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Bark Slope Dog Boutique  Call 1-800-878-4208
Offer online shopping of retail pet products including dog carriers, dog slings, dog crates, travel accessories, collars, harnesses and leashes, clothing and accessories for dogs and more. Visit the site for complete business information and details.
Bark Slope, PO Box 91693, Raleigh, NC 27675, USA   (4491)

Canine Kennels  Call 592526420
UK located company known to be the specialist supplier of Dog Kennels, Airline Kennels, Airline Pet Carriers, Dog Cages and Dog beds. Visit the site for online shopping in retail and for more business information.
Rowhurst Industrial Estate, Chesterton, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, ST5 6BD   (4490)

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There are millions of people having their own pets, pets can be cats, birds, turtles, mouse and of course the one pet that most people love is the adorable dog. As humans have needs so do dogs and dog owners are known to go that one extra step to meet the needs of their dogs. The business of dog carriers and cages is one of those businesses that cater to such needs of dog owners. Dog carriers usually are for small sized dogs which allow the dog owner to carry the dog in a pouch similar to carrying a baby carrier. This allows the dog owner to keep a young dog or a small sized dog close to the chest thus making the dog feel attended to and secure. Dog cages come in all shapes and sized and is like the dogs own house.

Many people do shopping in retail for pet carriers and cages so as to provide their dogs with something that makes the dog feel more comfortable while also allowing them to form a small habitat for themselves. Since the requirement for dog carriers and cages is a worldwide market therefore it’s a business that transcends borders. If you would like to have a business idea about dog carriers and cages business then this article is for you. In this article we speak about the various business forms within the dog carriers and cages business with the intent to enable to you choose and understand the requirements of a particular business model. Briefly speaking you can opt for retail business selling dog pet carriers and cages to end customer. You can also have a business wherein you make such products and market your products in the area of your choice. Also the idea of an internet based website selling dog carriers and cages products is a business model you can consider.

Starting with our first dog carriers and cages business idea recommendation is the retail business model. Amongst the benefits of retail business model is that the retail store or departmental store owner does not need to infuse large sums of money to start a business. With a sum of $5,000 to $10,000 also it’s possible to open dog carriers and cages retail business. Also before you actually start the business you must study the retail market trends and market potential of the business. In some countries like US the market will witness slow growth as the demand as already touched a peak where as in developing countries or not so developed market such a business is a booming business with demand just starting to explode. In mature markets the people like to do pet carriers and cages shopping based on growing needs for such products and as a retailer you need to identify what products will sell.

If you are prepared to invest large sums of money and take advantage of the growing markets in the world then you can start a manufacturing business. Making dog carriers does not require too much technical knowledge as its pretty much the same as making baby slingers and carriers. Having said that the material you use in the making of the carriers should be one that is strong, durable yet soft so that it does not leave rashes or makes the dog uncomfortable. Or else the person who has bought your product while shopping will want a replacement resulting in business loss for you. With dog cages there are plastic ones and ones that are made of aluminum or steel. Steel fabricators can do this job, so ideally you would need machinery and manufacturing capabilities to use raw material and engineering to put together strong yet high quality cages that are not extremely heavy either. For manufacturing plastic cages you would require plastic granules and other raw material to prepare finished products. You will also need to invest in quality control management, production equipment, sales and marketing etc.

Amongst our last recommendation for a dog carriers and cages business is that of an online shopping store. The internet has huge business potential and everyday people are making efforts to tap this market. You would need to have a website dedicated to selling dog carriers and cages online. Source your products from all over the world and you can sell them online in retail. The benefit of have online business is that frankly creating a website would not cost more than $300 to $500 dollars to begin with, within this amount you can have a payment gate and shopping cart installed. People find online shopping to be more convenient and they will surf the internet for the best discounts and offers on such products. You should add a description to each product you are selling so that the online shopper can get an idea on the product. With an online website the world is your market so people from emerging markets too will visit your website and you can to an extent remain unaffected by the demand slowdown in mature markets as the demand keeps falling in from markets where demand is picking up.

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