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Her Wedding Favors LLC.  Call 1-800-990-3499
designed to offer the happy bride and groom to be the convenience of shopping for high quality memorable keepsake wedding favors and accessories all online. Products include trendy favors like personalized favors, bath and soap favors, wedding stickers, chocolate favors and also provide cermony supplies.
123 Farmington Avenue, Suite 319, Bristol, Connecticut 06010   (1614)

Lofia  Call 1.888.866.6198
Offer wedding favors online. Shop by seasonal like summer, spring, winter and fall wedding favors. Featured favors include keychain, coaster, wine stopper, place card holder, candle holders, wedding bell and other favors.
Online Store   (1610)  Call 866-290-3615
Online provider of different wedding favors in different themes like beach, autumn, fairytale, calla lily, las vegas theme, asian theme, love theme, winter theme, garden and golf theme, engagement party theme and more. Also offer bridal showers like in tea favors, seed favors, kiss labels and more.
8654 Cotter Street, Lewis Center, OH 43035   (1612)

Surprise Signs  Call (866)526-5989
Design a completely custom candy bar wrappers along with a a photo to your wrapper favor. Also offer belgian chocolates which are great wedding favors or party gifts for your guests. Also offer champagne bottles, regular size candy bars with foil wrappers, coins, shapes, you name it. Retail shopping.
Online Store   (1611)

Your Wedding & Shower Favors  Call 888-436-3259
Buy wedding and shower favors online in different categories like heart favorts, beach favors, photo favors, coffee and tea favors, wine, wedding and bottle stopper favors, baby shower favors and much more with online shopping.
94129 Rink Creek Ln., Coquille, OR., 97423   (1613)

Business Information in Mast Directory: A Guide To The Wedding Favors Business

Celebrating a wedding also invites opportunity to enjoy a new beginning for a couple. Not only are the main components of the ceremony important, but the ability to create smaller memories for guests is also essential. One way to make sure everyone feels the celebration is perfect, is by adding in wedding favors to the reception during the special occasions. If you want to help a couple to highlight their special day, then understanding the wedding favors business is the beginning to create lasting moments.

The concept of helping to provide extras for a wedding as a business, also includes several components that make up the opportunity. Most who begin a retail business that supports weddings, consist of a specialization in one industry, ranging from wedding dresses to cakes or music. This allows couples to pick and choose between different and unique concepts that are a part of the smaller business opportunities while they are shopping for their wedding day .

With the smaller businesses that are provided to help with weddings, are larger numbers that make up the wedding industry. In the United States alone, are 2,160,000 weddings that are performed in one year. On a global level, there are an average of 115,000 weddings performed each day. Within this, is an average of $86 billion spent in the United States on different wedding decorations and attire. This includes things such as honeymoon tickets, wedding dresses, photography, and wedding favors. In other places of the world, such as China, the numbers are similar, with individuals spending an average of $70,000 on one wedding. These numbers are expected to grow, with an emphasis in options such as destination weddings and unique weddings moving to the forefront.

The money spent on weddings, and the popularity of the celebration, leads to several facets that are a part of planning any wedding. This is dependent on the combination of the ceremony with the reception. On average, one wedding has 150 guests that are invited to the celebration or any special occasion. The tradition of the wedding requires not only a main reception, but also decorations and a small event after the wedding, where individuals can exchange gifts and celebrate the occasion. At this time, wedding gifts and favors are expected as a token of appreciation for guests that have come to celebrate the day .

If you are interested in wedding favors as a retail business, you can expect the demand to continue to be a stable part of weddings while offering guests a small gift of appreciation. Typically, wedding favors consist of smaller, less expensive items for guests. Those who are shopping for the items typically want to include the use of unique colors or themes that match with the wedding, which become a reflection of the day. Things like photo coasters, candles, gift boxes, candies or charms are included in the list. This is combined with specialized looks that create the perfect gift for guests.

Because the wedding favors are smaller, they are also lower in the budget, with one favor being $1. However, the number of guests invited to a wedding makes the importance of offering smaller items with bulk an important consideration for those shopping in retail for the wedding favors. Combined with this concept is the need to have unique items guests can enjoy. For instance, having different items for the spring or Christmas season, as well as having basic theme colors used in weddings provides better responses and a show of more appreciation. Many who are interested in showing their gratitude more, may consider shopping for personalized options. Keeping this in mind when building a list of wedding favors help your business to stand out with the items offered.

For anyone getting ready for a wedding ceremony, is the planning of not only the larger decorations, attire and honeymoon, but also the need to add in wedding favors for everyone to remember the occasion. If you are interested in helping the bride and groom celebrate their new start, then looking into a wedding favors business can offer an unique set of items for the wedding celebration.

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