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Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To Shampoo Business

Hair products like shampoo is not at all a new word for the world. In olden days these used to be prepared to in home. But our ancestors didn’t name that specific product as shampoo. They were habituated to use some leaves and seeds which provide cleansing action to hair. They never went for shopping these as all the products they used were available from natural resources. This trend is gone out of the scenario as nowadays people are not ready to waste their time preparing these products and different varieties of shampoos business came into retail market in different brands.

People prefer shopping of these hair products from their local centre and from international market too. The trend for online shopping of personal care products is also growing like nothing as one can find products from different countries. As a result online business is also growing at a tremendious rate. Higher demand for personal care products like shampoos have increased the retail market of fast moving consumer goods to 5.3% in 2005. Arise in cosmetic and personal categories are energizing the growth in value terms. This led to the increase in the sales of chemicals that are used in this business for preparing these products.

However many people were not ready to go for shopping for shampoos due to many reasons like high cost, will not use regularly and will get outdated soon, want to switch over to new products periodically and so on. Previously only urban area people were interested in purchasing these. But, the increasing competition among the manufacturers made them release the products that attract both urban and rural area people. These made the sales of shampoo business in rural go by 30.8% in the year 2006 whereas the rise in urban area was only 11%. The reason behind the buoyant increase of sales in rural areas is the people awareness to new lifestyle in rural areas.

Generally people opt retail shopping of these hair care products due to many reasons like they wash the hair cleanly, remove sebum, to get rid of dandruff, to clean dead cells present on the scalp and shaft and to remove sweat. This made the manufacturers of this business prepare shampoos like anti-dandruff, normal, ayurvedic, strong and lengthy hair, dry hair, oily hair, damaged hair, baby care and conditioning shampoos and so on. Among these different products, anti-dandruff, dry hair, strong hair, baby care, conditioning products are the best sold.

Anti-dandruff products generally consist of anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, selenium sulphide, tar derivatives and harmless zinc products. This made people get attracted to them and the number of people shopping these products has increased rapidly. Excluding these categories, anti-lice shampoos are being purchased. Survey from retailers all over the world states that for every bottle of anti-lice product sold to men, 43 bottles were sold to women. Many international brands like Pantene, Flex and clinic showed that their sales report for the retail shopping of anti-dandruff and conditioning shampoos rose to 21.7%, 17.6% and 34.6% by the year 2003. Pantene brand total market share rose to 31.8% for the year 2006. United Kingdom’s shampoo business participated to 7% of countries national income.

A daily usage shampoo shopping is very common among all retail units. The fashion of manufacturers started sale of these hair care products in various sized bottles, sachets and containers in jars in some cases. Many products come along with conditioning effects and are being purchased by many. Generally rural area people and people of middle class families prefer shopping small sachets and the ones which come for low prices. Many manufacturers in this business are trying to implement various offers like giving free products and gifting extra percentages of quantity to attract people of rural areas. Coming to celebrities, they commonly prefer shopping products which are uncommon among general class people. Hair Shampoos which provide shining effects and coloring effects are being impressed by movie actors and other celebrities.

Hindustan level stated that sales of fast moving goods like shampoos, soaps and conditioners grow by 18.4% march 31 2006. The net profit of the company rose by 77% whereas the profit from shampoos alone rose by 7.4%. This made the company to have a profit of 258.83 Crores. This entire scenario is only because of the increase of people shopping these daily usage personal care products.

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