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Action Athletic Wear   Call 604-873-1801
Company working with top suppliers including Adidas, Sun Ice, Stormtech, Ashworth and Aureus to provide with promotional items to help enhance your business image. Products include performance wear, golf wear, hats, t-shirts and sweat shirts and much more. Visit the site for online shopping.
220 West 6 th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5Y 1K8   (3647)

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Fitness and sports is one thing that all ages of people cannot do without. The immense work pressure felt by people these days can lead to depression and other diseases. The simplest way to remain healthy and fit is by exercising. Exercising can be done at home, in public parks, clubs and gymnasiums.

Understandably clothing for such activities is huge market and the market for such sports apparel in categorized under the athletic wear business. As of 2000 Nike Inc, which has its head office located in Beaverton, Oregon has a 21% share of the total Athletic Wear business that includes 32.5% of the t-shirt & shirts, top market. Nike is the worldwide leader in Athletic Wear business. Also Nike is ranked #1 for market share dollars among men (23.7%) and women (19.0%).

Second behind Nike in the athletic wear business is another sports apparel giant Adidas that has a market share of 13.1%. But in the athletic wear business for boy and girls Adidas is ranked #1 with 18.6% and 17.1% market share respectively.

Combined sales for Adidas group touched 6,636 million Euros in 2005 while operating profit for the same period was recorded at 707 million Euros. The athletic wear business for women too is a huge retail shopping market and as of 2000 the market worth stood at $23 billion and is expected to top $38 billion by 2005.

More recently with the economic slump showing no signs of stopping the athletic sports wear business has taken a sort beating. The athletic apparel business in Europe has witnessed more downsizing as compared to the U.S. For the quarter ending September 2008 sales for athletic apparel declined by as much as 8% while in the US athletic apparel sales grew by 0.7%, the lowest in decades.

For the fiscal year ended 2007 Nile recorded over all sales worth $16.3 billion. This represents an increase of $1.3 billion over 2006. Nike Inc is present in over 160 countries through its office and business and employs nearly 30,000 people. Currently the global retail and wholesale market for performance oriented athletic wear is estimated to be worth $6.40bn and over the last 4 years this part of the boarder athletic sports wear business has risen by 19.4%. By 2014 the performance oriented athletic wear business is projected to by a further 18.75% to US$7.6bn. Also the trend for online shopping is up for these products. So business is more likely to spread over internet.

When you are out in the retail market place for athletic apparel shopping you more of than not try and emulate what your favorite sports star use. If you were a Tiger Woods fan then you would like athletic apparel that bears the name Tiger Woods or at least Nike on it. Similarly a Sachin Tendulkar fan would like a t-shirt from Adidas and so on.

That is why the top three major athletic wears brands namely Nike, Adidas and Reebok are major sports events, sport teams and sports personalities sponsor because sports is seen as an aspirational activity. Therefore more and more people buy athletic wear similar to those worn by their favorite sporting heroes.

There are numerous fitness equipment in the retail market that you can buy but with that you also need to have comfortable clothing so that each minute that you exercise is relaxing. When you go athletic wear shopping you have many choices and decisions to make. You have to choose the fabric, color, size, and type for your athletic sports apparel. Color is something of a personal choice but mostly black is seen as the slimming pick. The latest fad in the market with fabrics is a blend of micro/poly/jersey which helps you not only keep the sweat in check but also while bending and moving you are at your comfortable best.

If you are going to be jogging as a means of your fitness regimen then instead of the casual shorts try a bicycle short. Check that the length suits your height and that would be a great work out athletic wear. Don’t assemble too many accessories on your first trip for athletics wear shopping rather buy a basic kit and then with real needs for work out or exercising buy things you really would use.

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