sports shoes are made considering various factors such as foot types, gaits, usage, etc. Shoes should be manufactured for various sizes because it helps them in reaching the potential unexploited market. Athletic shoes were primarily used for physical training exercises. Athletic shoes are used for training exercise. Manufacturers of athletic shoes have since produced shoes which are of fine quality and varied ruggedness. These days one can do the shopping online and select different types of athletic shoes according to specifications and comforts in retail.

Some of the modifications resulted in shoes for various other uses such as racing flats, track shoe, skate shoe, climbing shoe, approach shoe, wrestling shoe, cleats and football boot. Retail shopping patterns depicts athletic shoes primarily for physical training amongst adults and teens. Athletic shoe manufacturing is an organised form of business. Some of these athletic shoe manufacturing companies have been recognised as fortune 1000 companies worldwide by fortune magazine basing on various factors. Some of the reputed companies in athletic shoe manufacturing are Adidas, Nike, Reebok, Puma, adio, admiral, aigle, cica, Dunlop footwear, Keds, etc. Shopping in retail of larger brands of shoes gives insight about the quality.

Athletic sports shoes success is directly dependent on the sustainability of the product in the retail market and visibility. To improve visibility of the product one needs to have robust marketing strategy considering the fact that there are well established players (manufacturers) in the market. Some of the leading companies such as Nike, Reebok, etc spend billions if not millions of dollars on marketing and improving visibility of the product. There are various different ways to improve the visibility of the product such as forming joint venture with leading sports teams, managers, clubs, etc which will place your product before the world. It is very important to decide whether you will be catering to local market or to international market. Local market needs tend to be different than international market. Ads, TV, Radio, Hoardings, Bill boards, etc are just some of the various marketing initiatives. Shopping in retail of high and low value athletic shoes gives you insight into the quality, make, material, etc.

School children have compulsory sports education classes during which they need to wear athletic shoes. Schools, colleges and university tie ups give good boost to the bottom line of the company. There are various verticals in this business such as distribution outsource manufacturing contracts, marketing, supply, retail, specialized add marketing, etc. Outsource manufacturing contracts are profitable if there is cheap labour in working or an efficient model of technology (proven) which can replace a certain percentage of the labour and contribute to the bottom line. Many large companies have their manufacturing base in developing countries for cheaper production costs. Different shopping patterns exist for developing and developed retail and wholesale markets.

Imagine the scale of distribution required for internationally renowned brands such as Nike, Adidas, etc. There are various different models of distribution international and domestic. If you want to retail out (supply) to certain area then it would prove you cost effective as budgets for large scale distribution run in millions of dollars.

Material supply may also be profitable again it depends on the quality, speed and contracts. One of the primary goals for a sportsman in selecting a shoe is comfort and quality. Comfort and safety are two parallel attributes required in an athletic shoe. An athletic shoe should have quality, comfort, safety, durability, longevity, chemical and resin free, reasonable pricing, etc. Finance is provided by banks and financial institutions specialising in small scale industries. Import and export opportunities are huge for this industry. Project report or shopping patterns should be included in your report.

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