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Cosmetics Without Synthetics, Inc.   Call toll-free phone 888.586.9719
Offer natural cosmetic products including skin care, makeup, and hair care products for those sensitive and with allergies to parabens and synthetic makeup ingredients. Visit the site for online shopping and for more business information and details.
P.O. Box 701, Dewey, AZ 86327, USA   (4626)

LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics   Call 1.888.733.5874
Offer natural body lotions, bath melts, buttercreams, shower gels and smoothies, jellies, bottled shampoos, hair treatments, henna hair dyes, face cleansers, foot care, body butters and other natural personal care products. Visit the site for more information and details.
8365 Ontario Street - Unit 120, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada V5X 3E8   (4627)

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Natural cosmetics usage is on the rise. People are moving from chemical products to the ones which have herbal or natural label on it. Women these days are very health conscious and take an extra effort to make sure they are digging in for the safest option available whenever they are shopping for such products in retail stores. All such products claim to contain variety of natural herbs, medicated plant and their parts and promise to make you look and feel healthy. The involvement of plants and herbs include the study and research of variety of medicated plants. Few common ones include aloe vera, rose, sandalwood, neem, osmium (tulsi) etc which are important apart from a large number of new varieties which are added to the business. The research of such plants has also provided scope for more business in Ayurveda which is amongst the major branches of medicinal plant science.

In the current generation, even men are equally health and beauty conscious. They are also found opting for beauty products which are more natural in composition and don’t have any adverse side effects. The easy availability and existence of supermarkets with variety of cosmetic products under one roof has also made shopping for such specific natural products even more convenient. The younger generation is especially attracted to such natural cosmetics since the need to maintain beauty and personal care is a must for them. The demand of such natural products leads to business flourishing in no time.

This is like a vicious cycle where the increasing need of natural cosmetics increases its demand, the retail and wholesale market competition grows and ultimately the business expands allowing more and more companies to venture in such health based cosmetics apart from the established brands. Such new companies which have crop up in the business of natural cosmetic products claim to contain various healthy alternatives to harmful chemicals generally used in regular cosmetics. Many fake companies are taking the disadvantage of a blind following for these products. Since these products become big business, it is also important to protect retail consumers against false product labeling.

Although India is known for its ayurveda and good availability of medicinal plants, the genuineness of many local companies is questionable. Many tourists from across the world come all the way to India for the shopping of natural cosmetics products since they want to play safe and don’t get trapped in the fakes or duplicates. Many people have also suffered from variety of skin and health problems by taking up different products from the retail market without previous and proper research and one has to be morally responsible while operating this business.

In countries like the United States, this business is so much in demand that a product that claims to be a natural cosmetics product does not have to go through any government testing to use the word “natural” on their label. Most chemicals can be traced back to their original roots, so technically the term “natural” can actually apply to just about any product. This term has become a marketing tool to sell more natural cosmetics to unsuspecting consumers. Such techniques are becoming famous amongst many people who are into the same business thereby making it a deadly market. Such facts reveal the actual condition of product quality. It not only shows that most of such natural cosmetics for personal care are artificial but also that such business strategies are used to attract health conscious people and shopping freaks from all over the globe.

The choice ultimately remains with us, whether we wish to go with the natural labels and keep increasing the business of such cosmetics or be wise enough to choose the right thing. After all, the consumer awareness is an important aspect and it becomes very important for every one to be aware of such things happening in the retail market. One should not tempt for dealing in products that can cause potential health hazards to the customers. It’s only the genuine products that win both customers and business.

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