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Global Positioning System has completely changed the way we perceived navigation and tracking in the past. The applications that use GPS are growing every day. In a span of few years GPS has been so popular that it has become a household name. Many items of daily use like cars, cell phone, wrist watches and computers are available today with GPS capabilities. People shopping in retail for electronic gadgets are checking out for GPS systems. GPS systems sales have surged in the recent times making it one of the most happening business of the present time.

The GPS system is a true friend in need. Often when you loose track while driving or traveling or meet with an untoward incident like accident you can call out for help through your GPS system. Today GPS system is connected with help center. Just by a press of button you can communicate with them. The GPS system provides your location to the center which can then take necessary actions. They may help you find the correct route, guide you to nearest hospital or send a rescue team if you are in critical condition. By incorporating such assistance module GPS has matured a lot for being a mere tracking and positioning device. Retail customers are shopping for these devices realizing their importance. There is need to incorporate more such user friendly features to expand the GPS system business.

Increasing population and constraints on space are resulting in crowds everywhere. The situation is worse when it comes to parking in big cities. Stadiums, shopping malls, multiplexes have hundreds of vehicles parked at any given time. It becomes a Herculean task to locate your car in an unassisted parking lot. However a simple GPS system can make it a much simpler affair. The GPS system helps to track the car and informs you about its location. All this is done in few seconds saving valuable time. These simple yet useful GPS systems are getting a good retail shopping response from the urban vehicle owners. Such systems have established themselves into a separate segment of the GPS system business.

Vehicle thefts have reached an alarming level. The biggest problem with stolen vehicles is they are very difficult to trace. If delayed the thieves can dismantle the vehicle or change its appearance making it difficult to recognize from outside. One needs to act very fast in a vehicle theft case as delays can complicate matter. GPS systems have come to the rescue of both owners and police in this critical area. The GPS systems provide regular updates on the whereabouts of the stolen vehicle helping the police to react fast. Retail shopping customers today are very much aware of security aspects and are shopping for GPS systems to handle vehicle thefts. The GPS systems for security are recording good sales in the business.

GPS are not only used to track vehicles but also people and animal. The common thing between a small child, an elderly person or a pet is that they often get lost and are unable to find way. They have to wait hours for help. GPS systems took note of this problem and developed system addressing to their needs. They have come up with tiny GPS system that can be fitted in watch or collar that keeps sending their position to the monitoring system. They can be quickly traced if they get lost providing big relief. Being crucial for the safety of pets, child and elderly people these items become a shopping priority. These GPS systems also make into good gift item which further helps the GPS system retail business.

Transportation services still remain the largest consumer shopping for GPS systems. Over the years pressure on faster deliveries has mounted on this business. Loosing direction or getting stuck in road block can be very costly today compared to the past. One needs to continuously monitor positions of the vehicles on move and communicate with them. This can be achieved only by the means of GPS system making it an integral part of this business anywhere on land, sea or air.

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