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Emergency Essentials, Inc.   Call 1-801-222-9596-Corporate offices
Offer retail shopping of all kinds of products for disaster preparedness including emergency radios and communication, kitchen processing items, freeze dried year supply and combo units, hand grain mill, tools and knives, emergency kits, cooking stoves and accessories, preparedness education materials, safety supplies and more. Further business information can be found on the site.
653 North 1500 West, Orem, Utah 84057, USA
http://beprepared.com/   (3333)

Emergency preparedness Service   Call Toll Free 1-888-626-0889
Site providing retail shopping of all kinds of emergency and safety products including accident blankets, school and office emergency kits, survival food, solar radio, earthquake fasteners, folding stretcher storage bags, first aid box and much more. Take some of your time to give a look to company website for further business information and details and specifications of different products offered online.
http://www.emprep.com/   (3331)

Homeland Preparedness   Call Toll Free: (800) 350-1489
Offer retail shopping of emergency preparedness products including home safety kits, disaster upgrade kits, hygiene kits, bird flu kits, first aid supplies, mineral water supplies, emergency shelter, pet supplies, personal protection and self defense products, products to meet the critical hazards encountered in warfare, Lightweight and comfortable. Check site for complete business details.
P.O. Box 997, Mars Hill, NC 28754, USA
http://www.homelandpreparedness.com/   (3334)

Red-E Supply, LLC.   Call toll free 866-618-4911
Company fully engaged in promoting emergency preparedness by offering quality survival supplies, training, and custom, thorough, complete kits for families of USA. Premier one-stop source of quality rediness products in the Pacific Northwest. Products include emergency kits, emergency signals and communication supplies, food for life, emergency auto supplies, mitigation and more. Check website for complete information and online shopping.
559 NW Van Buren Ave, Corvallis, OR, 97330, USA
http://www.redesupply.com/   (3332)

Survival Unlimited   Call Toll Free# 1-800-455-2201
Company fully dedicated to its business and selling its emergency preparedness products online with fast delivery. Products include safety and self defense, survival foods, water storage and water filters, radios and emergency flashlights, nuclear protection, solar products, stoves and can fuel, survival tools and equipment and much more.
Online shopping store
http://www.survivalunlimited.com/   (3335)

USA Emergency Supply, LLC   Call Toll Free: (888)872-8702
Well established USA located company offering products which are needed in emergency for safety and security. Products include first aid for work and home, american red-cross first aid, 72 hr kits, emergency pet supplies, emergency water storage products, emergency heat and food blankets, dehydrated food, freeze dried foods and much more. One can do online shopping of all retail products on the site. Also get more business information about the company.
P.O. Box 4884, Chapel Hill, NC 27515-4884
http://www.usaemergencysupply.com/   (3329)

Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To Emergency Supplies Business

Disaster can strike anyone at anytime without warning. At that moment you could be anywhere - at home, at work, in school or in your car. That's why you should have reliable emergency supplies at your disposal. If disaster strikes your community then you might not have access to food, water and electricity for many days or even say weeks. Local officials, relief workers and rescuers will eventually be on the scene but they can't reach everyone just right away. By taking some time to prepare now, you can save yourself, your family or at workplace.

These emergency survival kits are designed by emergency and disaster control experts to contain the most reliable emergency and safety arrangements that includes food, water, clothing , sanitation, shelter, lighting, communication and search and rescue supplies available so that you'll be prepared when and where you need it most. When you are preparing for emergency situations, it is best to think about the primary basics of survival in time of crisis: fresh drinking water, food, clean air to breathe. Everyone needs to have a Portable Kit customized to meet emergency needs, such as essential medications etc. This also gives a reason to sell emergency supplies and make it as a business as people can be found shopping in retail for these products.

How to Start an Emergency supplies Business ?

Here we’ve collected some quality advice that is just perfect for those who want to open an emergency supplies and disaster restoration retail or wholesale business. Make sure to consider this advice before you start your venture. If you are thinking about starting an emergency supplies restoration business we will tell you just what you need to know to get started and make profits.

Learn about the Competition

Before starting an emergency supplies restoration business within your area, it is a good idea to see how strong the competition is from other retail shopping market player’s .Find out if the local market is large enough to support another emergency supplies business? If yes you have to perform better to make sure that your sell despite the competition.

Talk to People Who Are Already in the Business

If you want to open an emergency supplies and restoration business it’s very important that you have a talk with someone who is in the business for quite sometime. Though it is very unlikely that the local competition will talk to you but, a person who owns an emergency or safety supplies business in another city may be willing to share their knowledge and wisdom with you, provided that you won't be in direct competition with them. If you are tenacious, you can find a mentor who will help you out in making your business.

More Start ups and How-To do Guides

With the chances epidemic that is geographically widespread like swine flu and bird flu occurring globally, that is growing stronger and stronger every week, we have collected the best and most effective emergency supplies that you can put in your product list for buyers for shopping.

You can have basic survival and safety packs specifically designed to provide the vital support required to sustain life during emergency. In an apartment or house, an office building, on the road. Food, water, first aid kits, safety. Having a good quality folding knife or a multi-tool Swiss knife can make the difference to safety and survival. You can commercialize it as Emergency Survival Pack for retail shopping.

Since not all Emergency Supplies products fit easily into some or the other categories, this is where you will put a miscellaneous tools or equipments for additional preparedness for home, at workplace, and road emergencies that may include the LED emergency flares, rechargeable LED emergency lights, mini power inverters, hand held weather forecaster are to name a few. You can commercialize it as accessories for shopping.

In the state of extreme confusion and disorder during sudden outbreak, there is only a short time to escape to safety and survive. Sprays and fire extinguishers can protect your valuables. Smoke masks for safety. You can commercialize it as Fire & Smoke Escape kit.

Water Purification System, a cook stove that will cook with wood, charcoal, or combustible gas that can be refilled later, 48-hr Emergency Food Kit will be helpful while calamities like flood where it takes hours or even days for rescue to be available. You can commercialize it as Food & Water rescue kit. Disaster management authorities have recommended that one should have at least one Flashlight and Radio if affordable. Campers should carry Air Mattresses, Tents, & Portable Toilets. We cannot control the situations always that may happen but we can control the way we are prepared to handle these situations well. Once disaster hits, you won't have time to do shopping or search for vital supplies.

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