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Business Information By Mast Directory: Religious Supplies Business

People all over the world practice different religions. People in western countries mainly follow Christianity and Christianity is the largest religion in world as it is followed by an estimated 2.1 billion. Islam is the second largest religion with 1.5 billion followers followed by “Non-religious” group with 1.1bn followers while Hinduism is fourth with 900 million followers. Religion is something that people are very emotional about and religion is one great factor for people and families bonding with one another.

Though most children are not aware of their religion and the meaning of it from early childhood it is their parents who first introduce them to their religion by the way of prayers and visiting the church, mosque or temple. Today followings are really a way of family bonding, though there might be a notion that visiting a shrine is not a cool thing to do but it is being seen that more and more youngsters are increasingly reaffirming the belief in their faith.

But the question sometimes asked is whether or not religion can be termed as a business and more over can religious supplies be converted into a successful retail or wholesale business?. Recently a TV program called Who’s Got God’s Millions? Was aired on TV. The program reported that the Church of England current assets as in 2009 stand at £8.3 billion with £1 billion in annual turnover. Similarly in the UK Islamism sits on assets valued at £1.4 billion with £322 million worth of annual turnover.

In the same manner Catholicism in the UK sits pretty with £1 billion in total assets plus £279 million in annual turnover. Islamism’s global assets are valued at £54.6 billion; Catholicism sits with £51.8 billion of assets and Judaism assets globally is estimated to be pegged at £21.6 billion. How it is then possible that religious supplies business cannot be a serious money making business?. Religious supplies retail business cannot survive with its followers who will buy religious supplies like books on faith and preaching to CDs & DVD’s of anything connected to religious beliefs.

A retail store is one of the best options within the religious supplies business channels because more often then not people will go religious supplies shopping either when they see a shop selling such products or when they have been told to do so. The religious supplies business one where attraction plays a vital role in garnering sales. Many a times people keep their religious feeling with them but upon seeing that they can find a place to enlighten their religious belief they jump to the opportunity. Thus it is vital that your retail religious supplies business be located in the close vicinity of a cultural hotspot. If not then the place should be well known for activities and trading of religious supplies and related items.

If you are not the one looking for retailing then another option is being a wholesale dealer offering a wide range of products such books, antiques, booklets, history & origin material, church candles, Baptism Register to name a few. You can also start your own online retail shopping store where you directly sell your religious supplies to customers and end up taking the complete share or lion’s share of margin that you intend to give your retailers.

For those who want to have religious supplies on the shopping list then there is an endless list of items that you can shop for. For most people items related to religious shopping is at the time of holy period or when celebrations are to do with their religion.

For instance during the Hindu festival of Dhan Teras in India, people will shop for items ranging from steel to gold and silver. It is tradition to shop for religious things like gold coins embedded with the carving of Hindu Gods. Similarly Christians will shop for religious supplies such as candles, bells, holy water items and much more. A religious supply shopping is for many people their way of thanking the almighty for his blessings. Shopping for religious supplies is also done to keep items we consider could be divine in nature and help us remain happy and successful.

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