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Carrie's Cakes  Call 801.571.1620
Carrie's Cakes is a highly acclaimed designer cake bakery locally owned and operated in Utah. Specializing in wedding cakes, Carrie's creations are unique and custom made with the bride in mind.
1454 E. Ridgemark Dr. (9780 S.), Sandy, UT 84092   (3847)

MaisieFantaisie  Call (020) 8671 5858
Food products company fully engaged in creating and distributing unique and special wedding cakes and celebration cakes. Work with them till the wedding cake design and planning process and get the desired ultimate product you need for your occasion. Visit the site for online shopping and for more information and details.
8 Cherry Laurel Walk, London, UK, SW2 2DA.   (3846)

Wedding Cakes Melbourne  Call Only email support
Santhiago Garcia is the owner of who personally creates each cake at Coco Cakes delivering stunning and great tasting designs.
Online only   (7050)

Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To Wedding Cakes Business

Wedding days are special to every person’s life. Every little thing associated with weddings have to be specially selected. Many people start shopping in retail stores months before the wedding day. Cakes are a very important food during special occasions like weddings. Wedding cakes come in variety of designs and flavors. A tribute to find the best wedding cake is every couple’s wish. Every year a lot of people get married so wedding cakes are a great demand. Some people also have the hand to bake their own cakes and don’t have to spend hours shopping for a wedding cake. If you are one of them, you can set up your own wedding cake business with a very little effort.

Wedding cake retail sellers not only sell cakes but also other special decorations for cakes and eatables. There are also some considerable techniques before you can get started with business. There are several ins and outs in the cake selling industry. Wedding cakes are not like other cakes so preparation of these cakes have to suit the needs of people who are buying them. Remember that people who are going to eat it don’t wish to spoil their taste so you have to be flexible and familiar with every flavor. Sometimes cakes are appealing to the eyes but may not taste much good. Wedding cakes reflect both the bride and the groom so making of the wedding decoration must involve creativity as this special occasion is very important for everyone.

Different weddings represent different themes so cake making has to reflect that in its style. For example if a couple weds during a winter or a fall, cakes have to reflect that atmosphere. Remember that you can be well-reputed in this retail business soon but this depends on how popular your cakes are. If you want to flourish the wedding cake business, you can help yourself by doing some special courses. This will gather knowledge of cake baking and bring up excellent results. Some reference books and articles can help you to gain extra knowledge of cakes. At first it is better to start business with a very little capital and broaden business in the future according to demand.

Once your business starts with a full swing, keep an eye on the administrative part of your business. With time you may need to employ other experts to gain better results. Look of cheap but good raw materials. Make sure you have a good supply of things and everything required is available to you. Some marketing knowledge is required to do business efficiently and effectively. If you make good cakes for this special occasion and have poor knowledge of marketing, your hard work will not bring fruitful results. Set up your cake retail shop at a place where it will be more subjected to buyers. If your cakes are delicious and eye catching, customers from all over the country will look for you.

After you have reached a position, you also need to be cautious about the financial system. You may soon require a computerized system than a manual one. Business people are often at loss due to mismanagement of their finances. When you are succeeding with business, you need to soon replace the manual system. This will keep track of your money preventing loss. Along with the changing world, bring together better and advanced ways to baking cakes to spread the business and increase cake production. Look for ways to make your business viable commercially and add structure to it. There can be pitfalls awaiting your way. Be prepared to face them and address them well so you don’t end up in a loss.

Keep your goal clear in mind and be read to accept challenges from people of same business. Wedding cake business is one of the friendliest business so challengers from nowhere are sure to poke you. Face every challenge from a positive aspect and let them encourage you to get deeper into the business. There are several ups and downs in any kind of business but this totally depends on how you handle each situation. So get going well with the business.

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