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Family business offer their own bridal line called Liv Harris Designs. The Liv Harris line is made from luxurious silks and exquisite laces. These gowns come in all sizes and are offered at extremely reasonable prices. Visit the site for online shopping in retail.
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Offer online shopping of products used in special occasions like wedding dresses, wedding gowns, bride dresses, bridesmaids dresses, evening dresses, bridal gowns, flower girl dresses etc. Visit the site for more information and details.
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Offer designer bridal gowns, wedding gown accessories, custom made wedding gowns, bridal shoes, plus size wedding gown, bridesmaid dresses, flower girls dresses and much more.
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Special Occasions like wedding is an important celebration of every one’s life. We go shopping in retail stores for the best items like clothing, jewelry, food, venue, invitation cards and other miscellaneous items to share and enjoy during the wedding celebration. Among all these necessities of wedding, the wedding gowns play a vital role to promote the elegant appeal of the celebration. The bride must be dressed in a vivacious manner to attract the guests and make them feel awesome about the dress. When you go retail shopping for the wedding gowns you can find an array of designs, patterns, colors and materials of the wedding gown in different shops and designer wears.

The sales in the wedding gowns business are always at the zenith of the market as the number of weddings per day crosses 7 thousands only in the United States. By calculating the number of wedding and the number of wedding gowns purchased, one can easily comprehend the sales statistics of the wedding gowns in the global market. According to the recent survey, around 24 thousand weddings are held per day in China. The rate of sales of the wedding gowns is lot higher in China when compared to the other countries, as the population of China is the largest in the world. Most of the companies of China that manufacture gowns for special occasion like wedding enjoy an annual turnover of 5 to 6 million dollars and the number of staff working in such companies range from 150 to 200.

The hundred percent pure silk wedding gowns business is quite popular and fashionable nowadays and the annual turnover of the companies manufacturing these silk wedding gowns crosses 10 million Euros. One of the leading shops in UK has won an award as the best selling bridal attires of UK as they sell over 500 to 600 wedding gowns in retail per year. This shows the importance of the wedding gowns in the shopping list for wedding purposes. The companies manufacturing gowns in US for special occasions like wedding enjoy an annual turnover of 8 to 10 million dollars. To know the business statistics of the wedding gowns clearly one must consider the establishment that sell used wedding gowns and offer rental wedding gowns. Some women who are interested in making their own dresses also must be considered.

The people often go shopping in retail for the handmade wedding gowns which are made with finest materials and a lot of attention of details. A survey report on this business shows that every year an average of 2.4 millions weddings is performed in the US. An approximate number of 150, 000 weddings per year are held in Canada only. The average amount spent on a traditional American wedding is around 25000 dollars in which 6 to 10 percent of the amount is spent on the wedding gowns. On the whole the wedding industry is estimated to generate 35 billion dollars from the sales of the wedding gowns.

The wedding gown business sales statistics in China show 75 percent profit during the year of 2008 as the number of weddings is increasing day by day in China and people want to spend a lot during this special occasion. The annual profits of the companies of China that make wedding gowns have an increasing potential between 30 to 35 percent every year. The people shopping for the wedding accessories in retail give a top priority to the wedding gowns as they feel that the wedding gowns are the customary tradition of every wedding.

When you go shopping for the wedding gowns, you will amazed to see the unique kinds of wedding gowns you come across in the market of this business and you will have a tough time to choose the most elegant one. Another survey on the expenses of the weddings has stated that an approximate amount of $ 755,692,932 were spent on the bridal gowns in 2,022,635 weddings performed in the month of July 2008, the average cost of each wedding gown being 300 dollars. This information states that people never want to compromise on the cost of the wedding gowns.

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