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Barely a decade ago the most common systems used for safety were locks, some homes and offices would use multiple locks on the same door. That because any thief would then have to break through multiple locks to get into a home or offices. Today we have security solutions such as access control systems.

Today’s access control systems and product business goes way beyond just protecting homes and offices. It protects company information from being leaked to outside sources while also channeling product and client information between employees of a certain organization. You have the benefit of Access Control Surveillance System, as the name suggests you can check every corner of your house or office including multiple level corporate office floors. Such an access control system will allow you to deny or grant access to floors, doors, conference rooms etc. throughout your organization.

There is also the Electronic Access Control System Solutions that are new age web access control systems that when installed on PC servers control what sites the employees can access and records all information. Some companies involved in the access control systems and product business have also introduced wireless access control systems, which provides remote controlled door opening. Shopping in retail of such unusual products has gone very common now.

There is no doubt that in the coming year the international retail and wholesale market for the access control systems is bound to grow. Post 9/11 and the various other terrorist attacks not to mention businesses spying on rival companies have meant that security of data, business confidential information like client information is vital. In 2007 the value of the access control retail market in the UK reached £656 million, this represents a rather sedate growth of 5% over the last year. In the previous two years too i.e., 2006 & 2005 the access control products retail business witnessed a growth of five percent and 7 percent respectively. If the market’s growth size from 2003 is to be calculated the business has grown that a very healthy rate of 26% overall.

The trend shows access control systems business is amongst the most buoyant sectors within the security alarms and systems market in recent times. This shows that more and more people are willing to install sophisticated and higher value systems for secured and safety measures. As a result shopping of these high class products is growing day by day. MBD's report released in September of 2008 the access control products business has steadily gained market share year after year. In 2003 these security products accounted for 19% of total sales in the security systems & alarms market and that has increased to 23% in 2007.

Another driver for the access control systems business is that since the terrorism threat always looms large insurance companies demand that high quality access system controls be installed or then the premium amounts a higher. MBD's report released in September of 2008 forecasts that the access control systems retail market will increase for some years to come. But at the same time the reports says the average annual growth rate shall over be more 3% over the next five years. The total value of UK market is expected to increase by 3% to £761 million (if the prices of products remain as they are in 2007 prices) in 2012.

In a new study published by Frost & Sullivan it says that smart cards have a big potential in the access control business. It also adds that World Corporate Security (Physical and Logical Access) Market, finds that just the smart cards market earned revenues of $120.4 million in 2006 and this figure could reach $235.0 million by 2012.

Access Control Systems shopping is a huge market and it completely depends on the kind of solution a home or organization is looking for. There are smarts cards, surveillance cameras, high-tech finger print identification technology, end-to-end access control solutions, single door controllers and much more.

Access control systems shopping for home can start with installing a remote controlled gate entrance device so that no one expect you and those with a remote control can enter inside. Also you can install surveillance camera on the entrance gate the area leading to residence so that you or a security guard can monitor and control access allowed or denied to people visiting.

The same goes for offices, choosing the right access control products shall ensure that only members of the organization can enter into the premises while visitors who do not have smart cards will only be able to enter when they are provided one.

Access control retail market and products shopping is high-end value market where companies spend hundreds and thousand of dollar to safeguard their premises against an attack of any kind.

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