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Castle Park, LLC   Call Toll Free: (877) 461-2002
School products supplier in retail offering teaching supplies like bulletin board sets, bulletin board, classroom supplies, learning materials for children like educational toys, software, CD/DVD, books and workbooks for students and teachers and much more. Go to site for online shopping and for more business information.
PO Box 2335, Orem, UT 84059,
http://www.teacherstorehouse.com/   (3912)

O'Block Books   Call 412-559-3384
Offer teaching supplies in retail for schools including educational products, classroom materials like chalks, blackboards, desks, name plates, language arts, games, flashcards and more. Visit the site for online shopping.
P.O. Box 126, Irwin, PA 15642, USA
http://www.oblockbooks.com/   (3911)

Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To Teaching Supplies Business

In schools, colleges and at coaching centers students are taught. Teachers need tools like chalk, blackboard, pen, books, lab equipment etc. to teach and train students in different subjects. Such products needed for teaching are better known as teaching supplies and now a days you can find people shopping for them online. In pre-nursery and nursery classes teachers also need puzzles, toys and games to raise educational awareness among children. All such children products also fall in the category of teaching supplies. Do you have skills and interest to manufacture such teaching products? If yes, then you have a chance here to show your skills and make some money as well. Go ahead and establish your own manufacturing unit for any of the teaching supplies. Market for educational toys is hot. So manufacturing educational toys could give lot of profit in your business. Or you may choose any of the products for which you feel you could find more better resources for the initial setup.

There are two ways to establish your own manufacturing unit. If you need to start with a small scale production you can invest yourself in your business. Else you will need to issue shares for your company to collect funds from public for large scale production. Before you can issue shares your company must be registered. You can take help of some firm who provide company formation services. Make sure this firm itself is licensed to handle all the formalities required to incorporate your company. Once your company is registered you will receive a certificate of incorporation evidencing the formation of the company. Once your company is registered and you have the licenses and permits to run your business go ahead to buy the machinery and equipment required to manufacture any of the teaching supplies you decided to deal in.

You must have the complete business plan in your mind so that nothing goes wrong. Certain equipment and machinery have special features and it may be that you don’t find it in your own country. Majority of such manufacturing units are imported from the country China. So you must have definite plan in case you need to import machinery for your business. Teaching supplies like educational toys are also manufactured in China where the labor is cheaper. Some businessmen directly import from China and sell in their own country at higher prices. You need to consider the rates at which people are selling the products. Before you start manufacturing your own products calculate the average cost involved per item and then look at the selling prices of the products in the retail or wholesale shopping market. This comparison will let you decide if you will be able to make profit or not. If manufacturing is not feasible you may have different plan to import any of the teaching supplies from another country like China. So plan everything first as improper planning may decline your business.

If you don’t have such big plans better become a distributor of any of the well known company and sell your teaching supplies in retail. Become an authorized dealer first and then advertise your business in schools, colleges and coaching centers. Keep all the items in stock at your retail shopping store so that none of the customers go empty hands. Work hard and try and build contacts with as many educational institutes as possible. Keep patience as businesses don’t get popular within days. It take years to establish a business. Finding more and more customers for your business is the only way to make your business popular soon. And this will depend on your marketing efforts.

I would recommend getting your retail business popular over the internet. People often make use of search engines like google to find the nearest shop in their area for teaching supplies. And if you have a site and if its higher while people make a search then you could be the one to find lot of customers for your retail business. You can also take help of some web design company to make a shopping cart system on your website where customers can order online. There could be nothing better than that to make huge profits with online sales. There is also no risk involved as you get advance payment while customers are shopping online.

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