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Shop of Brides Apparel Co.,Ltd.  Call 86-512-65562573
China located company offering wedding dress and gown, evening dress, flower girl dress, wedding accessories etc with all products made by their own factory with good quality. Visit the site for online shopping of all retail products as well.
Su Zhou,Jiang Su,China,215000,   (3699)

Wedding Dresses Bournemouth  Call 0845 519 2346
Your favorite online store from UK offering bridal accessories, flower girl dresses, table decorations and gifts and much more.
46 Leyside, Christchurch, Dorset, BH23 3RD, UK   (6899)

Wedding Retailer  Call 001.718-7145551
Offer wedding dresses, wedding gowns, evening dresses, mother of the bride dresses, mother of the groom dresses and much more for your special occasion. Visit the site for online shopping and for more business information and details.
177 AVE U, Brooklyn, New York 11223, USA   (3700)

Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To Wedding Dresses Business

Data of amount spent on wedding industry clearly depicts the scope and opportunity for growth but wedding dresses business command a small share of the total market. It is to be understood that special occasions like weddings in western nations place importance on wedding gowns. Shopping at the malls and retail stores gives clear picture of this industry. There are various different types of wedding dresses and they differ according to the culture, style and nature of the retail market. Importance of wedding dresses differs according to the geographical location. In certain countries such as India emphasis is hugely placed in getting the right wedding dress. In some weddings the bride and bride groom may be required to change their clothing according to occasion. In western countries wedding dresses have had Victorian era style and resemblance.

Wedding dresses often reflected the social standing of the bride. In many developing countries marriages are performed decisively which could have political, wealth, social status, nobility, etc. Immediately following the medieval era marriages were performed in a decisive manner in western countries they did not reflect love but they reflected nobility, status, position and wealth of the bride. Today wedding dress reflects the social status, fashion, boldest materials, reflection of wealth, etc. Shopping of wedding dress in retail is a precise ritual in many parts of the world during special occasions like wedding ceremonies.

If you are into wedding industry and in particular wedding business then you need to understand the basic fact which is time. Wedding industries often have many marriages occurring at the same time simultaneously. Customer service, negotiation skills and commanding ability are some of the traits which a manager in wedding industry needs to have. He should be able to convince the hosts in case of any mishap by him. They might not be busy throughout the year but during a wedding season the manager will be busy often attending two marriages simultaneously or within hours notice. If you are a supplier contracted to supply wedding dresses to a particular wedding then you need to remember quality and timely delivery of goods within short notice.

In many cases the wedding event manager (in western countries) takes care of the wedding dresses and orders it but affluent families obtain a custom built wedding gown. Custom designed and stitched wedding gowns cost more due to importance on specifications and emphasis placed on quality. Often custom built wedding gowns represent celebrity style gowns. Celebrity style gowns reflect the latest fashion because of which they are preferred.

There are different types of wedding dresses sold in retail market. An entrepreneur needs to know his market and decide which type of wedding dress he would be supplying. Entrepreneur in western world should focus on manufacturing wedding gowns which reflect the culture and tradition of the industry most probably a Victorian era style gown.

There are various different types of vertical in wedding dress industry such as marketing, manufacturing, distribution, etc. Technology plays a very important role in wedding dress business, it helps in creating design and patterns which can be implemented in design of wedding dresses. Shopping gives much more information and knowledge about wedding dresses in the retail market. Wedding dresses are traditionally hand made by employing labour. Modern day technology has helped in automating the process. Handmade wedding dresses are costlier than automated dresses. Large floor area is required to manufacture wedding dresses for special occasions. Market survey should reveal the different sizes of the wedding gown. Generally it is good to manufacture wedding dresses for average size with average specifications taking into account shopping patterns.

Marketing strategy is very important. Event managers organize and order most of the wedding. Often event managers in wedding industry are busy and it is important for wedding dress manufacturers to understand. A quick presentation of wedding dresses you specialize in with full details about your company enough to impress the event manager is sufficient to grab a contract. Exploring various advertising avenues such as print media, TV, bill boards, hoardings, etc give your company visibility.Finance can be obtained from banks and financial institutions. Importantly you need working capital as this is a labour intensive business.

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