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NAVIGON Inc.  Call Only email support
The official website of NAVIGON AG. Discover the navigation ideas of the future for your mobile life. Offer online shopping of navigation systems and navigation software directly from the manufacturer. Visit the site for more business information and products details.
200 W. Madison St., Suite 650, Chicago IL, 60606, USA   (4538)

Watermark Navigation Systems LLC  Call Toll Free (US & Canada): 1-888-628-2869
Watermark Navigation offers a complete line of marine navigation aid from bouys, marine lanterns and day markers to floating barriers and mooring systems for the aids-to-navigation market especially in creative solutions. Visit the site for more information and products shopping.
29 Gilford East Drive, Gilford, NH 03249, USA   (4537)

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The retail market has increasing demand for the business that deal in navigation systems. There is a wide range of these devices and they have applications in numerous areas. The product range includes aeronautical instruments or nautical instruments like reflection compasses, below deck mirror compasses, magnetic flat glass or ball compasses, magnetic like reflection compasses, magnetic compass systems, electromagnetic compensation coils, reflective tubes, prism circular direction finders, overhauling ship compasses for ocean and sports navigation and many more. All these systems have a very good shopping response. Every transportation system land, sea or air is equipped with navigation systems. The business opportunities in this sector includes manufacturing, sales and repair of navigation devices.

Among the range of products the most demanded products in this business are the navigation systems that are commonly known as GPS systems. These are the global positioning systems that use the advances technology of orbiting satellites in the space. The GPS are nowadays considered as effective and ideal security devices. These security devices have a huge retail and wholesale market all over the world. Many online trading companies are engaged in proving the delivery services to number of orders they receive every time a retail customer adds one of the navigation device to their shopping cart.

Many large organizations that provide transportation to their employees prefer shopping in retail of GPS navigation devices for their vehicles. Form small cars to big buses they can be installed in every vehicle. These systems help in route planning to ensure lesser fuel consumption, faster delivery and avoiding situations like the road blocks. The businesses are earning enormous profits through sale of these tracking devices. These systems ensures the safety of the vehicle it has been installed in. It will make sure that this car or bus embedded with GPS and navigation devices never gets lost. The GPS systems artificial satellites cover almost every part of the world. The system can always trace back the lost or stolen vehicles.

It is not a regular shopping item but still GPS and navigation devices are having business no less than any regular item. There are many corporate companies that place orders for the purchase of navigation devices. They want these systems in bulk. The existing distributors are already finding the industry profitable and many new traders are joining in. It is not the case that the corporate entities want these systems in their company cars or other vehicles but they also want to use it with their other valuable assets and machinery. Even mobile handsets these days are having inbuilt navigation devices. There is no doubt about the effective services of these global positioning and navigation equipments and the overwhelming response the business is receiving across the globe.

No wonder any trade portal would want to grab the opportunity of marketing and earning through the navigation systems that are always in demand. The ever-increasing demand increases the chances of earning enormous profit for the retail or wholesale business. No matter whether the customer prefers the shopping at the retail counters or through the companies website online, they would earn the same profit. However the online presence of the production always has a greater chance of expansion and contacts with clientele across the world. With all the freight services the customers are sure that they can shop their desired product from any part of the world.

There is one more potential area for the navigation systems business. The traders can provide services to those customers that are interested in shopping of refurbished navigation units. These are normally the navigation units that are damaged and come for repairs to the manufacturer. The manufacturers replace these damaged parts with old or new parts to restore their working. Many customers prefer to try a refurbished unit before they invest in a new navigation system. The GPS and navigation systems are becoming the most used gadgets in this century. By maintaining quality in sale of these units navigation systems offer tremendous business potential.

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