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Afrotherapy   Call +44 (0) 845 644 8112
Providing best selection of products which are either exclusively formulated for beauty and black hair or are kind to black skin. Provide products in exclusive hair brands like Mizani, Phyto Specific and KeraCare whose products are all specifically formulated for the hair and scalp of women of African descent. Visit the site for online shopping.
Unit 23/F13, N17 Studios, 784-788 High Road, London, N17 0DA   (430)

All Essentials Inc.   Call 1-888-510-HAIR
Online store to purchase all kinds of hair care products including hair growth products, products to prevent hair fall, hair shampoo, hair styling tools, facial cream, hair spray, hair dryer and more in different brands. Perfect place for secured online shopping for all your personal care needs.
P.O Box 7311, Los Angeles, CA 91510   (427)

Amazing Hair – Moroccan Oil   Call 0116 2 697 011
Amazing Hair are an online hair product retailer stocking major hair care brands such as Moroccanoil, Paul Mitchell, Vogetti and many more. The company offers free shipping on all UK orders.
Amazing Hair LL Unit 3, Earls Way Thurmaston Leicester LE4 8DL, UK   (7389)   Call 0871 218 1741
Get the pleasure to shop online for all kinds of hair treatment, hair loss and hair fall preventing products including shave cream and skin healer, hair shampoo, hair removal products, Rio Laser hair removal kit for men and women and more. Visit the site for online shopping.
online shop   (701)   Call 916-714-5600
Offer quality curly hair care products including women, baby and kids curly hair care products, pure curls clarifying shampoo and more. Visit the site for secured retail online shopping.
9630 Bruceville Road, #106-352, Elk Grove, CA 95757   (1124)   Call Only email support
Offer personal care products for hair loss treatment. Visit the site for more business information and online retail shopping.
Online Store   (5192)   Call Toll-Free 1-888-424-7009
Get the please to shop online for the finest quality hair treatment products like vitamins, amino acids & proteins for growth, shine and healthy hair for disorders like dandruff, dry hair, oily, gray, itchy, frizzy, itchy scalp and scalp psoriasis in major brands. Visit the site for more details and online ordering.
812 Garmon Park Court | Suite A2 | Loganville, GA 30052   (428)

Tigi Bed Head Superstar   Call 0844 351 1497
Offer hair, beauty and skin care products including tigi professional hair brushes, perfumes and lotions, makeup brushes and bags, body lotions and more. Visit the site for shopping.
71 Proctor Drive, PO13 8GN, Hampshire, UK   (4609)

Business Information: A Guide To Hair Products Business

Hair products business offers tremendous opportunity for vertical growth of business and profit. Personal care and beauty got increasingly defined with the amount of hair present on ones scalp. An average adult human body has 5 million hair out of which 80, 000 to 1, 50, 000 strands are present on the scalp. There are two options in this business.

1) To preserve hair.

2) To remove unwanted hair.

To preserve hair there are various lotions, gels, creams, shampoos, etc. which are sold in tremendious quantity in retail shopping. Most of the hair oils use coconuts as chief ingredient because it has properties which soothe and provide nourishment to the scalp. Chemicals are also used in the mix to provide nourishment and strength to hair. Various naturally occurring products are being used in hair oils to provide the much needed strength to hair strands.

Why hair products business: -

1) No follicle is formed after birth and it is capable to produce 20-30 hairs during the entire life with average life of hair at 3-5 years.

2) It grows the best between 15-30 years of age.

3) Hair has three stages of growth

1) anagen,

2) catagen,

3) telogen

Out of these three stages catagen and telogen is important. During catagen growth and fall of hair stops and during this time hair needs to be preserved and nourished. During telogen hair fall starts the severity and rapidity depends upon the strength of your hair. With this data in hand it is imperative that people between the ages of 15-30 need to use good shampoos and other personal care products to keep their hair and scalp clean. Pollution has increased rapidly with advancement of technology and increased exposure to toxins and harmful gasses can increase hair fall substantively.

Increased stress has increased hair fall and corporate culture demanded beautiful people for work because it made the company much more youth and vibrant. Youngsters were determined of their age with the amount of hair strands on their scalp. Dandruff occurs due to stress and increased exposure to harmful gasses. Dandruff is a primary culprit for hair losses which can be avoided by shampooing hair and to retain personal care.

Hair products industry has seen double digit growth due to higher shopping by females. It is interesting to note that men and women might stop using cosmetics but they need to shampoo their hair regularly. FDA increased its vigil on products which boosted of hair growth, etc. Some companies like Marico released oils after ten years of research and making people fully engaged in retail shopping.

A women is lot worried about personal care and tend to remove unwanted hair and this proved a business opportunity for many small, medium and established firms. Few products are FDA approved because they are categorized as drugs and proper consultation needs to be taken from the doctor before opting for one. Hair care products need not have FDA approval if their characteristics are cosmetic but if a shampoo has the label of anti dandruff then it is a drug and should comply with FDA norms.

Service industry: -Hair products service industry is varied because in some parts of the world few recreation centers offer hair therapy which not only relieves the tension and stress from your body but it also strengthens your hair from outside. Blood circulation through your brain is greatly improved by hair therapies and massage.

Pros: -

1) Huge profit margin because of low cost ingredients and proven solutions.

2) Good for tube and bottle manufacturers.

3) Right from president, below middle class (low wage earner), few months baby need to use hair products.

4) Good opportunity exists for child hair care products business (anagen stage).

5) Chemicals and raw ingredient suppliers benefit due to fast moving goods business.

6) Established businesses like Marico have started their own hair therapy consultations which can add significant value to the bottom line.

7) Export is easy and outsourcing could prove to be very beneficial as manufacturing in developing countries is low cost.

Cons: -

1) FDA has issues warnings to companies which do not comply with rules and regulations stipulated.

2) Competition is huge and cost of advertisement is higher while advertising for people interested in online shopping.

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