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English Bulldog Puppies  Call 347-733-2241
Import bulldogs from Europe and sell them in USA. All puppies are in excellent condition without any health issues.
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Fromm Dog Food  Call 877-284-0350
Buy online high quality food and treats for your home dog from Wisconsin based Fromm dog food company.
6400 South Dixie Highway Miami, FL 33143, USA   (7299)

Metro Dog  Call 510. 524. DOGS (3647)
Searching for dog boarding in Oakland for your dog? Hire this company and avail the boarding services for your dog today.
3117 Pierce Street, Richmond, CA 94804, USA   (6281)

MrChewy - Dog Food & Cat Food  Call 1-800-MR-CHEWY
MrChewy - Dog Food, Taste of the Wild, Blue Buffalo, Canidae and 70+ Other Brands to buy online. Visit the site for more details.
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My Hollywood Pets  Call Only email support
My Hollywood Pets offer stylish personalized dog t-shirts, Halloween dog costumes, pet apparel, leashes and collars, harnesses, pet carriers, dog toys, cat toys, and pet care advice!.
1202 Kifer Road, Sunnyvale, CA 94086   (5912)

Order Pet Meds Online  Call Toll Free: 1-800-844-1427
Online licensed pet pharmacy selling all kinds of pet products including dog and cat medications, bedding, grooming and more., 52 Merton Avenue, Lynbrook, NY 11563, USA   (7087)

Puppies For Sale  Call 718-332-3400
USA based physical store to buy puppies in more than hundreds of breeds and also shop for pet supplies.
2539 Ocean Ave, Brooklyn, NY, USA   (7013)

Teacup Puppies  Call 954-353-7864
Buy puppies in different brands including Yorkies, Maltese, French Bulldogs, Mixed Breeds, Boston Terriers and more.

Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To Pet Supplies Business

Pets have been for centuries man’s best friend. This saying usually goes for a dog but pets of all kinds are really a great companion and in some case your best friend. Do you know that more than half of households in the US own a pet? Recently the American Animal Hospital Association conducted a study wherein a little over half of the respondents said in the unlikely situation of them being stranded on a desert island, they would like the company of their pet as against a human companion.

Pets such dogs, cats, hares, fishes, birds or may be even a couple tortoises in your pond are great entertainment for the little ones initially but soon then entire family takes to the pet. Pets suddenly become your best friends because the one outstanding thing about pets is that they will offer unconditional love and affection to all. But as with humans pets to require care and have to be looked after with regards to their health and hygiene. To do that any pet owner would require a variety of pet supplies ranging from foods, grooming products, habitats & cages, toys & exercise equipment, carriers, bedding, feeders. And these are just the tip of the large pet supplies business categories. If you were to go pet supplies shopping in retail you will come across a range of pet supplies mostly found exclusively at pet supplies stores.

Before we introduce to the nitty-gritty of the pet supplies business let us take a look at an overview of the pet supplies retail and wholesale market. The pet supplies market is made up of Pet Food, Pet Services, Pet Supplies and OTC Medicine and Live Animal Purchases. In the US PetSmart, Inc. and PETCO Animal Supplies, Inc. are the two major players in the pet supplies business. In 2005 sales of pet supplies stood at $7 Billion and during the same year mass-market Cat Litter category closed in on the $900 Billion mark. Stores that exclusively cater to pet supplies stood at 2,000.

In 2008 the industry revenues from pet supplies stood at 11.3 billion USD this represents a 2.3% growth over the previous year. The gross industry product during 2008 was $2,818mn. The number of registered establishment in this business was 19,911 and together such establishments employed 117,871 people. Now lets also have a look at some consumer trends that define pet supplies retail shopping. Firstly as mentioned earlier that more than half of households in the US own a pet. 19.5% of households in America buy cat litter while 26.5% purchase flea and tick care.

It would be safe that there is a huge market for pet supplies not only in America and North America but also all over the world. If you would like to start your own pet supplies business then you need to have the right approach. You can decide what is your business going to sell? Whether is retail or wholesale? Cats and dogs are the two varieties of pets, which people most commonly like to have as pets. In both cases, gourmet treats and toys are high in demand and the same goes for designer duds for the family pooch.

You can start by creating the treats yourself or if you have some kitting/bedding know how then you can make garments or bedding especially for pets. To garner sales you can spread the word by offering some products free. Also display your products at pet shows and related events. Creating a website is too is a fine option. You can have someone design you website, add pictures of your products and maybe add a pet supplies retail shopping cart. This way anyone who wishes to buy directly from your website can make a payment purchase the product.

Another option to enter the pet supplies business is to become the sales representative of an established company. You can ask them what commissions and bonuses on sales will they offer you before you actually start doing the business. The advantages of such a business are fewer inventories, reduced overhead, no responsibilities regarding the shipping. As per the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association consumers in the U.S. spent $36.3 billion on their animals in 2005, up from $17 billion in 1994. This in someway means that people send more than should. Pet supplies shopping costs can be controlled if some basic pet needs are taken care by you. For instance if you brush your pet’s teeth yourself regularly then a visit to the vet to get such a job done can be curtailed.

That said you should on the other hand go for pet supplies shopping when it comes to the health of your pet. Also in some countries there are medical insurance for pets and that could be one thing on your pet shopping list. Either a pet supplies business has tremendous potential but you should know your market and which niche are you going to cater to before kick starting such a business.

Another Business Guide - My Mohit, Indore, India.

Pets, we just love to have pets with us. They can easily become an extension of the family and every member of the family simply loves to spend time with the pets. Because they love their pets and want to take the best care of them pet owners indulge in shopping for all things that their pets can need. Pet supplies business is not like a toys business where you make toys and sell it in the market through a distribution channel. When doing a pet supplies business you must understand that people are very particular of the things that they will do shopping for. If you are looking to enter the pets’ supplies business then this article is for you. Nearly sixty three percent of American homes have pets and pet owners will always do pet supplies shopping. What’s more is that some 45% of these homes have more than one pet. Retail stores are where the major chunk of the business comes from. This converts into huge business opportunities for a pet supplies business.

So if you are thinking of starting your own pet supplies business then let us tell you that in 2006 the total sales for pet supplies and expenses on cats and dogs and other pets stood at a whopping 38.4 billion USD. Before you start any business it is imperative that you know the facts and figures of the business you want to start. You must understand what sort of profits you can expect and what are the things that consumers would like to do shopping for. If a pet owners wants to buy pet supplies for his/her dog or cat then which place would they visit, most probably a retail store selling pet supplies. Keeping that in mind you can start a pet supplies business by opening a store that sells all kinds of pet supplies and accessories.

In a retail pet supplies business there are different kinds of supplies that you will have to maintain a stock of. Retail stores, departmental stores, and retail discount marts should keep supplies range varying from pet food, dog treats, and dog bowl while accessories can range from dog collar, dog tag and beds, dog and cat toys plus healthcare items like shampoo and dog and cat cleaning materials. Whatever retail business model you choose you will want to register your business and find a property where you will run your business. For starters it’s not necessary to have a proper retail shop you can if you wish start your pet supplies business from your home. This way you save money on cost incurred on rent of the retail store. At the same time if you are carrying out business activities from your home then you will need to spread the word about your business or else people just will not know about it. You can start with your own resources, making dog treats and packing them aesthetically so that it not all tastes good but is appealing to the buyer too. If you can get all this correctly as per the satisfaction of the buyer then they would repeatedly like to do dog and cat food shopping from you.

The other things you can do to promote your business are by taking part in the different dog and pets show. You can meet up with the organizers and ask them to allow you to showcase your products. You can set a small stall at a convenient place where you can attract pet owners. Surely if your products are well priced and labeled home made then there are many people who will want to give it a try. This way you are reaching out directly to potential pet owners who usually do pet supplies shopping from other places.

Another of the business models for a pet supplies business is through a discount pet supplies online business. A high number of pet owners are always looking for discount pet supplies because if the pet owner has more than one pet then the costs of pet supplies shopping each month can be quite a bit. To curtail the shopping costs pet owners look for discount shopping where they will buy multiple things all for a price much less compared to market prices. To start a pet supplies online discount business you will need to create a website. You can hire the services of a web design company who will make a creative professional looking website with great pictures for you.

Thereafter you can tie up with companies that are already in the business of making pet supplies products. You can reach an agreement with the on the revenue sharing or commission they will pay you for each sale generated from your website. Wondering why a pet supplies company will pay you for sales, well any pet supplies company will have marketing and distribution cost that they have to manage. If you tell them that you will put up ads for their company to drive sales and push the sales of their products then they will be more than happy to give you a commission on sales of their products.

With every new business there can be a few initial hiccups during the formation and business development period and if you can survive these initial years then there is no reason why you cannot create a successful and profitable business applying your pet supplies business model.

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