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Heli Ski NZ  Call 64 3 442 6222
Leader in Heli Skiing in New Zealand with over 11 mountain ranges of terrain. People from all over the world come to New Zealand to experience heli skiing with Southern Lakes Heliski.
20 Athol St, Queenstown   (7401)

JJB Sports  Call 01942 210120
Secure online shopping with a reputated company in UK offering all kinds of sports products supplies like sportswear, football shirts, kits and boots, rugby kits and more. Standard free deliever on orders above £50.
Martland Park, Challenge Way, WIGAN, Lancashire, WN5 0LD, UK   (253)

Lucozade Sport Shop  Call 0044 452 632523
Online store from UK offering sports products like sport bottle carrier and 8 bottles, sport training belt, sports and recovery powders, endurance and hydration products, sports bars and gels, vitamins, creatine and carbohdrates, sports traning packs and more. Online shopping available to order online.
GlaxoSmithKline, Freepost, TK2018, Brentford, Middlesex, TW8 9GS   (250)

Newitt & Co Ltd  Call 01904 468 386
Online shopping from UK for all kinds of sports supplies including products like Rugby shirts, Squash rackets, football shirts and boots, tennis rackets, sports bags in different brands, fitness products and more.
Claxton Hall, Flaxton, York, North Yorkshire, YO60 7RE, England   (252)

Online Sports  Call 800-856-2638 or 760-839-9363
Premium source for online shopping for all kinds of products related to sports like sports memorabilia, sports jewelry, watches, apparel, videos, books etc .Products available for all kinds sports like basketball, tennis, fishing, games, cycling, archery, billiards, boating, watersports, binoculers and more.
2060 Wineridge Place, Suite C, Escondido, CA 92029   (249)

Pullum Sports  Call +44 (0)1582 560555
Online supplier of strength sports equipment and weightlifting equipment and for over 100 years. Products include discs and bars, boxing and martial arts products, shoes and clothing, barbells and dumbbells, supplements, sports books and magazines and accessories. Visit the site to register first and do the online shopping.
Unit 10 Luton Enterprise Park, Sundon Park Road, Luton, Beds, LU3 3GU   (251)

Show Jumps  Call 0800 756 9670
Jumps Online is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of polypropylene show jumps for Europe. They have many incredible products that are cheap and cheerful but most importantly are very high quality. Each show jump is made from UV resistant polptopylene and are specially weighted so that the react naturally if a horse clips one. They are not so heavy that they can’t be carried around, but heavy enough that they won’t be blown away. So make sure to visit their shop and pick some up today.
JumpsOnline, Plus Retail Ltd., Units 1 and 2, Hatchmoor Industrial Estate, Hatherleigh, EX203LP, UK   (6916)

Business Information: Sports Products Business- A Great Way To Earn Part Time

Did you ever think of becoming a tennis player? Have you ever idolized Beck ham as your ultimate star in life? Have you been shopping for baseball t-shirts for football season? If yes, then we do not require explaining rage set by sports stars and growth in amount used up on sport sustenance supplements. And as sports stars are treated like celebrities and considered global achievers, a new urge for learning and taking sports as a career is observed amid people. Sports are not like an evening amateur play for many now perhaps it has turned even more important than the regular academic classes. Watching out current situation one can feel enlightened about growing prospects of sports and its products retail business.

Proceeding to details about sports business, one truly wonders what products people are shopping for. First you need to consider the most casually played sports like football, baseball, basket ball, lawn tennis, running, skating and swimming. Now list all products associated with games and even general sports accessories treated as essentials in sports for instance a person shopping for football would require football studs, shin guard and head protector for the same. Similarly with cricket kit the buyer would be interested in cricket studs or good quality sports shoes introduced by reputed sportswear companies. Extreme sports are very popular and generating a lot of business, wakesurf and surfboards are amongst the most popular extreme water sports. As per swim wear costumes, eye protection, floaters, ear plugs etc are also related with the sports. And your range is not just restricted to sports it’s also extended to fitness equipment and sports nutrition required by any sports person with retail online shopping.

Now the question is how can you start your sports products business? Lay out a business plan for your venture and make sure you list down all vital stocks related to games in it. You have two options to run this business one is having an outlet with great display of sports products and if your budget is not restricted some fitness equipment and nutritional supplements would add clientele strength to your store. The other option is you can become wholesaler and approach your clients like sports and fitness products store, schools or even gym that require these sort of merchandise more often. You can also take orders from people shopping online and deliver as per their convenience. What else one requires to run sports products business?

There is more to picture than appearing in the front. Another significant aspect of any merchandise is to establish your name and goodwill among people. For this purpose it is essential to promote your store by sponsoring teams in sports events too, if possible organizing an event and offering free vouchers to winners. In addition to this offer extra discounts to students and school children so every time they think of purchasing any sorts material they give priority to your retail shop.

There are several factors that determine your success in business yet few suggestions mentioned above would make your position strong amongst business rivals. There are other opportunities in this business like beginning with a part time sports supplies to clients, setting up recreational sports camps for schools to enlighten and introduce children to different sports as a booster for your sales. And if sports activities are your first love then organizing training facilities or hiring instructors would aid you in enhancing your business. You have ample opportunities with low investment plans like sports nutrition distributor, opening a counter at gym or sports club and even supplying sports products to two-three specific clients could also help you to earn reasonable profits. And the best part is when people are shopping your stuff, you are only catering to their health needs they might enjoy.

Another guide to sports business by Victor Group

Like the Latin proverb says (Mens Sana in corpora sano – Healthy mind in a healthy body), in today’s article we will try to mix the ingenuity of running a good business with sports. Because they are in need to keep a healthy body, most of the people are making exercises and if there are practiced regularly, they can protect them from the stress that are dealing with every day. In these days, there are billions of people that are shopping in retail stores for sports products and equipment around the world. This is a reason that speaks for itself why we chose to present this industry as an excellent business opportunity. You have many things from you can choose to base your affair upon. You can sell a great variety of sports products, from tennis, basket, or soccer balls to things like chess boards or ping-pong tables. There is now the possibility of shopping the equipment of your favorite soccer player for example, or having a custom made one with your name and a number chosen by you.

For the beginner businessmen, having little amount of cash and willing to try experimenting making business at all the levels, there will be a good idea if they will try to obtain license for selling original equipment of a club teams from soccer, handball, basket, or other club teams. Managing this kind of retail store should be very easy for you and in the same time you can learn a lot about how to run an affair. You can ask for match tickets from the headquarters and sell them into your store as an experiment. This can act sometimes as an interesting marketing tool, as if the team is doing well on the field, you will going to have good business.

The next step is to buy your own sports products and equipment store. In that way, you will have total control over your profit. But you will lack the publicity that the official retail store would have had. But that can also be done pretty easy. As the sport events happen often, you would have to profit from that and associate your brand with other kind of business products. For example, if you associate your new series of soccer balls with any kind of beer (men are both big sport fans and beer lovers), the men who are shopping for that kind of beer will automatically think of the sports items that you produce and vice versa.

Other way of getting money out of the sports products and equipment business is from the energy drinks. Imagine how much effort a competitor puts when fighting with other individuals for the supremacy in a contest. All that he needs after the competition has finished, is a kind of drink that can revitalize him and prepare him for another game. But in order to start producing this kind of things, there are a lot of papers to be signed, some very good specialists to be hired for developing the magic formula for the drink and also there is a lot of money to be spent before it will really sit on the shelves of a professional retail store. But after a while, you will get a lot of customers shopping for the magic drink.

In a speedy era, when the sportsmen are struggling to push themselves to the limits of the human body in order to reach for the moment of glory that he began competing for. In that context, they will be shopping for any kind of equipment that will bring them a step forward for reaching their goals. Even if it is about a new kind of ball, a tennis rocket, or a diving suit, the scientists are struggling to find newer methods that can help pushing the boundaries of the human limits. So if you use one of the business patterns presented here or you follow your own, you have to remember that always experimenting new things can help you grow into a good businessman and turn everything you touch into a success.

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