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Dog Collars And Leads   Call 0208 529 4485
Chingford Pet Centre stock a wide selection of dog collars and lead including leather dog collars and studded dog collars including leather dog collars, unique cat toys, fish tank supplies, luxury pet carriers and much more.
Chingford Pet Centre, 54 Old Church Road, Chingford, London, E4 8DB, UK   (5358)

Just Dogs   Call 0131 332 0899
Offer lots of dog products including dog clothes and dog coats and 10% off scruffs dog beds, dog collars, dog training aids, gift ideas and more. Visit the site for online shopping and for more business information.
14 Deanhaugh Street, Stockbridge, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, EH4 1LY   (4659)

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Most of us like having pets at home. It is said and experienced by people across the world that having pets at home is a huge stress reliever. Pets understand a lot unsaid things and feelings. Few of the most common animals which are preferred as pets are dogs, cats, parrots, rabbits and hamsters. Out of these dogs and cats are the most commonly domesticated animals and forms the major consumer base for any pet related business.

Domestication of animals has become a common trend now. Therefore many new institutes and companies have come up which sell young dogs and cats. This business is doing very well as more and more people are following this trend of keeping pets. Dogs and cats which are domesticated need to be differentiated from the stray dogs and cats. This is done by making them wear collars around their neck. So when one plans to get a pet he or she must add a good collar in their shopping list. It is a good idea to tie up with pet sellers to retail collars.

When pets like cats and dogs are made to wear personalized collars it helps the owners to identify them in the initial phase of adoption. It also prevents the stray animal vans from picking and taking them away. If the pet is lost, this collar also helps in reuniting the owners with them. While shopping in retail for dog and cats collar customers ensure to choose bright colors which make the pet more conspicuous than the others if it is ever lost. These days the business of collars has added the facility of having the name and identification or contact number on the collar of your pet. This also makes it convenient for people to trace and contact you in case they find your lost pet.

Collars of dogs and cats also help in having a control on the pet animal since it offers a handle to grab on apart from acting as tags for identification and information. This becomes necessary because there are many breeds of dogs which are ferocious and huge and many a times when let loose they go beyond the control of the owner. This results in dogs attacking and biting people living nearby or simply crossing a neighborhood. This is a major public health issue which may simply cause emotional and physical trauma to the victims of not only dog but also at times cat bites. Companies in this business providing these retail products for pet shopping ensure strength and durability of collars.

Dog and cat collar business has flourished and become wide these days because of the increasing trend to not only go shopping for just collars but look for designer collars. This indicates that collars are much than just an identification tag for the beloved pets. They are like accessories for these four legged adorable creatures. Cats are generally made to wear collars which have bells or something to get the jingling sound when they are around.

Keeping this growing trend to go fashionable with the pets especially cats and dogs companies in this business are coming with wide range of colors and designs of the collars. While shopping in retail for your pet you will find various types of collars. Few of them are Elizabeth collars, flat or buckle collars, flea collars, etc.

The flea collars for dogs and cats are the ones which have certain medicated chemicals on them which repel the fleas and prevent the fleas from infesting on the canines or feline’s body. Another collar which is doing very well in the business and tops the shopping list of pet owners is the buckle or flat collars which are usually made up of either leather or nylon. This collar has a buckle just like the one present on the belts. The Elizabeth collars are in the shape of lamp shades. These help in preventing a pet from barking or licking especially when guests are at home. One always ensures health and safety of the pets and identification of the pet is an important consideration for the pet owners. Dog and cat color business is thus a very important pet business.

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