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Business Information in Mast Directory: A Guide To The Greeting Cards Business

A simply and easy way to let someone know something, is to find an expression that fits a mood or occasion. Using greeting cards to show how you feel or to help someone with greetings for a celebration is one of the well known traditions used among family and friends. This concept has allowed this industry to remain ahead of others with strong demands for individuals who want to keep in touch. Understanding the specifics involved in the greeting cards business is the beginning to help others say exactly what they want through a card.

Most would think that the growth of the Internet would limit the number of cards sent to others throughout the year. However, consumers that are shopping for expressions, continue to send out 7 billion cards in the United States alone. On average, the revenue for the cards are at a stable $7.5 billion. This revenue adds up to 90% of American households that use greeting cards for special occasions. This doesn't include only one card, but averages at 30 cards per year by one household.

With these statistics, are specific greetings in which consumers focus on the most to say what is needed. This is first divided according to the type of greeting that someone is shopping for in retail. Traditionally, cards are divided according to seasonal celebrations and everyday greetings that are sent to friends, family, business associates or acquaintances. The in demand, every day cards have the highest averages from birthday cards, which has sales at 60%. This is followed by anniversary cards with an 8% average revenue, followed by get well cards, which range at 7%, and friendship and sympathy cards, both which have averages of 6% in retail shopping demands.

Following in the second category are seasonal cards that are a part of the business of greeting others for specific times of the year. The most popular seasonal cards are for Christmas, with households buying an average of 60% of these types of cards for the celebration or special occasion. Valentines Day is the second most popular greeting card, with demands at 25%. Mother's Day, Easter and Father's Day are the next, most sought out cards, ranging at averages of 3-4% among shoppers.

The question most are asking with the retail shopping demand and how it relates to the greeting card business, is what changes may occur with e-cards and greetings online. What is currently being found, is that, while most consumers may spend some time looking for online communication, the significance of the greeting card is not being replaced. On average, 500 million e-cards are being sent each year, but the attitude related to this is that it is a casual card, whereas the traditional greeting card is used for more formal occasions . The result from the e-card, combined with the traditional form of sending cards, has increased the overall consumer shopping averages for sending expressions. The combination of the tradition of sending cards with e-cards has opened new avenues for expression.

With the application of shopping within the greeting cards, are several opportunities available as a business to help with this specific outlet for expression. The increase in revenue is expected to continue, with the need to find unique and customized options for cards as a priority. For everyday occasions, as well as seasonal presentations, is the need to have yearly differences in the cards offered to others. This is allowing businesses to have increasing demands not only for traditional cards, but also for newer designs, sayings and expressions that are a part of the greeting card industry.

The ability to connect to others and help with the expression, also provides the use of the greeting card to make sure individuals are remembered through the season or for an everyday expression and special occasions. Through both e-cards and traditional greeting cards, is a continuous and booming industry that is helping individuals to stay connected and to create a bond for celebrations, special occasions, and to let others know they are remembered.

Emotions and feelings have taken a very commercial yet nice way of being conveyed particularly on special occasions. One of the most common methods is by giving greeting cards. They are basically cards which are folded and represent various sentiments and expressions. Greeting card retail business has benefited because of the rising trends to exchange on not only on specific occasions and festivals but also for expressing feelings like thanks, sorry etc.

Greeting card retail business now has a variety to offer. These cards are available of two main types-the machine made and the hand made. Many small and large companies have ventured into the greeting card business. Each one is competing with the other by making the latest of styles and formats available to the customers shopping for the new varieties. Few of the leading names and largest card producers in this business include Hallmark, Archie’s, and American greetings.

Now-a-days keeping the environment in mind companies in this business are also coming up with newer techniques to develop recycled cards by using recycled paper. One of the pioneer companies in this business was recycled paper greetings. This has now become a more common practice. Cards vary from the standard form to a more large variety. One of the most popular greeting cards apart from the standard one is the photo greetings. These cards provide a place to slide or insert photos which can be either printed or digital. They are generally sent on special occasions like Christmas, baby showers etc. and customers prefer shopping for such products.

With the rising demand in the market the business of greeting cards retail is flourishing. Some of the other types of greeting cards that are gaining popularity are the musical ones. These cards play music when they are opened. The choice of music piece can vary depending upon the shopping need of the customers. The songs can be for special occasions like birthday or simply a piece of instrumental music to add to the feelings conveyed by the card.

Greetings cards retail business offers the maximum variety from various companies in this business under one roof making shopping for the right kind of card even more convenient. All the companies have variety of cards depicting printed message and pictures of many kinds ranging from very creative ones to very funny ones. If a customer is looking for non special occasion cards then with only some picture but without any printed messages are available. This makes it possible for the customer to decide and write his own personal message.

We do everything at a super fast speed these days by using the internet facility. Greeting cards retail business is now also available online. This makes shopping of cards so convenient by sitting at home or office one can select from a wide range of cards, buy and also post it online. The card can be also delivered by the retail company in this business to the given person. Many people are involved in their work so much that it becomes impossible for them to go out and select card and den buy it from a retail outlet. The online retail business makes it very easy for such people to convey their message and feelings as per their convenience.

The type of card and the special occasion it is designed for also varies from country to country. This is due to the simple fact that every country has different religion and related festivals etc. So in a multilingual country like India greeting card retail business can really expand so well. Every part of the year has some festival, occasion or the other there by creating a constant need to manufacture and design specific cards for the occasion.

One can venture into greeting card retail business by keeping in mind the few important factors. These include the fact that one should be aware of the changing needs and latest styles and patterns of the cards and also about the leading companies in this business which provide the required products for shopping. Along with variety of greeting cards of different companies many retailers also keep other gift items and articles in their outlet. This makes it more convenient for the customers to not only buy a card but also a gift for a special occasion. Sometimes customers may just come to buy cards but end up buying some other gift articles as well.

In the fast moving life style people generally convey their wishes through greetings cards. The reason behind this is the unavailability of people or their presence on certain special occasions. As a result the greetings cards are sent regretting their absence and yet conveying their wishes for the same. So on totality if one measures this business actually does very well throughout the year although it has a few peak seasons of maximum business in the year.

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