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Any Religious   Call 800 770 9440
Offer online shopping for religious jewelry including chains, pendants, Jesus pendants, rings, anchor crosses, earrings, locket charms and more. Visit the site for more information.
12 Calison Lane, Voorhees, NJ, 08043   (3860)

Oaks Jewellery   Call +44(0)1373 462069
Offer handmade jewellery made from precious materials like Cubic Zirconia and Mother of Pearl. Products include Christian Jewellery, Silver Crosses and Sterling Silver Cross Pendants, bracelets, children jewelry etc in contemporary and religious designs. Visit the site for online shopping of all retail products.
2 Priddy Close, Frome, Somerset, BA11 2XZ, UK   (3859)

Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To The Religious Jewellery Business

There are many religions in the world. Like in the country India you can find people from different religions like Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Jain, etc. These all people from different religions go to different temples. For example, “Gurudwara” is the name given to temple where Sikh people go for prayer. Likewise Hindus go for prayer in Hindu temples which are often known by the name as “Hanuman Mandir” or “Ram Mandir”. Church is the name given to temple where Christians go for prayer. And there are people like me who don’t go anywhere. These wide varieties of human beings sometimes use different types of clothing and jewellery while they visit to their respective place of worship. And this has given birth to a community of people who are selling religious clothing and jewellery for this purpose and making it as their business.

Location is very important when you decide to start with religious jewellery business. There are certain religious places where tourists from all over the world visit to worship or to enjoy holidays. Having a religious jewellery retail shopping store at such a tourist spot is crucial to generate maximum sales. Followers often look for such jewellery before they enter into the temple for worship. And they are ready to pay any amount at that moment. Just having a physical store at some fixed position often doesn’t help much. You must have few of your spot boys to sell the products by going to the customers who are looking for it randomly or on the spot. That’s the way to generate more sales for your retail business when customers need something in urgent.

Also selling the right product at the right spot is also important. You cannot sell Christian Jewellery at Hindu Temple. But there are certain jewellery items, made from gemstones, sold at religious places which can attract any person as gemstone jewellery has special meaning for every person. It’s a fact that wearing the right kind of gemstone jewelry can improve the health of many people. But you must have clear understanding of all types of gemstones and which kind of gemstone can actually help you in some way or the other. Make sure people feel comfortable while shopping with for these products and that is only possible when you have deep understanding of gemstones and you have the ability to convince the customers.

Christianity is the most popular religion in the world. Jewellery products like gold or silver crosses, miraculous medals, and Holy Spirit pins are very common in Christianity. There is a huge retail shopping market for such products and you could be the one to sell them as well to make some profit in your business. Certain people also consider religious jewelry as the perfect gift for those whose lives are guided by their faith. As a result these people come shopping for such faithful products in the retail market. So if you are selling gifts you can easily add religious jewellery as extra products in your selling list.

You wont find retail stores selling religious jewellery at every corner of the street as the demand is not too much and people need them occasionally. So it’s a kind of business where quality is important instead of quantity. Keeping in stock the items which are popular and more attractive is important to have better margin in this business. Adding some unique items to your inventory is a better idea to generate more sales and win the competition among the similar retailers.

To give you more idea you must know that all Greek Orthodox Catholics, recognize each other by the crosses they wear, as are Roman Catholics identified by their crucifixes. So you must make your mind to sell many crosses and crucifixes in various styles, available in gold, white gold and sterling silver, including some exclusive pieces like diamond cross. Adding lot of varieties is important so that non of your customers go empty hands. Also never forget to sell jewelry with the photograph of Jesus Christ in it as this could be the most demanding product from Christians.

Finally let’s talk about the marketing aspect of religious jewellery business. I would say marketing over internet is the best way to find customers from around the world. A religion like Christianity is followed in almost every corner of the world. So religious jewellery is a kind of product to be sold worldwide. You can make a fabulous website to display your products and start promoting your website to get maximum traffic. Try and bring your site higher in google for keywords like “religious jewelry” and if you are successful in achieving that no one can stop getting sales for your products. Make the shopping cart system for the people to shop online and you are done to have advance payment in your account before you ship the goods.

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