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ASH Rubber Stamp Co. Limited   Call (0121) 622 4040
Order Trodat stamps online! shopping with layout preview and logo upload including ink pad and more. Best quality from well known store in UK which is also a dealer in wholesale, serving homes and offices for many years. Check website for more details.
149 Barford Street, Birmingham, B5 6AS, United Kingdom   (347)

Customstampsonline   Call 0800 0327296
Make your online shopping of custom rubber stamps easy for home or office use with free delievery anywhere in UK including products like plastic self-inking rubber stamps, dater an numberer stamps, pocket and pen stamps, traditional rubber stamps and more. Visit the site for online ordering.
Online Shop   (344)   Call 1-800-210-9154
Company offering wholesale as well as retail shopping online for rubber stamps for office use and suitable for all kinds of businesses including Laywers, Real Estate Professionals, home and business address, accounting, crafts, and much more. Also create your stamp online and order online with satifaction of the products guaranteed.
3665 Dove Road, Port Huron, Michigan, 48060   (343)

Rubber Stamps Unlimited, Inc.   Call 1-888-451-7300
Online shopping available to create and shop for the finest quality rubber and other kinds of return address stamps, alpha number stamps, logo and art stamps, signature, pocket and teacher stamp and also ink pads for self inking stamps. See online catalog for more products for office use.
334 South Harvey, Plymouth, MI 48170,   (346)

Simon's Stamps   Call toll free 1-(800) HE-SIMON, or 1-(800) 437-4666
Design your custom rubber stamps online and place your order for anywhere in USA and Canada. One can also include their logo, siganture or any favorite image on the personalized stamps. Also join affiliate programme to earn commissions for orders generated through affiliate links.
138 Main Street, Greenfield, MA 01301-3210 USA   (345)

Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To Stamps Business

Can anyone define a stamp? You would probably say that specific inkling created on anything or just postage stamp found on envelopes. However they have made along journey and their business has several facets to consider. There was time when stamps were synonymous with historical figures or some legal documents where one considered law stamps as ultimate force to make things legal and authentic. But now as firms, offices, corporate, universities have evolved on their own they all are shopping in retail for personal stamps which identify their document or assure authentic identification of students.

Let us make things more clear and simple to you by taking them in consideration one by one. One aspect of stamps business is the postage stamps you find on your mails and envelopes. And the other one rubber stamps that are quite in demand at retail counters and have outsourcing demand for almost all businesses and existing firms. Apart from these you can see people shopping for revenue stamps that are used on taxation papers only, stamps also known as seal utilized by notaries to assure identification and customized stamps crafted to promote marketing of office products or to enhance sales. Now which one do you think would be a better business opportunity?

David was fond of stamps since childhood as he would request everyone in neighborhood to save their mail stamps for him and with his passion he had a whooping collection of 1000 stamps at the age of twelve. He did it as hobby but when later he came to knew about their resale value, he was happy to sell them at a good price for his college. So you can see that David did business with his collection and if you are interested in nay such prospect make sure you store them in good condition and keep check so you don’t collect doubles. This sort of business has limited scope unless you pounce on some rare stamps that can be traded at extraordinary prices. We can now move on second aspect of this business and that is creating rubber stamps.

You can certainly talk business here as people are often times observed shopping in retail for date stamps or some logo stamps for their business ventures. Crafting rubber stamps is a good business as people get their stamps custom made and usually entail them in bulk for office use. More and more businesses prefer their personal stamps to create niche in their documentation .And as we move into depth you would find not just business office stamps but demand for animation stamps for toys, strips for rubber stamps installed at back of color pens, photo stamps for creating cards and unique ventures. In simple words we can say that crafting rubber stamps can be a better business opportunity as it has extensive demand amongst corporate, businesses and kids. Well to move on further we have revenue stamps or seal stamps which are used for legal documents only hence they display very specific field of usage and demand.

The point that boggles our mind is can we think of crafting these stamps too? For crafting stamps one has to create carved moulds or written text mould on rubber. Once you have rubber mould in hand sits only stamping the impression with pressing it against ink and making impression of that rubber mould design on paper, wood, metal, plastic and so. Hence if you have means, set up and knowledge about this industry it can be a good start to work creatively yet with specifications. This might surprise you but we would not recommend wholesale or retail opportunities in this business because when one creates office stamps, the manufacturer usually have contacts with clients to produce either specific design or creating art stamps for sale in general. Any stream in this business could offer great online business spree to buyers.

And finally as we offer suggestion at the end we cannot assure you huge profits here. Because if you take a look at this business closely it is very small and you are not amid first to initialize its circle. But then nothing is old and stagnant if you have ways to improve this business arena so if you can offer something interesting to office products shopping client in your stamp art, give it a try!

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