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Business Information By Mast Directory: Special Occasions Products Business – A guide

From birthdays to weddings, anniversaries to corporate functions and Christmas to Valentine’s Day; these are all special occasions and represent the culture, norms, traditions, customs and values of a society, city or country. Because this world has now become an integrated and interdependent village, occasions have also become universal and hence they have increased. It was a time when occasions like Valentine’s Day were being celebrated in European countries but now a number of Asian countries also take part in these occasions. So this is how this world is becoming a Global Village and now people, cities and even countries have shared norms, cultures, traditions, occasions and the like.

Keeping in view the importance of these occasions, one can set up a Special Occasions Business so as to capture this rapidly growing market segment. The reason behind putting this very piece of writing is to help people start their own Special Occasions Products Business. You can also say that you’re looking to establishing a Gift Shop retail Business.

How to get started?

Alright, first and foremost, you need to decide on the occasions you’re going to capture. You also need to decide on the gifts that you are going to present on the shelf or shelves of your shop. You can enter the market with a variety of gifts or make it to just a few – it all depends on your resources. You can either let people do lots of retail shopping from your new store or just a few items. These shopping items might include cards, cakes, wedding products, jewelry items, cosmetics, watches, handbags, pens and a number of other gift products.

Managing material inputs, inventories and the like

You’ll have to plan whether you’re going to manage inventories by yourself or you’ll be hiring a sub-contractor for this. You also need to decide whether you’ll import the products directly to your country or you’ll go abroad shopping in wholesale for each item by yourself or with a team.

SWOT Analysis

You need to carefully analyze your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats. You must have something unique to offer that will help stimulate high demand. You also need to work on your weaknesses and cope up with the opportunities.

Analyze your competitors

Before just entering into it, you need to analyze the retail shopping market. Yes, you need to look for your competitors and then choose a strategy for each one of them. You can copy or even attack the most successful competitor of the market so as to become more prominent in both the shopping industry and eyes of the consumers.

Choosing the best location

After having analyzed your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats and competitors; you must decide on the location. You can enter the most competitive or underdeveloped areas of the city or country. Choosing the right location can help a lot in generating right customers for your business. One thing must be kept in mind and that is “Buyer Convenience”. You have to make shopping easy and convenient for your customers.

Positioning your business in the right manner

One of the most important steps in new business development process is to familiarize people with your brands or business. You need to introduce your brand or business in the minds of your consumers. You need to come up with the right name, logo and tagline so as to make sure that your consumers are aware of your offerings.

Creating demand for your products – Developing new customers

You can create demand for your special occasion’s products retail business by marketing and promoting your new shopping gift store. How can you do so? Well, this can be done in a variety of ways such as introductory volume or cash discounts, adapting to a market penetration strategy so as to grab larger market share, advertising via TV, billboards, newspapers, radio and the like to stimulate demand. You could also market your new business by just decorating your store or by providing a warm & healthy environment.

Maintaining Demand, Customers & Quality

Once you are done with each of these steps, you must not forgo them ever in your business. Why? Because customers always create a level for every brand or business; whether it’s shopping or medicine; you need to maintain your level of quality and commitment so that you never lose your customers!

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