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Haymat Enterprises Inc.   Call 630-279-1410 (Voice)
Provider of hi-tech and personal protection products for self defense including steel batons, defense weapons, folding and pen knives, paintball and air guns, stun guns, Surveillance Cameras and more with satisfaction guarantee. Visit the site for online shopping.
212 W. Graham, Lombard, IL 60148   (420)

J & L Self Defense Products   Call 304-258-2900
Company offering an online store to buy all kinds of self defense products like knives of different kinds, blowguns, swords, cool toys, animal defense products, child safety, stun guns, home protection, visual aids and more. Visit the site for secured online shopping in different categories for all your safety and security needs.
70 Defense Drive, Berkeley Springs, WV 25411   (421)   Call 954-532-0600 offers affordable self defense and personal security products including stun guns, pepper spray, personal alarms, tasers, hidden safes and home protection.
680 NE 8th Street Pompano Beach FL 33060   (4681)

Business Information By Mast Directory: Augment Security With Self Defense Products Business

Are you interested in shopping for safety? Maratha was busy shopping at Wal-Mart the entire day, and the mall was almost empty till she decided to leave. She went to the secluded parking lot and was scared to nerves when she realized a knife pointed at her. What could Martha do as she was all alone? Is Martha facing this situation for the first time? Have we all not felt insecure pangs at late nights or in secluded spots? Can we rely on someone for our security? Perhaps you will find an answer in Martha’s action because she was quick to shout and divert that man to take out the pepper spray in her purse and save herself out of that scary situation. Bravo! Indeed she did smart shopping already. You can also learn from her indulging in self-defense products, yes! That’s our business stream here in this discussion- self defense products.

People are losing jobs, debts are disturbing them, life style has become lavish, lust and sex are pressurized, expenses are on rise what is all this doing? It is pushing crime in higher direction and criminals on arise too. You can’t trust anyone, even colleagues, friends, relatives are indulging in crimes for personal grudges and what about those ignored incidents that happened and went unnoticed. It is time we all stand for our safety and rely on self defense rather than people around us. These are not expensive guns or power enabled robots but simple appliances or ideas put together to protect you from one unfortunate moment. These products include knives, swords, blowguns, pepper sprays, taser’s, and stun guns which are now a days even sold in retail market quite openly.

How can you get in this business? It could be a best shot online retail business. One can list products and stating their performance in distinct situations urge clients to but those products. It is truly significant to know that you can stock loads of products for different age groups like an entire range for child safety which would include sponge tape for edges, bath thermometer, door knob grips, corner covers, door sops and many more. Most important amongst these is child guard that can help them to trace child whilst playing in the park for his safety. You can also stock in personal alarms, super door stops, diversion safes, animal repellers and telescopic steel batons to sell them in your retail store. It could be home based business with little purchasing from outside and best of all require little investment funds.

Now the question is can this become a good business? Yes, perhaps it could be a beneficial business like a profession because you will sell ideas. Remember you are not offering anything new or expensive that would allure girls or buyers instantly. On the other hand you need to create a question in their mind about security at odd hours and how your low cost products can save them in that situation. For instance one starts an online retail business with apt advertising and sales copy of the products. Now how can you get the shopping buyer interested in your products? You cite situation where your products could have helped people from getting victimized and hurt. Like how child guard helped a couple located their son after being taken away by baby sitter for nappy change. Had it not been this product they couldn’t have surfaced the truth. The entire matter is related to convincing them about your product requirement.

Now after we have discussed the prospect of this business, its time to realize some facts about this stream. When you start a business in retail it is good to look around once as to keep check on existing rivalry, demand and pick of the business. Several people would have thought about the idea but few would have materialized the thoughts into action and came out to sell self defense products. Give it a try! Don’t forget to tell us about how many people support your site and buy these products whilst shopping for their personal accessories.

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