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Big Paw Designs   Call 888-506-1409 Toll Free
Provide with unique, high-quality handcrafted accessories for pets which are made in the USA and bring out the nobility in pets. Products include collar charms, pet jewelry, dog jewelry, cat gifts, dog charms, dog gifts, pet lover gifts, earrings, key chains, magnets, bumper stickers, pet picture frames and more. Visit the site for online shopping.
1920 Abrams Parkway #352, Dallas Texas 75214, USA   (3741)

Glitzy Pet Jewelry   Call 800-421-2810
Offer Pet Jewelry, Dog Couture Collar, Jewelry for Dog and Cats, Designer Dog and Cat Collars, Jeweled Beaded Pet Jewelry, pet cuff bracelets for dogs and more. Custom made pet jewelry. Wholesale dog jewelry and collars. Visit the site for complete information.
8211 North Highway One, Mendocino, CA 95460, USA   (3740)

Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To Pet Jewellery Business

Jewelry is admired and adored by everyone in the world as it enhances and accentuates the features of a person and provides a regal and royal appearance. Nowadays adorning the pets with jewelry has become a modern trend and this has led to the business of pet jewelry. The people who have pets prefer shopping in retail for the needs of the pets and the pet jewellery has joined their shopping list in the recent times. So the creation of pet jewelry has proven to be a remunerative business. The pet owners love their pets and want to buy matching jewellery for both of them. The people who love to plunge in to this business must be creative and innovative. They must be capable of inventing new and novel designs of pet jewelry made of different materials and embedded with sequins, stones, crystals etc. The use of the pendants or lockets is a must in this jewelry’s they take up the elegant look of the piece to substantial heights. The innovative design of the pet jewellery must entice and lure the pet owners and compel them to go shopping for these items in retail counters.

Such an innovative creation of pet jewellery will increase the demand for these items hence the business becomes lucrative and remunerative. The pendants are the most admired kind of pet jewelry. These pendants can be attached to the pets’ collars and make them the proud owner of precious articles. The pet jewellery can be placed in cute, little and beautiful gift boxes and can be sold to the buyers. The online retail business of pet jewellery can be a very profitable one as the number of web users has increased intensely. Any pet lover who glances at the pet jewelry catalogue online is sure to place order for their pets and themselves. Such is the intensity of the display of items on the net.

A few years ago the pet owners did not give much importance to the shopping of pet jewellery. But now the times have changed; the trends are changing in every field; the introduction of new technologies is taking place every where and even the craze for pet jewelry has increased among the pet owners. The pet necklaces decorated with crystals are the favorite items of the pet owners who love shopping for these items in retail. The satin or velvet collars adorned with gem stones can boost up the beauty of the pets. The pet owners treat their pets as their own kids and they do not hesitate to spend money on the jewelry which makes the pets look fabulous.

The person who is involved in the pet jewellery business can opt for many materials to make these items. The materials include gold, silver, brass, aluminium and so on. The charms or pendants can be of any shape and color but it must possess an alluring appearance. The common shapes of the pendants are heart shape, bone shape, star shape and flower shape. Not only the pet lovers are shopping for these items but their friends and relatives also prefer shopping for these items to give as a gift as they have understood the pet owners’ affection and love towards their pets. The pet lovers love to pamper their pets with jewellery hence the pet jewellery business is a highly profitable one and who ever adopts this business can enjoy thorough profit throughout the year.

The cat and dog jewelry can be made attractive with use of gem stones, crystals and other glittering materials to enhance their appearance. As most of the pet owners prefer having cats or dogs as their pets, these pet jewelry items can be a best choice for these pet owners to include them in their shopping list. The dog tags are yet another attractive piece of pet jewelry which contains the dog’s name embossed on it. This item fascinates the pet owners very much and they are sure to prefer shopping for this item as it has a personal touch.

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