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French Transit, Ltd   Call 650/548-9600
Offer crystal body deodorant that comes in a Stick, Roll-On, Body Spray, Foot Spray and various Stones. The company is marketing its products across the U.S. and Canada as well as Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Africa and South America. Visit the site for online shopping.
398 Beach Rd., Burlingame, CA 94010, USA   (3638)

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The perfumes and deodorants are selling like hot cakes around the globe, as the awareness for personal care and hygiene has increased among the people. They like to go shopping for the perfumes and antiperspirants as these products enhance the aesthetic sense of the users and they also prevent the malodor of the body. The fragrance and deodorants include cologne, perfumes, fragrant oils, deodorants and so on which are sold like nothing in retail market. In the ancient days the natural and herbal products were used by preparing at the home level to kill the bad odor of the body. But now as the world is getting modernized, we can find a number of companies coming out with excellent personal care products like deodorants and perfumes.

You can find a wide array of brands like Eva, Revlon, L’Oreal, Axe and so on. The people go for shopping and they get lured by these fragrance products. Most of the people buy the fragrance and deodorant products from the international market through online or with the help of their friends and relatives living in the abroad countries. Though the sales of these products in the rural areas is very low like 18% in the year 2007, the urban areas have shown an increase in the fragrance and deodorant business an increase of 57% in the same year.

People prefer shopping of these products due to many fascinating features like their pleasant fragrance, the appeal provided by them and the prevention of malodor. You find the fragrance and deodorant products with the combination of herbal and chemical products. The chemicals used in these products include phenol substance, essential and synthetic oil, polycyclic products and so on. Due to the wide use of these chemicals, the annual turnover of the chemical business has hiked to the peak.

The Axe brands have shown a miraculous increase of 100 million dollars in their sales of the fragrance and deodorant products within the past three years. The people of US like the shopping of these perfumes as they feel that these personal care products promote their elegant appeal. The Axe brands, L’Oreal and Revlon are proud to proclaim that the sales of their perfumes and antiperspirants hiked to 35%, 30% and 27% respectively by the end of 2006. In United Kingdom, the sales of these products have shown a hike of 39% which makes to the 8% of the country’s income. This is due to the retail shopping craze of the people of UK.

In US, the users of perfumes and deodorants are wide and large in number. So their country’s sales data of these products show an increase of 35 billion dollars in the past 5 years. An analytical data report of the deodorant and fragrance products in US has shown the revenue for the year 2005 as 229,506 million dollars. Through the exports and imports, their sales have been promoted to 30,463 million dollars and 123,651 million dollars respectively. Now you can imagine the increase in the US economy due to the sales of the deodorant and fragrance products.

In 2006, the Axe fragrant products have stated an annual turnover of 8 billion dollars which has increased 16% more by the end of 2008. This increase is due to the shopping mania in retail for the personal care products among the people. The fragrance and deodorant business in Russia reports an annual growth of 15% every year. This contributes to 87% of the cosmetic sales in the country. The annual sales of Nivea products were 600 million dollars in the year 2003 and it has shown a steady increase of 1 billion dollar every year until the end of 2008.

The craze for the shopping of the deodorant and fragrance products is becoming more as they successfully prevent the mal odor of our body and they also are responsible for the enhancement and elevation of the aesthetic appeal of the users. The captions given in the ads of these fragrance and deodorant products are very catchy and attractive which make the buyers to get yielded towards these products.

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