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City Lock & Safe Ltd   Call 0161 480 6116
Company founded in 1957 and since then fully engaged in supplying full range of locks and safes including master key systems to secure all types of properties including residential homes and businesses from commercial and industrial to metropolitan. Visit the site for online shopping.
33 Buxton Road, Stockport, SK2 6LU,
http://www.citylockandsafe.com/   (3648)

Fireproof Safes   Call 877-284-4460
Offer fire safes which are tested by Underwriter's Laboratories to withstand up to 1800 degrees without the interior contents exceeding 350 degrees.
http://www.jmlock.com/fire-safes.aspx   (5156)

J&M Lock - Safes, Fireproof Safes, Padlocks   Call (406) 284-4460
With 250,000 products available, www.jmlock.com is a leader in the sale of access control systems, safes, padlocks, locks and door hardware.
http://www.jmlock.com/   (5155)

Business Information By Mast Directory: Locks And Safes Business

Security is major concern for people in all walks for life today. Be it homes, office, corporate or financial institutions likes banks themselves everyone needs security. Increased robbery and thefts have led to increased spending by people on security products.

So if any individual or business would like to protect important documents or papers, cash or any thing for that matter can be tucked into an electronically controlled safe drawer or an electronic wall safe. There is also a steel drop box which can be used to lock and secure keys, money, ballots, mail, rent checks and more.

Understandably the locks and safes business is a world market and security solutions are needed for homes as well as offices. Thus the security systems too differ as per the place of installation and client requirements. There are many kinds of security solutions in the locks and safes retail business and here are a few that might be the ones you are looking for, types of safes such as: Cash Safes, Gun Safes, Floor Safes, Floor Safes, Wall Safes, Fire Safes etc. And not to forget the card identification entry systems that are now common at all work places. Now a days the trend for online shopping of these products in retail is also at its peak. So selling these kind of products online is also a good option.

Last year happened to be a boom year for locks and safes business. As the financial crisis unraveled itself people started worrying for their money and what better place to store your cash and jewellery safe than in your own personal home electronic safe with a 4 digit code that only you know. And post the Lehman Brothers filing for bankruptcy Sentry Safe, amongst the leading sellers in the locks and safes business in America has witnessed 70 percent increase of safes over last year.

Sentry Safe’s CEO says, “Now that's a lot different from earlier this year when our point-of-sale levels were up in the single digits.” The introduction of electronics has certainly changed the way the locks and safes business in retail is run today. Locks and security systems in vehicles account for the largest share amongst all uses of safety and anti-burglary systems. The furniture market place second of the list where locks and safes are most widely installed.

Technology is at the forefront of this industry today and is moving towards biometric designs, involving fingerprint, facial recognition and iris. Today modern fire and security systems control over 85% of the total locks and safes business in the US while locksmith account for the remaining nearly 15% of total sales.

As of 2008 the total sales for the locks and safes business in the US including all kinds of modern security solutions stood at $18.6 billion. The revenue growth in 2008 was pegged at 1.4%. The gross product for the industry stood at $8,407 million. There are some 10,458 units that employee 125,634 people in the locks and safes business. Tyco International Ltd., United Technologies Corporation, Siemens AG, Protection One, Inc. and Siemens AG are 5 of the companies that account for major part of sales in wholesale and retail.

Tyco International Ltd. is the market leader with $2.01 billion in revenues from its entire range of locks and safes business. This represents an excellent increase of 1.7 billion USD in revenues from 2007. Tyco International Ltd. total revenues in 2007 stood at 1.84 billion. Gross Profit stood at 7,076.0 million for the year ended 2008 verses 6,260.0 million in 2007.

Tyco locks and safes business is one that’s highly diversified. It mainly is in the business of serving residential, commercial, governmental & industrial clients. The company offers solutions such as breathing apparatus, fire-fighting equipment, alarm monitoring, flow control solutions, armored wire and cable and galvanized steel tubes.

Locks and safes shopping is very specific thing that you will do. Locks and safes shopping completely depends on what kind of security you are looking for and what is the threat level you asses you will have to fight against.

If you are looking for a locks and safes solution for your home then maybe CCTV cameras and electronic door lock systems are what will ensure that no trespasser can inside your home. Additionally you can install digital safes at a place that is far from reachable.

Locks and safes shopping for offices is a little different because you are not just looking to safeguard against theft of cash about more importantly office documents need to be stored in a manner that virtually guarantees against theft.

Thus before you go for locks and safes shopping you will be well served that you are sure of the right equipments and solutions that will act as a foolproof security solution for all you needs and requirements. Once you have figured that out you will be able to search for the solutions system in a better way.

Retail Shopping > Security Products > Locks And Safes

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