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Lewies Tanning  Call Toll-Free: 1-800-216-5953
Site providing online shopping of personal care tanning products such as tanning lotion products, Colombian Hemp tanning creams, skin care moisturizing products, body drench and more. Visit the site for complete information and details.
P.O. Box 2252, Clinton, IA. 52732,   (3752)

Shady Lady Products LLC  Call 1.877.423.9523
Shady Lady provides a variety of sun protection personal care products including sun hats, beach hats, UV protective clothing, sun protection for children and babies, sunscreens, sun glasses and many other sun protection items. Visit the site for online shopping in retail. Also educate people about skin cancer and provide related products. Visit site for more business information.
5034 Bridle Court, Doylestown PA, 18902, USA   (3756)

Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide Sun Protection And Tanning Products Business

Due to the global warming, the earth is getting heated more and more and the ozone layer is getting damaged day by day due to the environmental pollution. Due to all these reasons we have started to feel the intensity of sun’s heat to a greater extent and the need for skin care products has arisen in the recent times. The sun’s scorching heat makes the people yearn for soothing and comforting sun screen lotions and cream. The people, who want to get their skin tanned, are adopting for sunless tanning or indoor tanning. They too need the tanning lotions and creams to protect their skin from the dangerous UV rays emitted by the tanning lamps. So there is a need of shopping for sun protection and tanning products among the people of the world for all personal care needs.

Sun protection and tanning products business is going to be an ever flourishing one due to the vigorous demand for these products. The sun screen lotions, moisturizers, tanning lotions, tanning sprays etc are the some of the products involved within this retail or wholesale business. The number of people shopping for these personal care products in retail has increased tremendously due to the fear of getting skin cancer as the scorching heat of the sun and its UV rays tend to deteriorate our skin and cause the formation of carcinogenic cells. The sun protection and tanning products keep the skin supple, healthy and vibrant as they contain the moisturizing agents like cocoa butter and aloe Vera.

The people who have decided to run the business of sun protection and tanning products must understand about the ability of these products. SPF or Sun Protection Factor is a determining measure of the ability of the sunscreen products to prevent sun damage. With the protection given by the SPF of these lotions and creams, you will be able to stay out safely in the sun for a prolonged time. Most of the sun screen products protect the skin against the harmful UVB and UVA rays that are harmful to the skin and cause the sagging and deterioration of the skin.

The people who make business with these retail personal care products must guide the buyers regarding the method of using these products. These sun protection lotions are creams must be applied all over the body and especially to the parts that are exposed to the sun. The sun screen lotion must be applied 30 minutes before going out in to the sun. We have to keep on applying this cream for every 2 to 3 hours when you have to expose your self much to the heat of the sun.

The sunless tanning or indoor tanning require some special products which include the tanning spray, self tanner, bronzer etc and they contain powerful anti oxidants and vitamin E to provide glow and life to the skin. The usage of these products gives a beautiful tan that lost for many days. The customers who come shopping in retail for these products must be enlightened about the regular use of moisturizers to extend the life of tan provided by the tanning products. So the business men who deal with these products must be aware of all the details and working methods of these products.

The sun protection and tanning products have become the favorites of the buyers as they not only protect the skin but the nature of these products attract them and makes them add these products into their shopping list. These sun protection and tanning products dry quickly due to the non greasy nature. They do not create any streaks and get applied evenly all over the body. The person who handles the business of these products must have an idea about the organic and natural sun protection and tanning products too. Few buyers are health pro and they may not like the sound of usage of chemicals in these products. So these buyers prefer shopping for the organic and natural skin care products. The business men must be able to guide them to the required items. There is a lot of scope for the propagation of this business in the future too.

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