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123Wigs.com  Call 212-675-4129
Helps to brings you secure, fast, privacy-assured online shopping for wigs, hairpieces and hair accessories with free shipping for USA territories and also ship on international level with order tracking facility available.
c/o Wigs and Plus, 152 West 32nd St, New York, NY 10001-3202, USA
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Hana Wigs  Call USA: +1 718 778 9447
Company located in New York is your complete source for best quality, most natural looking ladies hair wigs including european human hair short, medium and long style. Contact the company for all your specific needs.
1256 President Street, Brooklyn, New York, 11225
http://www.sheitel.com/   (426)

Indian Lace Wigs  Call 1 800 501-9859 (FOR ORDERS ONLY)
Provider of premium quality full lace wigs and celebrity lace front wigs for all kinds of hair. Specialize in Custom and in stock lace wigs made with 100% Indian remy hair. Customizable options include size, color, hair density, hair type, lace type, and hair length. Visit the site for online shopping.
1280 Dalmally Drive, Murfreesboro, TN-37128
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Wigs Online  Call 61 3 9833 3333
Company in Australia dealing in wholesale and also provide an online store for retail purchaing of all kinds of hair wigs in different styles and sizes including long synthetic wigs, costume wigs, fall hair pieces, wig care products and accessories, discounted wigs and more. Visit the site for online shopping and fulfil your personal care needs.
PO Box 4220, Burwood East, Victoria 3151, Australia
http://www.wigsonline.com.au/   (423)

Wigs.com  Call Phone 1-214-855-1212 - Outside US
Licenced hair proffessionals from USA offering 100% human hair wigs, extensions, and hairpieces available in different sizes, styles and categories like ebony styles, children styles, medical wigs, costume styles, best sellers and more. Take a look at the secure site for online shopping.
2501 Oak Lawn Ave., Suite 400, Dallas, Texas 75219 - USA
http://www.wigs.com/   (424)

Business Information By Mast Directory: Wigs And Hairpieces Business

Wig is a French word and it is derived from the word periwig. Wigs are made from human air, horse air, wool, synthetic fibres, etc. Wigs are worn by women for various reasons some of them are for cultural reasons, fashion statement, aesthetic reasons, religious reasons, etc.

Bald people wear wigs to disguise themselves from being bald. Often celebrities and famous people wear wigs so that people do not notice that they are bald and so its sure that wigs are used and as a result people do come for shopping in retail stores. Wigs often are a cheap alternative than transplantation and medical treatments. People all over the world wear wigs and it is disposed off after certain period of use. Ancient people used wigs to determine their status and position which they hold. This was also worn as style statement.

Current usage is in common wealth nations and Britain where barristers, judges, parliamentary, civic and municipal officials wear wigs as a symbol of office. Wigs determine the position and the power of the person holding the position. Barristers and judges in Hong Kong still wear wigs to determine their position and power. This tradition is passed on from common wealth nations. Judges in Australia and New Zealand have ceased wearing wigs. So as there is demand there are always people whom you can find shopping for these products in retail stores. Thus starting wigs and hairpieces business could be profitable.

There are various types of wigs for different people such as blonde, black, curly, straight, custom designed, etc. Wigs are also worn for fancy dance competitions and especially during Halloween. Jewish religious law requires married women to cover their hair for varied reasons. Often orthodox Jewish married women cover their hair with personal wigs. Cinema actors in the professional field often wear wigs as replacement to hair requirements. Unless and until a big budget film is being produced movie actors do not cut their hair. People suffering from cancer and other hair loss diseases wear wigs to cover for their hair loss. Men who like to cross dress as women tend to wear wig to look more feminine and silky and hence you can find men shopping in retail for hairpieces quite often. So if you are planning to start with a wigs and hairpieces personal business it could be a good idea to make lot of money.

Retail market for wigs tends to exist in common wealth nations and United Kingdom extensively. Israel is also a considerable market taking into account the orthodox Jewish beliefs. Wigs are manufactured in two ways. One method is the age old traditional method which encompasses weaving the root ends of the hair onto a silk thread. These silk threads are then woven onto a net like material which gives the desired shape and size of wig. A device called ventilating needle came into use which directly weaves the strands of hair onto the foundation. Traditional wig manufacturing can be combined with modern technology.

There are various processes which need to be followed such as measurement, foundation, hair preparation, adding the hair, styling and fitting. These process need to be followed for preparing a hair which is stylish and effective. These are basic process which entrepreneurs need to understand before setting up the hairpieces retail business.

There are various hair pieces by style and brand. Hair extensions are commonly used by many people because it gives an extension to normal hair. These hair extensions can be easily attached and removed accordingly. Synthetic and human hairs are available as extensions. Claw clip hairpieces are famous for arranging and holding the hair in its position. Pony tail hairpieces offer length and volume to the existing hair. Depending upon the consumer style specification one can choose jaw clips, interlocking combs and elastic spring.

There are various other hair pieces such as Top pieces, Updos/buns, ¾ caps and falls, interlock comb, highlights, enhancers, scrunchies, bangs, headband, widgets, etc. There are various types of wigs such as short, medium, long, monofilament, human hair, petitie cap, large cap, mens, children, depending upon costume, etc. which are now a days even sold with online shopping over internet.

Some of the most famous brands in this industry are Alan Eaton, Amore, Easihair, Eva Gabor, etc. Finance can be obtained for this business if you have good marketing strategy and tie ups with bigger manufacturers. There is considerable export and import opportunity for this market. Visibility of the product and quality needs to be maintained. There are customs restrictions in various countries for imports and exports. Consulting a customs broker and a lawyer would be a good step.

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