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ApexCCTV   Call 1-800-997-8460 Toll Free
Certified video security and surveillance professionals offering video surveillance systems and other security products including security cameras, security DVR cards, PC-based security DVR, security and network cables, housings and mounts and more with secure retail shopping.
801 East Plano Parkway, Suite 218, Plano, TX 75074   (1130)

Civil Investigation Agency Inc.   Call 904-471-8840
Online provider of finest spy gear products and surveillance equipment available such as DVR Recorders, Hidden Cameras, tools to Catch a Cheater, Bug Detectors, GPS tracking devices, personal security products, and much more. Online retail shopping.
P.O. BOX 2186, ST. AUGUSTINE, FL 32080   (1273)

Ernitec A/S   Call +45 44 50 33 00
Worldwide manufacturer and distributor of video surveillance equipment such as video matrix systems, digital video recorders, video transmission equipment for twisted pair, fibre cables, passive video transceiver, telemetry receivers, pan/tilt units, camera housings, brackets, dome cameras, full range of CCTV lenses, passive infrared detectors and complete LON based CCTV system.
Hørkær 24, 2730 Herlev, Denmark   (1277)

EyeTek Surveillance   Call 01332280887
UK based company providing a wide range of security and surveillance devices and equipment to many detective and government agencies throughout the world. Shop online for voice recorders, telephone monitoring systems, microphones and amplifiers, bug hunters, spy cameras, keyboard logger and much more.
21 Ismay Road, Chaddesden, Derby, Derbyshire, DE21 6LU   (1274)

Pakatak Ltd   Call not provided
Provide next business day delivery of all kinds of security and surveillance products purchased with online shopping including pen DVR cameras, Micro DVR camera, audio spy phone, body worn camera kit and more.
PO Box 2090, Rayleigh, Essex, SS6 9WE   (1275)   Call 305-264-7878
Premier source to find and buy private investigation services and products including private detective services, GPS Tracking Products, CCTV Security Cameras, covert cameras and more. Visit the site for more details.
7878 West Flagler Street, Miami Florida 33144   (1276)

Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To Surveillance Products Business

Whenever Suzie goes shopping for groceries, she calls babysitter to look after her son. Leaving her house unattended for hours always occupied Suzie’s mind. Can you suggest a solution for her? Well, at times when it was schooled hours the house was simply locked for hours. You would probably suggest some camera installment or house alarm for protection and this is exactly what we are going to discuss here products that offer us protection, security and in vigilance access when ever required. The crime rate is swinging up all over the world in high speed and one’s security and safety has become most significant today. The truth is mentioning a word of safety does not work with anyone and mere thoughts cannot put to action so one requires surveillance everywhere at least wherever possible. Chill! We are not suggesting security guards but insinuating installation of surveillance products.

Let’s go shopping for some of these retail sold products and learn about their advantage too. Surveillance or perhaps we will call it supervision products are large industry today and this stream is not restricted for spy or intelligence units anymore. Remember old bond movies where action happening in other rooms could be seen by bond or recent discussions about button cameras used for framing culprits are just expanded forms of surveillance products. And for moving into this stream it becomes significant to get familiar with the range in surveillance products. The basic products in this field are related with security, invigilation and detection. For instance security cameras, CCTV security camera, wireless camera, door eyes security cameras, gas detectors, Security night vision devices, video monitors, surveillance door bells and several other similar gadgets are sold in large number in retail shopping markets. These are just few surveillance gadgets utilized by common consumer but the true fact is major surveillance equipment aids government and law to maintain law and order in country.

If we consider shopping in retail for entire range of surveillance products it will be categorized into computer surveillance products required to monitor data and trafficking on net which includes anti-social elements and terrorist activities also. Similarly CCTV cameras at airports, stations, departmental stores all help in keeping security check and avoid thefts. Apart from these you have aerial and biometric surveillance products that are usually installed to check authentic identification or as monitoring devices from certain height respectively. You also have corporate surveillance products that are used buy either rival corporations or units to keep check on significant deals and details in business. It becomes quite difficult to discuss all these retail products hence we shall take most popular and sold surveillance products amongst clients. Now the question that immediately strikes your mind is do people invest in these products?

Crime is rising, commodities are getting expensive and morals are declining so one has no choice but to rely on cameras for surveillance. Perhaps if you consider thinks more closely you would find people keen to invest in these products more than clothing and other fancy accessories as safety is also prior. And finally its time for you to get into this business of range of products that spells safety, security and alertness. We would not recommend manufacturing option here because lot of technology savvy industries are manufacturing them and one can make good profits by investing in wholesale or retail business of the same. When retailers or wholesale business people recommend this equipment to clients shopping for required security, they suggest good brands that come with product guarantee and assured quality. So you can just select the stock that you choose to sell by demand and start with small business venture. We would also like to remind you here that this business can be expanded according to your capacity. Like if you can get in contact with wholesale manufacturer and get orders from government and spy agencies then one can enjoy amazing remunerations.

Although this business is like an old fish in the pond but new varieties added in the water in recent years has acted like attraction to consider this business opportunity.

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